[Social Practice] Stone outer students carry out social practice activities, pay attention to the safety of electric vehicles

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[Social Practice] Stone outer students carry out social practice activities, pay attention to the safety of electric vehicles

2022-01-18 00:07:19 57 ℃

I love Shijiazhuang

"Uncle, where is your electric car charging?"

"Auntie, is your community with electric vehicle charging pile?"

"Children, do you know that electric vehicles can't charge at home? What is the harm?"

On January 16, 51 students of the seventh grade of Shijiazhuang Foreign Language Education Group, under the leadership of the class teacher Liu Liang, divided into three practice small films, united the fire prevention supervisors of Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, in The publicity of electric vehicle charging safety is carried out in the park, community, and street, and visited the status quo of Shijiazhuang City Community Electric Bicycle Charging Facilities.

In recent years, Shijiazhuang City electric bicycle guarantee has increased rapidly, and electric bicycle charging accident has occurred frequently, and the safety use of electric bicycles has received social attention. "Electric bicycle is the main transportation of people, we aim to understand the community's electric vehicle parked and charge the status quo." According to Hong Yi 7 class teacher Liu Liang, "I love Shijiazhuang" social practice is Shijiazhuang A moral education class of Foreign Language Education Group, students will be practiced and studied in the fields of history, cultural, environment, resources, society, etc. in Shijiazhuang. The students mainly surveted the current safety charging of electric vehicles in the city, the installation of community charging piles, the use of charging piles in the community, and the public's suggestion for charging electric vehicles. "After the students finally form a report, they will submit the report to the relevant departments and the representative of the People's Congress, and the safety charging of Shiyu has improved the safety."

In this event, Wang Yixue, fire protection supervisor, fire rescue brigade, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, said this is a very meaningful event. The public needs to understand more electric vehicle charging knowledge, as well as the correct use of community charging piles. Be sure to avoid charging, the battery is generated, and the lithium electricity and lead-acid battery charger is mixed. The community "flying" charging leads to the aging of electric wire, and the electric vehicle is charged on the building.

The students use the questionnaire investigation, the field visits the publicity, etc. According to the survey, the respondent supported the community security charging, supports the installation of charging piles; about 10% of respondents said that the community has no charging piles, hoping to expand the range of installing community charging piles; 68% of respondents said that community Because there is a charging pile, charging is more convenient and fast. In addition, some investigators said that it is desirable to further increase the publicity and popularization of community charging piles, and community charging piles should specifically manage the responsibility, unified charging standards, payment methods should be diversified, and set should be unified on demand, parked should be Safeguard the electric vehicle to clean up the inability.

Teacher Liu said that the event made the students further met the national conditions, the provincial and love, the municipal situation, and the students' topics were very close to the actual situation of Shijiazhuang. Through practice activities, they lived in Shijiazhuang, understand Shijiazhuang, love Shijiazhuang, build Shijiazhuang " At the same time, students have cultivated the problems, solving the research attitudes and thinking, and learned a scientific method and learning method. During the questionnaire survey, the ability to communicate with people is also cultivated. In the next stage, this social practice will continue to carry out in-depth and form an investigation and research report.

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