Women and my boyfriend disputes drink pesticide death, girlfriends have not discouraged and buy them together to compensate

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Women and my boyfriend disputes drink pesticide death, girlfriends have not discouraged and buy them together to compensate

2022-01-15 18:05:35 13 ℃

Gansu Jiuquan Women Li Zhen (pseudonym) and her boyfriend have disputed, drinking half a bottle of pesticide, and finally poisoned. Before the occurrence, Li Zhen homika did not fight, the opening, and responded to Li Zhen proposal, driving her to go to the pesticide wholesale department, and two bought a bottle of pesticides. At the event, I also had a small mouth pesticide first, and Li Zhen then killed. After Li Zhen died, his parents and children took Cheng Cheng to the court, and believed that Cheng Cheng was brave Li Zhen herder and asked for compensation.

Recently, the Suzhou District Court of Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, made a judgment of this law dispute case. The court believes that although there is no evidence that there is a causal relationship between a summary of Li Zhen, it has a negative role in the development of the entire incident, and has responded to the active behavior of the defendant to establish a health and positive social atmosphere. Disciplinary, the judgment is a compensation for a compensation for 320,000 yuan.

The woman quarreling with her boyfriend to drink pesticides, and her girlfriend took her to buy medicine.

Gansu Jinta County, a taxi driver, and Li Zhen is a small and friend.

The judgment announced by the Chinese referee textbook. In May 2020, Li Zhen met a (male) of the human car (male) in Jiuquan City, Gansu Province. During the communication process, the two often occurred due to personality. Li Zhen is a result of life overhead, and it is often a money to pay for money, and the car thinks that Li Zhenhua has a money, often goes to Li Zhen's rental housing to ask for money. Every time they quarrel each other, Li Zhen still has a behavior of being beatched, and the two sides of the two sides will be 8 times; the car is three times to the golden tower, Li Zhen parents, the money, who wants Li Zhen, the money, the money, the money, the money.

Since then, the car will threaten Li Zhen as yet, but Li Zhen still has not yet returned. Chess, there is also a contradiction with Cheng, send text messages insults. On March 22, 2021, Chengmou, Li Zhen arrived in the construction area of ​​the community of the car to carry the car to tear a tear. On the same day, the civil police mediation, Cheng, and the car mutually understand each other's behavior.

After leaving the police station, Li Zhen called the car to drink pesticide threaten himself, Chengmou also said that the boss of the car was insulted in the scene, and he was looking for himself. Chengmou, Li Zhen negotiated to buy pesticides "paraquat". Subsequently, the two people took the taxi to a taxi to a pesticide wholesale department, entered the store, Li Zhen stood at the door, Chengmou saw the pesticide, ask the price, Chengmou first pay 8 yuan to buy herbicides "enemy grass" 1 bottle, Li Zhen also purchased the Herbicide "enemy grass" in WeChat.

After purchasing pesticides, two people ride together, Chengmou went to find Wei to ask to say, and insult Wei, the two sides have a quarrel. Li Zhen and the car also quarreled. In the quarrel, Cheng Cheng took out the pesticide bottle to drink pesticides, and was blocked by the staff of the property company. Li Zhen also picked up a pesticide bottle to drink pesticides in the place where the floor is close to the floor, and drinking about half a bottle of pesticides to vomiting.

The working worker on site quickly called alarm. After the police arrived at the scene, 120 also arrived at the scene, and Li Zhen and Cheng were sent to Jiuquan People's Hospital to rescue.

Women are poisoning, parents have sued their girlfriends claim

The farce of drinking pesticides finally returned with tragedy.

The judgment shows that after Li Zhen was sent to Jiuquan People's Hospital to rescue, due to the enemy's fast pesticide poisoning, there is a symptom of gastrointestinal hemorrhage, respiratory failure, acute renal failure, drug-resistant liver damage, myocardial injury, etc., March 25th, It is dying due to rescue. The symptoms of Chengmou have a lot of symptoms, and they have left the hospital in the rescue, they have not been further treated, and more than 200 ml of washing liquid, and then admitted to the hospital, discharged on March 28.

After the incident, on April 21, 2021, Li Zhen's brother took a stress of Li Zhen's procedure to drink pesticides as a new city police station in Suzhou Branch of Jiuquan City Public Security Bureau. On May 27th, the investigation report was issued and the investigation conclusions were: After investigation and hospital rescue, Li Zhei killed pesticides to commit suicide death. This process did not discover some of the stress, threats, etc. of others, and the incident belongs to abnormal death and has not found criminal behavior.

On October 9, 202, the deceased Li Zhen's parents and two underage daughters were prosecuted to the Suzhou District Court of Jiuquan City, requested the court to determine a compensation for medical expenses, nursing costs, funeral expenses, death compensation, Pied for people living expenses, mental soothing gold, etc., a total of 30% of 1146677.77 yuan, namely 34,4003.33 yuan.

The plaintiff believes that the defendant Li Zhen drink pesticides forced the car to give a van, driving Li Zhen to buy "enemy grass fast" pesticide. At the scene of the case, the defendant took the head first and drunk a small mouth pesticide, but did not swear, under the defendant, Li Zhen drunk nearly half a bottle of pesticides. The above series of behaviors in the defendant have faults, and there is a causal relationship with Li Zhen's death, requiring the defendant to compensate the losses.

Court: The defendant has a negative impact on the deceased, and it should be compensated.

In court, Chengmou's argument that Li Zhen is a normal person with complete civil capacity. In the case of knowing the casualties of "enemy grass", it is still self-contained, and the deceased should bear all the consequences of their own suicide. It didn't fault.

After ascertaining the facts in the court believes that the deceased Li Chen as the full civil capacity, should be aware of the importance of life, knowing that "diquat" is used for agricultural purposes weeding, toxic, ingesting pesticide certainly be causing serious hurt, but still choose to drink some pesticide to the extreme threats to others to resolve conflicts resulting in death, it is the root cause of the facts involved in this case damage occurs. Although the public security authorities for investigation and Li Zhen-based suicide exclude others from coercion, threats, etc., but the defendant a certain way with the deceased Li Chen to suicide pacts threaten others, their behavior in itself contrary to public order and morals, in violation of socialist core values, damage the interests of the family. Case, the defendant Cheng Li Chen of the deceased as a friend, when the deceased asked to drink some pesticide threat to others, should be timely to persuade, enlighten, but the defendant has not only failed to discourage a certain way, but also in response to the proposal of the deceased Li Chen, and drove Li Zhen to buy pesticides, has a negative effect on the development of the situation, the defendant in the way of a first ingesting pesticide quarrel with the Third Party process, the deceased Li Chen then drink poison and died. Look at its behavior, although no causal relationship between the behavior and the death of Li Zhen defendant, but the defendant there is a negative impact on the behavior of Li Chen drink poison, and in the development of the entire event, did not play an active role in discouraging, therefore, to deal with the death of Li Zhen of their liabilities.

In summary, the plaintiff was no evidence of a causal relationship between the defendant and the process of a Li Chen's death, but the defendant Cheng plays a negative role in the development of the whole event, to promote the socialist core values, a healthy and positive social atmosphere, a process to deal with the behavior of the accused to be punishment, accused Cheng Li Chen a deal with close relatives of the deceased will be compensated.

According to relevant provisions of the "People's Republic of China Code of Civil Law", December 29, 2021, Suzhou District Jiuquan City People's Court of first instance verdict: defendant a certain way to compensate the plaintiff 320,000 yuan.