Money library a "zombie car" unmanned management

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Money library a "zombie car" unmanned management

2022-01-15 18:05:45 14 ℃

On January 15th, there is a masses to reflect the uncle of the money library: there is a "zombie car" in front of a small side of Qianxunyuan Street, there is a "zombie car" for a long time. It has been more than 2 months. It affects pedestrians and vehicles.Pass and market appearance, I hope to explode through the uncle of Qianduns, let the relevant management departments come over to force the trailer to move, so that the road is more smooth, the city is more beautiful!

On January 15th, Xiaobian came to the scene. He did see the "zombie car" stopped there. Ms. Wang in the nearby Wang told Xiaobian: "These cars are at least two months, IEvery day, I saw it here. These cars have been in the wind and some people's destruction, which has been parked in this, too wasteful. At will park, affect the city appearance, I hope that the relevant departments will be handled as soon as possible.

Finally, Xiaobian reminded everyone to stop the "zombie car" on the road to occupy the public transportation, and affect the city's appearance of the city, harm the city image.

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