Be careful!One points exchange made him lose more than 20,000 yuan!There are already many people!

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Be careful!One points exchange made him lose more than 20,000 yuan!There are already many people!

2022-01-20 00:02:01 57 ℃

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New Year approached

The merchants have launched the integrated clearance activities

A text message should be

However, at this time

The liars are also waiting for opportunity.

Ready to fool people

If you have also encountered similar

Point redemption event SMS or phone

Be careful

Recently, Mr. Yang received a integral redemption SMS

The display is the operator of the mobile phone number.

The URL in the text is similar to the real URL.

So Mr. Yang did not suspect too much

He directly opens the website.

Enter the page of "Pocket Business Hall"

The page requires filled in the name, ID number,

Credit card number, transaction password,

Reserved mobile phone and other information

Mr. Yang is filled out as required

Into one

"National UnionPay Credit Card Extra Dedicated" page

Continue to fill in the information

Just asked to download a security control

(In fact, Trojan)

When Mr. Yang submitted to the information

I received a multi-consumer SMS

Tip your credit card is consumed 7739 yuan

Another Mr. Zhang also encountered the same scam

He wants to exchange an air fryer with points

In the end, I waited for a credit card.

SMS for consumption of 22,839 yuan

Key points

↓ ↓ ↓

Liar passed the base station

Send SMS to texting into telecommunications operators

Induced victims fill in personal information

And download Trojans software

Finally stolen victim's credit card

To avoid being deceived

Everyone must pay attention to the following points

1. Receive a SMS to the points exchange, even if you have a text message you are familiar with the customer service number, it is not easy to believe.

2. Anyone in the SMS is linked. Be sure to identify, don't click on it, it is possible to be a Trojan virus or a fishing website.

3. When you encounter privacy information such as the real name, bank card and password, you must pay more attention.

Source: China Market Supervision