Sun 铱 video full record of the birth child process: mother after childbirth, children's amniotic fluid early over the lungs

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Sun 铱 video full record of the birth child process: mother after childbirth, children's amniotic fluid early over the lungs

2022-01-16 12:09:41 48 ℃

Sun 铱 video full record of the birth child process: mother after childbirth, children's amniotic fluid early over the lungs

"I suddenly bleed bleeding, and the beans were also broken because of amniotic fluid, leading to lung infections, and was under the doctor's notice. I didn't expect that this is the first difficulties in the face of the bean seedlings."

Recently, the actor Sun is in the social platform official, and shared a full-time record video. She has experienced a postpartum "robbery" with her children. After the video sent a netizen to resonate and quickly boarded the first place.

The video starts with the first time, Sun is said to the camera: "I met the red!" When I said this, I thought about meeting the arrival of the new life, she was very excited.

Then, Sun Hui picked up the baggage with her husband and prepared to go to the hospital. It's two people who think about this, it will turn it into three people, and Sun is a bit anxious.

There was a morning break in the road to the hospital, but there was no symptom of a stomachache, Sun Yichen looks quite calm.

But I just mentioned the phone call, I feel very nervous, and Sun Hui couldn't help but tear. Next, Sun Hui as much as possible, she said that she has begun to be afraid at this moment, but she can't cry, otherwise everyone will follow nervous.

She has never letting the tears fell, this scene in this scene, a lot of netizens, everyone knows that for the first maternal, the first time to wait in the production is both nervous and scared, although the new life is full of expectations, but treat it again The production process is full of fear, no one knows what will experience during childbirth, and it is imagined for unknown fear.

After the hospital has hit the oxytysia, the uterine contraction is started. The most beginning of the uterine shrinkage is not high. Sun is still very painful when the contraction is contrary. It will be fine after contraction.

As the contraction frequency is strengthened, Sun is beginning to feel pain, and the whole person is squatting on the bed. But after I have a painless needle, she is full of blood.

This video completely records the next grandson's birth process, and she is very combined with the doctor's breathing and use. And Sun is also accompanied by her, refueling her. After several times, the child was born. Sun couldn't help but cry.

When everyone thinks this video record is suddenly interrupted by the baby's smooth birthday, the video shooting suddenly is interrupted, and Sun is suddenly bleeding, and the bean seedlings are also broken by amniotic fluid. Disease notice.

Since childbirth is too tired, when the symptom of bleeding occurs, Sun is very exhausted, and the eyelids are particularly wondering, but the doctor has always called her insisted on it, she can't sleep. At this moment, she tried her spirit, thinking of having so much loved ones around him, remembered the baby seedlings who had just been born and they had not had to hug, Sun Yizheng has been strong.

Fortunately, after some rescue and treatment, Sun Hui and bean seedlings were safe and successfully discharged.

Looking at Sun Hu's record, many netizens said that her production process is really sweating, and it is not easy to be a mother. There are also netizens who thus think of the production process of myself, I can't help but fall.

In another video of Sun Yizheng, the soy seedling finally met with you, I saw the little guy glared in the big eyes of the round, and the mouth of the mouth was very cute.

The production documentary of Sun 铱 also has many netizens to further understand that every mother is not easy. I hope that every child can be kind to her parents, and I hope that every husband can distress my wife.