Really grasp the entry into the return of the Qiqi saver again - Jiangling County Hospital conveyed the study of the grassroots court to report the spirit of the Work Conference

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Really grasp the entry into the return of the Qiqi saver again - Jiangling County Hospital conveyed the study of the grassroots court to report the spirit of the Work Conference

2022-01-17 18:06:24 59 ℃

After the city's grassroots courtyard, Jiangling County Procuratorate quickly took action. On January 14, the party group expansion will be held, and seriously convey the requirements of the implementation of the meeting.

At the meeting, Yu Jing, secretary of the party, and the agency procurator, Zhang Jing, conveyed the secretary of the "two sessions" spirit and the party group secretary, and the prosecutor's book will report the spirit of the speech at the work meeting to the city hospital, informing the Jiangling County Institute 2021 Item Working and the comments on the work of the city's leaders.

Yu Jing pointed out that the municipal hospital held the grassroots courtyard to report a work meeting to the city, and I infused the "clearing agent", providing "Navigator", issued a "mobilization order", the whole police officer to "wait" The sense of urgency, "slow" is the sense of responsibility, "sitting", "can't catch up" crisis, earnestly implement the work deployment of the high-inspection hospital, the provincial hospital and the city, and establish a "small courtyard" Work goal, get rid of the thoughts of the small courtyard, the courage to start, to start the courage of the sprint, and start the ten key tasks, and promote the rise of all work.


To improve political stations. All party departments, all party branches should learn to implement the city's "two sessions" and grassroots courtyards to report the spirit of the Work Conference to the Municipal Medicine as the current and future important political tasks, quickly convey to every police, solid multi-form, hierarchical , All-covered learning, unity, goals, unity, and actions.


Take the initiative to the standard. Around the central service overall, with "talking about politics", serving the green high-quality development of the Jiangling forest, with "doing practical" as the starting point, practice the judiciary for the people's purpose, and actively accept the representative of the People's Congress, the people's supervisor supervision, and give full play to Procuratorate, in the rule of law business environment, county social governance, providing better and better procuratorates to serve private practices.


Strengthen the construction of the team. Continuing to consolidate the results of "Ideological and Breaking-Leading Development Broken", the "Dual Optimization" special activities are launched, and the quality and effectiveness of ideological and political, business capabilities, discipline style, and continuously improve the quality and effect of judicial handling cases, and continuously improve judicial credibility and masses. Satisfaction, forging a procurator team that has a political excessive service, excellent service, excellent obligation, and hard style.


To quickly return to zero. Strictly in accordance with the work requirements of the city and county committees, overturbed the annual statement, evaluation and assessment, epidemic prevention and control, etc. , Time map, route table, determine responsible departments, responsible leadership, responsible person, decompose the meeting task to each department, each police, each specific work.

It is reported that after the expansion of the party group, the departments continue to discuss learning in accordance with the spirit and conference requirements, with the branch as the unit, combined with the practice, and propose various departmental work plan, and actively promote the party.