Jiangsu man wears a sunscreen fishing, 3 hours, no, wife's case is smiling

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Jiangsu man wears a sunscreen fishing, 3 hours, no, wife's case is smiling

2022-01-18 18:03:52 60 ℃

The man is born to fish, and the original male love hunting is related to the experience and surprise brought by fishing. As the weather is getting hotter, there is more difficulties in the outside fishing: I am afraid that the sun is taking off the skin, and the male compatriots simply put on sunscreen!

Although people can't see the trend of the fish in the water, but the fish is easy to observe the situation on the shore. If there is any wind blowing the grass, it will not be able to catch fish in the day. For example, the behavior of this man in Jiangsu is a crying.

A netizen in Suqian sent a video, saying that her husband bought a very handsome fishing suit. After three hours, I still didn't catch the fish, my wife was very confused. "I don't know where it is." Husband is a favorite of fishing, sometimes a fishing is a few hours, with other fishing enthusiasts in addition to her husband.

Everyone's bucket is full of fish, only her husband is standing for three hours, and has not fallen half. The last shot turned the picture "Break the case", let his wife smile: "Don't say that it is a fish to see it, even people see it will be scared!"

Fish: "I am so big, I finally saw the alien!"

After the post, the wife responded that her husband felt that the weather was bitten, I want to buy a different sunscreen suit, this dress is really stupid, walking outside is very high, and my husband has a long time for a long time, I feel embarrassed, simply stay He is fortieder, his wife turned away.

Netizens have ridiculous, don't be night fishing at night, afraid that they will scare the small couples of the shore, I don't know what I have an alien visit to the earth. It is estimated that the husband is not fishing. It is a little spoofing idea.

The fish is very timid animals, can't be scared, can be seen in the water, wearing this dress to fish, especially easy to scare the creatures in the water.

When it comes back, this is really very handsome, and it is enough to reach the effect of sunscreen, and it is strict and found that it is a bit bored. It will be a good fish before wearing. Preparation of psychology, is not as good as everyone!

Fishing is a learning, only spending enough time to understand a set of self-experience, many women can't understand, why men have a unique closure of fishing, in fact, because of the difference in men and women, plus male in the bones Love fishing, just like a child like an excavator when I was a child, I naturally added it in a group of fishing.

If you like fishing, you can't get a satisfactory results. If you reflect, it is a problem. It is recommended that you can work with experience with experience in the first fishing, try to wear some color low-key clothes. Don't be too conspicuous, discuss some skills, I believe that it will be half-meter in the fishing process.