Incident in Quankou Street (female driver, hitting), license plate 号 E H ...

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Incident in Quankou Street (female driver, hitting), license plate 号 E H ...

2022-01-17 18:05:22 59 ℃

Recently, some people often ask Xiaobian

In your impression

What kind of image is a female driver?

Do you still need to ask?

Of course it is Ying! posture!飒! Cool!

Can community Jun is in Jingmen Community Network Forum

I found a very interesting two posts

Just a traffic accident, the ambulance at the entrance of the West Wah Hua City Community in Quankou Road, Dongbao District, has taken away people, and check the vehicle before driving, pay attention to driving safety.

A female driver SUV rear-end cars occurred in the entrance of Sushuqiao Huafu Community, and now pay attention to safety in the morning. Keep a good rest at night, strengthen traffic safety awareness

The occurrence of these two traffic accidents

Didn't let everyone play safely on the public

But let everyone pay attention, put it on the "female driver"

/ Jingmen Community Network Hot Review /

All the way sparks: female driver's ten meters of grass is not born

Jingmen Forklift Rent: Female driver is not afraid

Wu Xingxing classmate: I have seen several bus female drivers very powerful

Female chef: Female driver is a road killer, can't drive can only push the board on the road.

Yjjatqihc: Look at this situation, really don't blame the female driver

What is the name? Hope that people have nothing to do

What big is that the maliciousness of the female driver is so big?

"Female driver's ten meters of grass is not born"?

"Female driver road killer"

(This is the words of Pu Xunan said?)

And when Xiaobian is searching for "car stickers" in a software

Total "female driver" "special car stickers" and other content

In addition, occasionally listen to people around you ridicule

"Hey, female driver", "This is definitely a female driver"

However, how do you remember to give a label allocated?

Has always "carefully" "cautious"?

"Male driver" does not have something wrong? "

Why is there a little low?

Wait, etc.

Is it related to safe driving, really and gender?

/ Let's first see a few groups of official data /


According to the Supreme People's Court, "Traffic Accident Characteristics and Trends (2016.1-2019.12)" Judicial Big Data Report: Female Driver 2016-2019 The average annual case rate is 0.25, Male driver an average of 10,000 cases of a case rate of 2.20 is 8.8 times the female driver.


According to the World Health Organization's "Casual Catturpiece Report" issued on June 21, 2021, the main factors caused by dangerous driving have speed, drunk driving, payment, road conditions, vehicle failure, etc., excluding gender.

/ Emergency, they are in danger /

March 10

Yurong Expressway, a car is driving in the middle lane

A car suddenly emerged from the left, and the vehicle had a 360 degree rotation.

The female car owner is in danger, and firmly control the direction of the impact.

November 11th

Zhengzhou, a normal driving truck spare tire suddenly dropped

In an emergency, the female bus will step on the brake pedal in the end.

Emergency risk, finally shocked one


Safe driving, independent gender

In front of traffic regulations, everyone is equal

For drivers, non-use of gender

And the law and illegal difference should be

An event, actually just a mirror

The onlookers are mostly seen in the Iceberg.

I am eager to post a message

The refraction is actually self-biased and cognitive.