Guizhou men have driven home to go home "This is a circle", and the village knows that he has made money this year.

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Guizhou men have driven home to go home "This is a circle", and the village knows that he has made money this year.

2022-01-17 06:05:16 50 ℃

For those who work in the outside or doing business, clothing is not as good as driving, so that the folks envy.

A man in Guizhou has bought a car in recent days. He is happy to go home for the New Year. Under the appointment, he did not live in the village, and the car flew into the vegetable field.

Netizen commented: You come back today, just get a circle, the village knows you to get money.

According to netizens, I didn't get up in the morning, I heard the vegetable field downstairs. Some people shouted, heard the car switch door and bang door, he was shocked, the vegetarian land How can there be a car?

Netizens quickly climbed to the balcony, see the scenes seen in the eyes, let him laugh.

I saw a car in the vegetable field, there is no road in the vegetable field, and no one will drive in, it is clear that the side of the vegetable field is the road to enter the village, don't ask, this car is definitely from the road I flew down and fell into the vegetable land.

Fortunately, the height between the road and the vegetable field is not high, and because the vegetable field is relatively soft, the car is falling, and the people are not harmed by the car.

After the car flew down, the cab door opened a man. The man first helped the station for a while. It is estimated that he is also scared, and the emotional man has turned around the car, found The car did not suffer obvious damage, so he sat on the car and hit the fire, wanted to drive the car from the vegetable field.

In the countryside in Guizhou, you can be so convenient in the city, call a crane, it is likely to wait for three or four hours, and the village road is narrow, some places, the crane cannot pass.

We also often see the drivers who drive back to the rural areas from the Internet, fell into the fields, often buy a few bags of Huazi, please come together in the village.

He did not observe the place where the vegetable land was observed, and he directly opened the car and wanted to go out through another field.

One step is wrong, step by step.

The man may also be afraid that others will know that they have been seen by the folks, they will be joke, he hurriedly opened the car, just rushed another field, did not expect to make a mistake, this field and The vegetable field is not connected to a flat place. There is also a Tianzhang ditch in the middle of the two places. The man opened the car, and he hit it, and it was cardd to Tian Yan.

This is good, I can't save money, I have to open the door and call people to save.

Nowadays, only ten days from the Spring Festival, there is no special thing. Most of the outstanding people have embarked on the journey of returning home. Of course, they will choose to drive back, but even if everyone is idling, Be sure to pay attention to driving safety, driving home is to reunite with your loved ones, have a happy Spring Festival, if there is an accident, it is not worth the accident, especially many novices get the driver's license, I have to buy one before the New Year. The new car is driving home, the new hand is new, and the bold love is showing, but it is more careful.

Only in peace is home, you can truly meet the round and round.