Where is the infection of zero?Is the positive baby ok?The latest development of Tianjin epidemic is ...

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Where is the infection of zero?Is the positive baby ok?The latest development of Tianjin epidemic is ...

2022-01-15 12:03:36 15 ℃

Following Shaanxi, after Henan, Tianjin became another epidemic focus area, and the first largest in China was in the region of O'Cho.

As of January 13, 202, 142 cases of positive infection were reported in Tianjin, and 22 cases were confirmed by native new crown viruses, one of which turned into diagnosis cases.

Where is the source of Tianjin? What is the characteristics of O'K戎on communication? What is the local epidemic prevention measures?

Where is "Zero Patient"?

In December last year, Tianjin became the first city of the country to detect new crown viruses from the immigrants. After nearly one month, O'Kek's appeared again in Tianjin. Is there a relationship between the two? Can you find the "zero patient" in Tianjin's round epidemic?

Zhang Ying, deputy director of the Tianjin Center for Disease Prevention and Control, said that two cases initially diagnosed on January 8 have not found that there is no nearly 14 days of access, and there is no history of high-risk areas. Virus all genome sequencing further confirms that two local cases belong to the same spread chain, but different from overseas inputs.

At present, Tianjin is carrying out virus traceability work in full swing. Zhang Ying said that on the one hand, the virus cannot be completely excluded from the possibility of entering Tianjin from overseas. In addition to people, there is also the communication of objects and the environment; on the other hand, it is also possible to introduce into Tianjin through other regions. Further excavation around the line.

On January 9th, in Tianjin Nankai District Gulou Street Conditioning Primary School Nucleic Acid Detection, the staff scan the code for the residents to enter information. Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Fanue

Zhang Ying said that O'K戎 virus has spread at least three generations in Tianjin. What is this concept? "If the elder 'virus strain is in the past, an intergenerational relationship should be 5 to 7 days, and the three generations are 15 to 21 days, which indicates that the virus has been in Tianjin's hidden spread for a while." She said that it is playing During the pathological survey, it was found that the source is very unclear, and there is no way to lock the source of viral infection.

"This gives this round of epidemic or epidemiological investigations, it has brought unprecedented huge difficulties and challenges." Zhang Ying said. Experts said that even when looking for the source, "Zero patient" is no longer detoxified, which means that the nucleic acid detection means cannot be discovered.

Although the source is still unknown, it is gratifying that the contagious chain between the cases has been found is relatively clear. Zhang Boli, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that two cases were initially diagnosed, one is the staff of the station, another is primary school; and the first day of the new 18 cases have 10 students or their families, 8 Artificial primary school students, this is two more obvious communication chains.

What is the symptom of infection?

"O'K克 variability has indeed contagious, but the symptoms are not obvious, and the occult is also strong, it is easier to distribute or concentrate overflow." Zhang Bo said. Many expert scholars and clinicians emphasized to reporters, although the symptoms of the infected O'K戎 is usually less or even without symptoms, they do not fall lightly, and at this stage, they are still deepening.

The reporter combed found that 22 cases of asymptomatic infections were discovered in the positive infected person of Tianjin report. Zhang Bi believes that due to the general sense of symptoms, patients have insufficient medical treatment, it is difficult to find it in the first time.

New crown vaccine protection has received attention in recent attention. Zhang Bo Li and Gu Qing believe that vaccines are still effective for preventing severe diseases. At present, the study also shows that in groups of vaccinated vaccines, the risk of hindrance or death is relatively low. Gu Qing emphasized that on the one hand, it is still necessary to strengthen vaccination, improve the vaccine coverage, and do itself a good job on the other hand.

In this Tianjin positive infection, children account for a lot. A number of experts believe that "children are O'Qi's susceptible crowd" said that the epidemic has been discovered in the tutorial class, school, etc., there is an accident. Zhang Bi said that Tianjin attaches great importance to the treatment of children's treatment, has put into expert power, take one person's treatment method, and strives to let children recover soon.

Built in the "SARS" period, Haihe Hospital, known as "Tianjin Xiaotong Mountain" is being confront with Okeck. As a designated hospital for patients with new coronary pneumonia in Tianjin, more than 50 children are being treated here, and the smallest is only 5 years old.

How is the children now? What is the effect of treatment? Xinhua News Agency reporter exclusive dialogue "Red District" pediatric expert.


"The children seem to grow up in a night, far more than imagined"

Zhang Ying, deputy director of the Pediatrics of Tianjin Medical University, immediately rushed to Haihe Hospital after receiving the notice on January 8, and invested in this sudden battle.

"Tianjin did not admit the infection of O'K戎 virus children, let alone this number of people." Zhang Ying said, "more worrying is during treatment, will children will cry, do not cooperate? Leave parents, Do they do it? "

Let Zhang Ying have not thought that the children are very sensible.

"The children grow up overnight, far more than I imagined." Zhang Ying said that in the current child, the minimum is only 5 years old, the biggest one is only 12 years old, but the children work together all good.

January 10th, Li Xinmin, the first affiliated hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Li Xinmin, the first affiliated hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, "The children are too cooperated, too cute." Video Source / Metropolitan Report

"Doctor, the nurse wear protective clothing, the children can't see our face, but they all express very good. I tell the children, but the Chinese medicine is more bitter, but can help you treat diseases, let the body get better, promise me to work together Is it good? The children will raise the little fist with me! "Li Xinmin said with greatss.

In addition to the medical staff and parents maintain communication, the hospital also arranges children with parents to talk to parents, so that parents understand their children in the first time.

"Relationship, I also have two children, if they leave me, in the hospital treatment, I will also be anxious, so we will answer the parents for the first time, let them rest assured, peace of mind." Zhang Ying said.

"Good news is, the children are better"

In order to fully treat infection, Tianjin first organized expert power to determine the treatment plan. Nowadays, there have been a fine medical team composed of many hospitals and carefully treated their children.

O'Kki raided Tianjin, Journal of Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhang Bo, has been busy studying the strategy of children's treatment has conducted two expert consultations. "Child treatment is our current focus. We sent three Chinese medicine pediatric physicians to Tianjin fixed hospitals, with Western medicine pedicure, the pedestal of the Children's pedestrian, the child's patients, I hope they will heal."

The first batch of children entering Haihe Hospital have been treated for 6 days. At present, there are 37 children in the hospital where Zhang Ying. The initial clinical symptoms of children are mainly nasal congestion, smear, cough, sore throat, and some fever symptoms, but the high heat situation is very small.

Haihe Hospital Data Map

"In the children who are infected in this round, there are few shortcomings and no symptoms, and there are few ordinary temperament. At present, there are several children who have coughs, but not Serious. "Zhang Ying said.

At 8 o'clock on January 13, Zhang Yinghe colleagues were surprised when the Haihe Hospital "Red District" was surprised, and the children were better. "The fever of the child is basically returned to normal, and the cough symptom has also slowed down." Zhang Ying said.

"From Western Medicine Treatment, we are mainly observed and symptomatic treatment. For example, give birth to the fever, children with cough symptoms take cough medicine, nasal congestion with nasal spray, while letting children Drink water. "Zhang Ying said.

Zhang Bie believes that O'K戎's Chinese medicine syndrome is different, and the past new crown virus is called "wet toxic epidemic", a "wet evil", wet poisonous lung is the characteristics of its core. However, Otkiki is a cold, wind beam lung guard, "wind" characteristics, patient's headache, fever, swallow, nasal congestion, clear nose, cough, less sputum, there is a white sputum, so use The effect of voirs, and Xuanfei solutions are better.

Li Xinmin said: "The Chinese medicine is faster after treatment, and the symptoms of cough are significantly reduced."

"I hope the epidemic is over as soon as possible, but it is also necessary to prepare for a long time."

Tianjin Center For Disease Control and Prevention, the first case comes from managed institutions and primary schools, which is indeed because of aggregation, resulting in high in the epidemic. However, as the epidemic continues to change, the proportion of children in diagnosis cases has gradually declined.

Zhang Bi believes that the first batch of infected people in the Tianjin epidemic occurred in the province, so there are more children, but it does not mean that this virus is more likely to invade children.

At the same time, experts also reminded that Okeck has raged the world. It has also appeared in the country before "attack" in this round, so the treatment and protection of children cannot be taken lightly.

At the moment, Tianjin has established a child in the Haihe Hospital to treat the second disease to fully protect the treatment of children. "If children have increased, we have to have no problems. We hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible, but it is necessary to prepare for a long time!" Zhang Ying said.

Zhang Ying reminded: "Many parents have lucky, I feel that my child will not be infected. But the O'K tunnel variability is a strong occult, the symptom is light, and it is easy to be ignored." She said, from Tianjin The symptoms of children infected, such as swallow, pharyngeal, dry, cough, etc. should be vigilant, there is related symptoms to go to regular hospitals in time.

At the same time, experts suggest that let the children wear masks, wash their hands, less gather, adjust their physical condition, the previous protection measures are still effective for O'K戎.

Is the public supply guarantee?

China Resources Wanjia Xianshui store is one of the most recent shopping centers in the sealing area of ​​Xianwu Town, Jinnan Province. The person in charge of the store revealed that the price of vegetables and fresh products in the supermarket did not change much compared to the time of peace, and the necessities of rice grain and oil in the shelves were sufficient, and the categories were complete.

In order to ensure the "vegetable basket" of the sealing area, the Jinnan District has launched the necessary ignorant and supply mechanisms, and the 38 large commercial super, vegetable markets and wholesale markets near the sealing area and control area. "The reserves of the necessities in the area of ​​the area can reach 3,000 tons. Liu Yong, deputy director of the Jinnan District Bureau of Commerce.

On January 10th, near Linjin Garden, Xinzhuang Town, Jinan District, Tianjin, and the staff of Maimei supermarkets carries life materials for residents. Xinhua News Agency

Not only in the sealing area, Li Hong, deputy director of the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that in order to cope with the sudden epidemic, Tianjin immediately launched the mass life supply to ensure the contingency response mechanism, launching a large wholesale market, supermarket, vegetable market, etc. Strengthen stocks. At present, there is enough supply and demand in Tianjin, the supply and demand of meat, meat, vegetable stocks increased from 2 days from supply to 3 to 4 days, and rice noodles increased from 20 days to 30 days. On the morning of the 9th, because Tianjin citizen had a short-traffic centralized procurement and the shortcomings of the food market, some commodities such as vegetables, eggs, pork were short-term, but the major supermarkets and vegetable markets were replenished in time, the afternoon The market supply has been basically returned to normal.

On January 10, residents purchased goods in Tianjin Meichao (Huayuan). Xinhua News Agency

Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce also strengthens market monitoring, keeping more than 2,40 yuan of necessities, prices and inventories, collaborative market supervision departments, promoting market management subjects, resolutely cracking off prices, malicious price increases, and resolutely crack down.

In addition, Tianjin's electric business office "is to do, ready to go", promote "no see" service to handle online; Many Hospitals such as Tianjin and other hospitals are opened, and the prescription drugs can be mailed; Tianjin Bus Group mobilizes vehicles to help do health care staff and isolation of citizens ... All departments have moved, a series of warm-hearted initiatives "take" people's livelihood demand, escort the immunity to the whole people.

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