Save the national treasure giant panda, in Wolong training, successfully returned to the mountains, how many years?

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Save the national treasure giant panda, in Wolong training, successfully returned to the mountains, how many years?

2022-01-15 12:03:10 10 ℃

National treasure giant panda

The giant panda has been large, extensively distributed between Beijing to Himalaya, span thousands of kilometers, however, after a few centuries of human expansion and habitat damage, they have endured.

At present, there are less than 1600 wild giant pandas, they live in a remote bamboo forest in Southwest China. Some people question whether the giant panda has protection, but there is no doubt that China has made a warning significance for the protection of giant pandas. The Chinese objective is to increase the number of artificially cultured giant pandas. Look more, Panda is alive in the wild.

Protected area giant panda

Ya'an is a prefecture-level city in Sichuan Province. This busy city has 1.5 million people, giant panda breeders, Liu Juan live here, Liu Juan is a person who likes animals from small.

Liu Juan said: The giant panda is the national treasure of our country. If you want to work for the giant panda, many people are desperate, I feel very proud of my job, I feel very proud.

Every morning, Liu Juan and colleagues have to take the bus to China to protect the Giant Panda Research Center, Ya'an Bifengxia Base. It used to be a small breeding center and tourist attractions, and now it has become a key unit for the protection of giant panda.

In 2008, the Ya'an Bifei Base was suddenly entered in 2008. At that time, the Wenchuan earthquake seriously destroyed another giant panda base outside of 300 kilometers, many big pandas were transferred here.

Zhang Hewimin, director of China Protecting the Giant Panda Research Center, was known as Panda Dad, and he has been working on the endannophali giant panda in the past 30 years.

The ultimate goal of giant panda protection and research work is to put the giant panda in the wild, in order to improve the success rate, Zhang and the people and his team. First, make sure that the number of pandas that is in a large panda is much more fertilized.

As everyone knows, artificial domesticate giant pandas is extremely difficult, Zhang and people's success should be attributed to his life habits he is familiar with wild giant panda.

The pregnancy is critical. Female Panda is only two days of best pregnancy every year.

Yangyang coup

A young male name called Yangyang is selected as the best gene pairing object of the water show. Yang Yang was sent into the water system. A major discovery of Zhang and people, which let the giant panda communicate each other before mating, very The key, the smell is very important.

Male giant panda hosted his smell with his ear, released the signal of love, which is like a beacon to use the mountain wind intelligence. Tell her nearby a male ready to be mate.

Yang Yang refused the opportunity to mate with the water show, but the time is precious, the staff will arrange another blind date, after being refused, the water show is a bit discouraged, need to encourage.

Liu Juan tried to use a method of visual stimuli, which was successful before.

Lugu is a love veteran, he was sent to the water show. Two giant pandas will enter the alley at first sight. The water show is happy to scream, very enjoyable. The reed is not stopping, and there is still so many people onlookers at all. Everyone saw such a scene, straight thumbs, eucalyptus: Good! good! Very good!

Lucao charm endless love

After the water show this mating, the chance of conception is high, but in order to improve the success rate, the veterinarian will also work hard to her.

The mating period has passed for 4 months. Now I can finally know if the water show is pregnant? Ultrasonic waves can detect the shape of the fetus. In the next few days, the team confirmed their guess through more scan testing, the water show was transferred to the waiting area, she became one of the 7 moments here.

These decent great panda mothers were taken 24 hours of monitoring, Liu Juan was responsible for the night shift, predicted when the giant panda was produced, and they were able to produce in 3 ~ 6 months after pregnancy, they seem to prefer more The warmed days in August, because in the wild, this is the most lush bamboo.

The water show is born. The weight of the giant panda baby is only 90 grams, and the weight of my mother is 800 times his weight. However, Xiaofu Show is not the only newborn. His mother gave birth to twins, wild big pandas born twins are common, but mothers generally prefer more strong, and the weaker giant panda baby survival is very low.

However, here, every newborns are precious, they will be carefully taken. Today, in the insulation room, the twin baby of the water show will be taken throughout the day. His body temperature is always maintained at 40 ° C, just like he staying in your mother's embrace, this room is a small giant panda.

Twin babies, they will be consistently caring and care. At present, the giant panda baby in the insulation room reaches 95%, but this number has been much lower than this. In the early years, they have a mortality within 80 days after birth. The mortality is close to 67%.

Zhang and the people and his team have worked hard to find the roots of the problem. The giant panda mother gave the answer. The breeders found that the giant panda mother will use the tongue to lick the giant panda baby's belly, when they imitate him At the time of the action, there was a major discovery. When the giant panda baby's own muscles were not strong enough, they gently patted their abdomen, helping the giant panda baby excreted, this major discovery can help the fragile giant panda baby survive.

Obviously the giant panda mother is very good at doing this, the key is to let the twin baby get equal care, so the team decided to let the two babies enjoy the care of my mother, but you can't let the giant panda mother hand in its baby, this is very dangerous, Giant Panda Mom can take a palm to shoot an adult. The breeder smashed, and the giant panda mother didn't pay attention, and immediately took the panda baby, and the first big panda baby was successfully replaced. The brothers will replace his position, get your mother's care.

The breeder will continue to exchange a giant panda baby every two days until they grow to 6 months old. After 6 months, the giant panda mother and the breeder will work together to take care of the baby's responsibility.

Xiao Women is only 4 weeks, but it has shown a black and white color. He also can't see something, it is very fragile, but the nature is made, he already has a big enough voice, you can summon the mother of the bamboo forest. Because my mother only eats bamboo, and the nutritional value of bamboo is very low, so mother can't produce enough milk, but even a little milk also contains a lot of antibodies that can guarantee the health of the baby.

This is that artificial milk cannot be done, even if the mother and the baby live separately, the breeder will also ensure that the mother's milk level is divided into two twin babies, the giant panda baby grows extremely fast, they each time. I need to feed once an hour.

This is a small water show in 7 months, and the elderly brothers and sisters have reached around 20 kilograms, and they grow sharp teeth and paws. These strong and healthy giant panda babies have to stay in the garden of the giant panda. 12 months.

Liu Juan is like their big sister. She is familiar with each giant panda's character. Every panda is not very the same, it will be similar to people, some are more melancholy, some is a bit more than a little, lively , A variety of diversity, a lot of sample,

Giant panda mother and child

Every giant panda born in the Bifeng Gorge Base is worthy of celebration. They are the results of the staff for many years, and each newborn is another milestone to save the giant panda action.

But for Zhang and Min, the work of saving the endangered giant panda has just begun. Zhang and the people said: We are very happy, and there are more than 10 giant pandas join our team, so that our Wolong giant panda population has reached more than 170. These giant pandals or stay here, or as a VIP to overseas, their populations are constantly growing under the careful care of humans, and they can rest in the wild giant panda, so our ultimate goal is to put our pandas through training. Wild out.

These purse giant pandas are homogeneous, they don't have the ability to survive in the mountains, and Zhang and people know this. In 2006, Zhang and his team selected a 5-year-old male giant panda Xiangxiang, I want him to become the first manual panda in the wild.

Zhang and the people recalled: it was very uncomfortable, you know that we used the time to train Xiangxiang for nearly three years. We worried that it was three years, put it out, and it took us, he returned to the wild only one year The tragedy has happened that researchers discover Xiangxiang's body in ice and snow, and some signs indicate that he has been attacked from predator or other wild big pandas. After the first wildness, collected from the forest test failed.

Zhang and the people were immersed in a happy memories: it was very difficult to suffer, like losing their loved ones. The real home of the giant panda is in the wild habitat, and returning to him will get true freedom.

Zhang and the people were very clear. To successfully returned the giant panda, they needed another way. After two years of pain, he proposed a new plan, and turned his gaze to the Wolong Giant Panda Base. The base is located in the national level. Nature Reserve, is also one of the final paradise in the world of giant pandas, and his headquarters is destroyed in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake.

Despite the waste of most of the area, there is still some area to keep it. Liu Juan will assist Zhang and the people to implement the plan, but this is not her first time to the Wolong Giant Panda Base. When she happened, she is the breeder here. This time, I evoked her painful memories: all the mountains, they were collapsed in the next, and they were smashed by the stone on the mountain, and the stone flew everywhere. I remember the clearest thing to, we ran to the bridge to hold the panda. The bridge is still swinging around, but I feel very fear. Now that we have not given up this place, we have a lot of good life in this place.

Liu Juan continued: Then the beginning of another life, we use it as a wild base, it should be said to start the way home, return to nature.

The Wolong Giant Panda Base is still isolated from the world, no one lives, tourists have long been disappearing, but now this environment has made him an ideal place for training giant panda wild survival skills. Some areas of the base have been re-put into use, carrying out giant panda wild training.

Big bear cat wildlight training requires mankind behind the scenes, although Liu Juan likes animals, but she knows that if the giant panda relies on human beings, it will not be able to deal with the threat of wild survival, and wild training started from the birth of the giant panda. They will live together with their mother in the next two years, and accept the test of nature.

Mother is still the key to the survival of giant panda. Some female pandas are selected to participate in this task. They have retained instincts living in the wild, and their task is to pass wild survival knowledge to young generations. However, when necessary, human beings must intervene in wildflow training. The giant panda can consume 38 kilograms of bamboo every day, and the bamboo growing here is absolutely unable to meet their appetite, appropriate human intervention is very necessary, and people have already thought about this. A new approach.

That is that the feeders put on the giant panda's clothes. They transport two bamboo every day. The breeders found that the giant pandas will be particularly sensitive, so they not only seem to look like a giant panda, and smell it like a giant panda. They painted the stool of the big panda, used to cover their smell.

Today, everyone's focus is a 21-month-old male giant panda, Amoy Tao is in a lower altitude, and the mother has chopped his basic survival skills. He learned to climb the trees, and you can leave your mother, live alone An hour, even all day,

Amoy is the first giant panda who is selected to participate in the next stage of wild training. This training will be more deep into the hinterland of the habitat of the giant panda. But first, the breeders must grab it. The giant panda will reveal the attack. His age is too small to make a threat to humans. However, his mother will train him very well, to grab him, not easy .

Taotao wildllation has carried out three stages of wildness training.

It takes more than an hour to reach a new habitat, where there is a very similar environmental environment. This road is really wading. The hillside here is too steep, and it is impossible to use it as a cultivated land. Therefore, it is better to keep it. The bamboo growth is the ideal habitat of the giant panda. There are 2 kilometers elevation at the mountains. The ground and wild are extremely similar.

Before you return to nature, he will live here. Wild Giant Pandas in one year old, in the natural environment can cover 16 kilograms of mountains, while new habitats offer 24 hectares of activity area for Amoy. The mother of Tao Tao is not far away.

In the next five months, he and the mother must basically have self-sufficiency, they have to look for bamboo and water sources themselves in the new habitat. One of the reasons why the giant panda is on the verge of extinction is that in the past few centuries, human beings have continuously destroyed forests, which account for the habitat of giant panda. This is also a reason for all other endangered wild animals. The habitat of wild animals is gone, and they are nowhere.

If Zhang and Demon want the giant panda to return to the wild survival, he must ensure that there is a field environment for their survival, although the earthquake has made a tragedy, but helping to create the habitat of the giant panda, many farmers are now willing to move here. Accept the resettlement of the government.

In order to create a living home in Wolong Valley, the government has allocated 20,000 hectares of cultivated land, implementing returning farmland, has a large land that has researched trees and bamboo, and China re-planted trees for thousands of hectares. This is one of the world's largest environmental projects, and local residents have resettable.

Zhang and people's work is to encourage everyone to share the land with giant pandas. This is the real home of the giant panda, what is it in the home? There is tree with bamboo, as well as something, there is water source, so this is a typical home of Panda.

Zhang and the people said to the students: After the earthquake, the uncle Auntie thought that the home is in the river roof, put it on the mountain, planting the tree, in order to increase their home, in order to increase their home Increasing their activities, don't interfere with giant pandas, let him freely, survive in that place.

Tao Tao and mother have lived for 5 months here, according to the plan, I will return to the wild, but he wants to pass a final test, the young giant panda is very easy to be wolf and The attack of the leopard, these predators are often hunting in the mountains.

Predator is difficult to pass through the protection network where Amoy is inhabited, but before eliminating the field, the breeder should ensure that he has encountered at least a deadly predator. People can't bring a real jewal, but they can use it.

The giant panda is born to be afraid of hunters, and it is often touched until it is really perceived. When the breeder has to make sure Taotao has learned, and I have to do it.

The giant panda is close to the eye, but the super-sensitive sense of smell makes up this shortage, and the breeder has brought fresh floppy feces and urine from the zoo in order to let the fake treep heard it. At the end, Taotao mother took a wireless electrical ring, and a team member used radio telemetry technology to detect his position.

The experiment is ready, and now people are waiting. Tao Tao is driven by a curiosity. The breeder played the sound of the leopard. Tao Tao quickly climbed the tree, the experiment was successful.

The giant panda is a nearing eye to the flower leopard.

Tao Amoy knows how to escape, he has completed wild training, it is time to return to the wild, this will be a historic moment.

The mother is attracted from the mountains. When the mother goes to Taobao, I will follow it. Amoy is now two years old. Most giant pandas leave the mother alone at this age.

The giant panda can return to the wild, let Liu Juan have intensive together: mainly to tell the truth, I really don't know if Amoy is living in the wild, still life under our protection? So I am reluctant, I don't want to let Tao. Amoy is clearly different from his artificially cultivated brothers and sisters. Amoy is active and attacked, his behavior is more like a wild big panda, this is a good sign, Amoy has accepted anesthesia, in order to carry out the last medical examination, people have poured over the heart, and invested huge funds. A little bit of Amoy is recorded, he will become the most famous giant panda in China.

The flower leopard screamed, the giant panda is scared to hurry up.

Amoy has accepted a comprehensive medical examination to ensure that his physical condition can cope with the wild adventure. It seems that Taobao is an explorer. There is a hope that he represents his panda family, it must go out. This step.

Zhang and people wanted to raise their future generations in the future, and he carries the hope of scientists, China and the world.

The destination of Tao Tao is the Cheking Nature Reserve. There are nearly 20,000 hectares of original bamboo forest. Affected by the peripheral human activities, the big bear cat population is in jeopardy, it is estimated that there are only 13 big pandas here, people want strong and healthy Taotao to find a female panda, reproduce.

Giant Panda Baby Meng

He may be the final hope of saving the endangered giant panda population in Che Che Cherse Ping, people come to participate in this giant panda to return to nature.

Liu Juan and her friends watched live broadcast before the TV, two-year-old Wolong giant panda Tao Tao, 10:15 this morning, was aligned in the Natural Reserve Nature Reserve in Ya'an Shixian County, very expected That moment.

After waiting for two years, you also see that after the cage is open, he seems to have always been willing. The giant panda Taobao is pushed out with the help of this board. We finally saw Tao Tao, very cute, two years old and two months old, after coming, it seems to be looking for, it seems to be smelling, it may be smelling this person's smell, temper is also very large.

Amoy is alive in the mountain ceremony

For a year, the heart is in order to this moment, the scientists and the hope of the whole Chinese people are pinned in this giant.

One year later Zhang and people have never seen Amoy, no one has seen him, but the signal sent back from the GPS collar indicates that he is working in a healthy growth in the mountains. He is very likely that other female pandas have been encountered.

In a new chapter in the protection of giant panda, Amoy Tao is likely to be upgraded to your father and raise your children. This is the best home for wildness and returning to the mountains, can breeding women in the wild, breeding next generation.

After Taobao after returning to the mountain

Let's take a look at the story of the giant panda Amoy:

Tao Tao, born on August 3, 2010, follow the mother "named Grass" giant panda, participate in wildlight training in Wolong Giant Panda. On October 11, 2012, was alive in the Natural Reserve of Shixiping Nature Reserve in Ya'an City. In July 2016, the monitoring personnel met in the wild. In 2017, the identity of the "Tao Tao" was confirmed with the identity of "Tao Tao".

After many years, I can also monitor the information of Tao Tao. After years, I have a physical examination.

After the veterinary examination, "Tao Tao" weight reached 115 kg, the whole body was not traumatic, the infection parasites, the fur and finish, the limbs were normal, and the degree of dental wear was low. In general, "Tao Tao" is in good health, even if it is compared to the older panda in the same age, it is also very good.

Blessing Tao! Bless the national treasure giant panda!