Happy news!Cui Ping District Court won the 2021st provincial court smart court construction advanced collective

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Happy news!Cui Ping District Court won the 2021st provincial court smart court construction advanced collective

2022-01-15 12:03:55 8 ℃

Recently, Sichuan Provincial High People's Court issued documentation, informably the 2021, the provincial court smart court construction advanced collective and advanced individual, the Tsui Ping District Court has been famous, won the "2021 provincial court smart court construction advanced collective".

The Cui Ping District Court has been a comprehensive promotion of the trial system and the modernization of the trial system, insists on serving the people, service trial implementation, service judicial management, service integrity, service social governance, and efforts to play the "six substance" Service support, building a smart court with its own characteristics.

Adhere to political and legal as the people

Create "Wisdom Services"

In Sichuan South officially enabled "24-hour self-service court", a litigation service "one-stop, all-weather, not fight, self-service". The "24-hour self-help court" is launched that the Cuiping District Court broke the time barrier, extending the business to non-working hours, extending the line business to the line, extending the traditional window service to the self-service, thereby solving The "last kilometer" of the judiciary service, which brings an efficient and convenient litigation service for the parties.

Persist in fair and efficient purposes

Create "Wisdom Trial"

Take "the modernization of cases, office paperless, management", fully rely on "platform + intelligent" construction, and focus on promoting the full process of promoting the establishment, mediation, trial, collections, referee, execution, closing, archiving and other links , The full-scale paperless handling mode, deepening the reform of the construction of electronic litigation system and the operation of the operating mechanism, and strives to build a new highland of judicial intelligence construction in the information age. Gradually promote smart catalog, intelligent verification, trial electronic certificate, trial audio-trial, and explore system feature of material quality testing, smart script, speed cutting, trial assistant intelligence management, etc. I have achieved good results and put a solid foundation for comprehensive promotion of "paperless" office handling.

Adhere to the attack

Create "Wisdom Execution"

Pay attention to "Executive Command Center substantive operation" construction, explore the application execution command center to physical operation system, implement the subject matter refinement management system, etc., to ensure the implementation of information strategic security. Implementation of the invasive distribution notice to achieve unified monitoring and management of the relevant business of court trial, government affairs, implementation, and litigation services to form internal and external cooperative operation mechanisms. Continue to strengthen the total application of total, point-to-point network control system, further improve the inquiry line of housing management, traffic control, public security, expand the intensive and intensity, realize the information implementation system of all-round, multi-channel collaboration, and help solve the problem.

Adhere to aid for decision-making as the core

Create "Wisdom Management"

Use judicial data to artificial intelligence, establish a trial supervision management integration platform for hospital leadership and trial management personnel. The platform expands external data sources and non-structural data interpretation, optimization analysis tools, and establishing a court business situation analysis, hotspot analysis, smart character portrait, case knowledge map, and other data analysis topics. Providing scientific decision-making support, trial management, judicial statistics, etc., which provides an important management program such as scientific decision-making, judicial management, and intelligent business assistance analysis, greatly enhanced management efficiency.

Adhere to strict management

Continuous propulsion project construction

Improve the "Network Security and Information Technology Measures (Trial)", clarify the information of information and information construction and information system management function, establish a process mechanism of implementing information construction project "first moral evidence, post decisions" . The integration of the "Six Special Temples", Trial Supervision and Management Integration Platform, "Four Categories", "Political and Legallo Collaboration Platform" pilot, etc., completed.


Do a good job in cyber security and operations

Under the guidance of the superior court, the three-one network security system is constructed in 360 days, the fortress, the firewall, etc. Safety responsibility, pay attention to daily management and regular inspections, ensuring timely discovering and excluding safety hazards, network security "zero accident".

Waiting for the New Year's Eve - Cui Ping District Court People's Tribunal to learn the new revision of "Civil Procedure Law"

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