Eat in the morning to eat hot pot at noon!The "iron triangle" gap is completed, "fourth" full speed, outbreak arrived!

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Eat in the morning to eat hot pot at noon!The "iron triangle" gap is completed, "fourth" full speed, outbreak arrived!

2022-01-15 18:04:59 14 ℃

Out of time

The boots finally landed.

As the last side of the "West Triple", the West is the high-speed railway to dispute for many years. A few days ago, the feasibility study report of Xiyu High-speed Railway Ankang to Chongqing Section was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, marking the project is about to officially enter the implementation phase.

On the line itself, two highlights attract attention.

First, the route is officially clear. West side, passed through Sichuan Dazhou, Guang'an and other places to Chongqing West Station; at the same time, choose a point from the middle - Sichuan Fan Wei, and build a connection to Chongqing Wanzhou. This also means that through Zheng Yugao High-speed Railway Wan Yu (Yuwan High Speed ​​Rail), you can reach Chongqing from the east.

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Second, the design speed is determined to be 350 kilometers. Up to now, the high-speed rail outside Unicom in Chengdu is only two lines of 250 kilometers, which is Xi Cheng and Zui high-speed rail. Today, the new design speed is 350 kilometers of large channels approved, and the impact is not self-satisfied.

The convenience of the high-speed rail of the West is very specific. For example, for ordinary people, eat mutton in Xi'an in the morning, after three hours drive, you can eat authentic Chongqing hot pot in the mountain city, this experience, can't imagine in the past.

However, in the lattice, the significance of the approved high-speed railway is apparently than this.

From the competition

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The high-speed railway in the West is all the way, the time scale has been dial from "13th Five" to "14th Five".

In 2016, before and after 2017, "Xi'an to Chongqing high-speed rail has been included in the national and Shaanxi 'Thirteen' Planning Outline," Planning 2018 Start Construction ", and does not stop reporting.

Interestingly, although the relevant reports continue to repeat "Xiyu high-speed rail by Xi'an, Wanzhou to Chongqing, design speed is 300 kilometers", but in fact, at the time, the route is not yet determined, the relevant dispute is still gradually hot.

However, the movement of the high-speed railway of the West is not the appearance between Shaanxi and Chongqing. Sichuan is the focus of competition.

During the national "two sessions" period, the Sichuan delegation's recommendations, "It is recommended to support the Jingzhou, Guang'an program", and Guang'an program. The following year, the Chongqing delegation recommended to clarify Xi'an - Ankang - Wanzhou - Chongqing main city route towards. The former's West Line Solutions Sichuan, a few hundred kilometers of total projects only dozens of kilometers in Chongqing; the latter Donglian program has directly entered Shaanxi from Chongqing, without Sichuan.

In this case, the forwarding controversial affects the speed of advancement. As early as September 2019, Xi'an High-speed Railway Xi'an to Ankang section had completed the feasibility study report, and the initial design of the same year's project was also reviewed. The go of Ankang to Chongqing has not been resuspended.

This kind of dispute is not rare. Peng Qiyuan, a professor of the Transportation and Logistics College of Southwest Jiaotong University, told the city, and the Shanghai-Kunqian high-speed railway has also had similar controversy.

"When planning to build high-speed rail, there is an endless case in the controversial case" - "From China's first high-speed rail through the train, the high-speed rail to local construction, regional economic taking off, has been witnessed. In this case, new Planning lines will have a very common controversy. "

With the cooperation between the two places in the late Sichuan, the two-wire towards of the West, High-speed Railway are gradually clear. In 2019, "Promoting Chengdu City Group Traffic Infrastructure Interconnection 2019 Key Work Plan" once mentioned that "the two high-speed rail construction construction in Yunxi and Yukun will".

However, until April 2021, the high-speed railway, which has repeatedly put forward "strive to start in the year", still not landed.

At that time, netizens consult the latest progress in the high-speed rail of the West. The Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission responded: "Xihuang high-speed rail is a national trunk channel, the main construction of the national iron group, has been included in the National Railway Group 2021 Johnson Start Project Plan", "At present, the national iron group is related to Chongqing City Consultation Project problem".

Concentrated outbreak

Since ancient times, it is difficult to "." In the high-speed rail, Sichuan is anxious and helpless, and the West is high-speed rail is not aside.

It is an example of Chengda Ten High Speed ​​Rail. As early as 2015, Chengda Wan high-speed rail has started planning, and then included in the "eight-year-old" along the river channel.

In 2016, the Sichuan delegation recommended that the Sichuan delegation was included in the "two sessions" period, but he did not want to be in the "13th Five-Year" rail construction plan. This means that the country will not fund this railway during the "13th Five-Year Plan". If Sichuan wants to repair, you will have to pay for yourself.

Another problem, is also a cross-provincial cooperation in Sichuan. Previously, there was a rumor that, in Chongqing, Wanzhou itself has been in Zheng Hao high-speed rail, and Chengda 10,000 high-speed rail will not take the main city of Chongqing, so Chongqing's willingness is not strong. As a result, in 2017, experts were put forward, and Sichuan first built Chengwan high-speed rail, Dazhou to Wanzhou section coordinated with Chongqing and Railway Corporation.

Like the West 渝 high-speed rail, Sichuan Yin's cooperation in Chengwan high-speed rail is also reached when the Sichuan Party and government delegation went to Chongqing. At that time, Sichuan's "urgent" blunt, proposed "the pot selling iron, but also built into the high-speed railway". [Guess what you want to see: Strings five "national middle", how important it is from the Chengda Wan high-speed rail? 】

"Urgent" such as Sichuan can be followed.

For most places, 2009 is a key node of "explosive" development in high-speed rail. That year, the world has built the longest, the fastest high-speed railway - Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway opened; at the same time, the national railway completed basic construction investment of 600 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 8% over the previous year, more than "95 "The sum of the investment in the" 10th Five-Year "railway construction. That is called at that time, "my country's railway history has the largest investment in the year, and the year is built." Southwestern inland, southwestern inception in the deep terrain, Sichuan Yin did not catch the "outbreak". This slow is that it is nearly ten years.

Today, the GDP of Chengdu is trillion, and the resident population is 10 million, but the attributes of the traffic status and its "double 10,000" cities do not match.

Previously, whether it was a whatei high-speed railway that had been opened in Sichuan and Yun, it was also expensive to the outside of China Unicom, and the design speed is only 250 kilometers. Until the high-speed rail speed of Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed railway at the end of 2020, Sichuan is a high-speed railway with a speed of 350 kilometers.

2020 is a turning point - After the construction of the double city economy in Chengdu, the local high-speed railway welcomes large-scale "explosion".

In July of the year, the preliminary design of the Kunkun High-speed Railwaychuan Yuyuan was officially approved by the National Railway Group. Yue Yue, Chengdu-Chongqing High-speed Railway Project was officially approved by the country. This line is very short when the approved approved, and the line starts construction after approved only 13 months, and the promotion speed is rare in the domestic high-speed rail project.

In November 2020, Chengda Wan high-speed rail was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. In the same month, the new Wanhui high-speed railway report was jointly approved by the National Railway Group and the Chongqing Municipal Government. Previously, the Yuewan Intercity Railway design speed in 2016 was only 250 kilometers. This new line is designed to be 350 km. .

By the year of 2022, the West is approved, and there are 5 high-speed rails of 5 design speeds of 5 design speeds within the nearly 18 months.

Accelerate "out of the circle"

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The field of view is relaxed, and the "explosive" of high-speed rail is actually a minority of China's "fourth" rise.

On the one hand, "The construction of the road network is originally after", Peng Qiyuan believes that "from 'four vertical four horizontal' to 'eight intersection", from the trunk channel to the network, high-speed rail construction also has a successful order and overall consideration ".

On the other hand, the online network layout is also related to regional economic development. The strategic status of Chengdu is rising, and the state has given a higher expectation. In this case, the promotion of infrastructure construction is also an increase in regional energy level. Bringing support. "Peng Qiyuan analyzed the city.

At the moment, with the continuous advancement of the western development, more and more western non-provincial cities have begun to gradually enter the public vision. For example, at the end of 2018, the state issued the "National Logistics Hub Layout and Construction Plan", which selected 127 cities with certain basic conditions, as the national logistics hub to carry cities. Intersection of Chengda 10,000-high-speed rail and Xihuang high-speed rail - Dazhou, Sichuan, as a "commercial service-type national logistics hub," in columns.

In the whole western region, as the "West Triangle", Chongqing, Xi'an Sanyi City, there have been Xi Cheng high-speed railway to connect Xi'an and Chengdu, there is Chengdu high-speed rail to connect Chengdu and Chongqing. Only Chongqing to Xi'an's "last side", direct access to the high-speed rail line is not connected.

"I used to go to Xi'an from Chongqing. I still need to detour Chengdu. Even with Dazhou, I will take the ordinary line", Peng Qiyuan said that the appreciation will be directly connected to Chongqing and Xi'an; the triangulation high-speed rail line connects, the comprehensive linkage of Sichuan Yuandu Economic development will play a good role.

At higher levels, the double city economic circle in Chengdu is to accelerate "outline". The "National Comprehensive Throttle Planning Outline" issued in February 2021, officially positioned the double city economy in Chengyu as the fourth "extreme" in the national integrated stereo transportation network. Based on this, the country also layout "6 spindles" and strengthens the contact between the four poles.

Image Source: "National Comprehensive Stereo Transport Network Planning Outline"

Connect to Hong Kong and Macau, the main shaft is a no-high-speed rail 2019 has been opened; connect two paths in the long triangle, the main shaft, with the 万 铁路 and the Chengda Tanowan Railway, have been approved. The key to the problem is to over-Qinling in the north and connect to Beijing and Tianjin.

According to the planning of the National Comprehensive Stereo Transport Network Plan, 6 "Beijing-Tianjin-Chengdu-Chongqing Spindle" in 6 spindles, composed of two paths, respectively from Xi'an to Chengdu and Chongqing. Previously, a path has been opened by Xi Cheng high-speed rail.

Image Source: National Development and Reform Commission official website "Middle and long-term railway network plan"

Peng Qiyuan pointed out that the West is high-speed railway in the north, the West is high-speed rail, and there is a certain level of design in the 250 km design, and the status of this important railway is not very compliant. Today, Chengdu is from high-speed rail to Beijing, still takes nearly 8 hours. It is also because of this, the plane is still the first choice between many people to Beijing and Tianjin and Chengyu.

Today, the design speed 350 kilometers of Xihuang high-speed rail has opened another path to connect Beijing, Tianjin-Hebei. Peng Qiyines believe that "From speed, this is a very good level of the high-speed rail network of the western part, and even the whole western part. Good supplement. "

For example, Peng Qicheng said, "fourth extreme" main high-speed rail trunk has been completed. In the future, there are more urban road networks in the region, such as Chengdu to Xichang, Chengdu to Panzhihua, etc., will become a new look.

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