Zhejiang Linhai "小" is rich in practice: condense overseas Chinese

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Zhejiang Linhai "小" is rich in practice: condense overseas Chinese

2022-01-15 18:05:11 17 ℃

After BEIJING, Taizhou January 15th power (Fan Yubin Gimhae) "Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone" Whispering Zhejiang, how to show a united front as new? In Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, United Front members play their own advantages, exploration and practice on "wealth, rich struggle with the rich to help the rich to help the rich", painted on the show "as a united front," the new picture a picture.

The town a total of rich local efforts to promote common prosperity is an important sector. Focused its attention Xun Town of Linhai City, the town of 2 million people, 49 overseas Chinese people, the town federation is helping to create "small flood Overseas" brand around the "Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan overseas Chinese who help the rich" project, to guide overseas Chinese people. " Overseas Chinese as the bridge to "promote common prosperity.

Telling "Overseas Chinese Overseas Chinese language word" guide "rich overseas Chinese heart."

Relying on overseas tiny home, organize overseas Chinese people, cadres to carry out the federation, "A Brief History of the Chinese Communist Party" book club, united front concentric boost common prosperity "1513" project forum "common prosperity, overseas Chinese people how to play" seminars and other activities by "Overseas Chinese Overseas Chinese language words," passed the new outlook journey, Endeavor co-Fu Road voices, opinions and suggestions collected a total of 24.

With "Overseas Chinese Overseas Chinese language words," speak good common prosperity "bridge flood story."

Over the past year, the focus of common prosperity Xun Town theme, based on "half-Mid City, a river three river" geographical characteristics, the town is through industrial town, shangxingzhen text brigade, eco-town beauty, intelligence policing the town, northern create cohesion the new pattern of clustering, central livable area, south of the emerging area "three areas to build" a.

After the symposium overseas Chinese people, their relatives Jiang Xingfu and daughter away in Singapore Jiangling Jun shared home "three areas to build a" plan, where the High Commission for the development of rural tourism village is full of expectations.

Service "overseas Chinese and their relatives" cohesion "Qiaoxin force"

High quality service is the key to cohesion Qiaoxin boost common prosperity.

Linhai City Xun Town federation official says, "Overseas Chinese small flood" to "four overseas four heart" to serve the main starting point, that is the focus "overseas Chinese love", set up overseas see really small hospital, protecting the overseas focus, twinning links see carefully, focusing overseas warm, heart-warming to see accurate service, focusing overseas security, prevention and control of epidemic see one mind, to overseas Chinese and their relatives as a good "servant", increasing the total of overseas Chinese who identify with the work and get a sense of the rich.

According to reports, since the formation of "three to one" contact system, each local overseas Chinese people have a special federation cadres, village cadres and village cadres contact contact, through the "Heart Bridge" service contact card, you can enjoy 24-hour home agent Serve.

Not only that, on the 19th of each month "overseas Chinese love" theme, the local league concentric volunteer service teams bring healthy, legal advocacy, employment counseling and other tailor-made events.

It is reported that in 2021 has accumulated to provide social assistance, urban and rural health care, agriculture-related subsidies, vaccination and other services 96 passengers, the "overseas Chinese love" theme activities 12 games.

Today, the local key projects and key special work, the figure appears more and more overseas Chinese people.

For example, three overseas Chinese people to become members of the Consultative deliberative democracy, for the common prosperity project difficult to break suggestions, coordinating power; relatives of Mr Ng to actively participate in waste separation propaganda team, the village became a source of tea garbage propagandists.

Play "Qiaoqing Overseas Chinese wisdom" lead "Qiaoxin same dream."

It is well known overseas Chinese people broaden their horizons, active thinking, it has a unique advantage in business networks, capital and contacts, etc., and with a strong national identity.

In this regard, "Overseas Chinese small flood" to Qiaoqing as a "link" link at home and abroad, in close contact with the poly overseas intelligence, was good policy to enhance the project "suction" wake-up development "vitality", inspired the common prosperity "potential . "

Meanwhile, the local federation, Xian joint brokered set up the stage, Gexuan tea Wuhan Culture Media Co., Ltd. signed a project agreement with the flood town, plans to invest 120 million yuan building cover Zhushan Road Cultural Tourism Hong Yang Wuzhen Valley College for flood southern town culture Travel mountainous agricultural development to create cultural integration of the core; the UAE and overseas overseas compatriot Jiang Xun Town village reached a preliminary intention of helping twinning, village infrastructure development will become a landmark achievement of common prosperity with a degree of recognition of overseas Chinese.

"Common prosperity is our common dream, everyone should be duty-bound." Xun Town high strength overseas Chinese people, "said co rich in practice, we 'overseas' not absent, will find the point and the starting point on the focal point play the unique advantages show 'overseas' of play. "(End)