Tonga volcano erotic Chinese teacher chores continued to stay

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Tonga volcano erotic Chinese teacher chores continued to stay

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The huge mushroom cloud rises in the sea, and the Tonga volcano erupted. At 4 o'clock on January 15th, Zhang Lei, a teacher of Shandong Liaocheng University, sent an inquiry information to a colleague in Tonga: How is your side? The other party did not reply, she was anxious, until 4:4 in the evening of the 16th, the Sangdu Hall specially called Liaocheng University, informing the three aid teachers in love. Zhang Lei is hovering, and it is slightly.

Zhang Lei is a Tangka, 2019, is an oceanian island country, summer hot, locals stained with starch, meat, and vegetables, and therefore most of the country is an obese population. From 2019 to 2022, there were seven teachers in Liaocheng University, divided into two batches to Tonga College to teach vegetables. In the three years, some children have long been higher than the teacher. They look strong and strong, some students have opened their own small gardens, sprinkle the seeds they want to eat vegetables.

In 2019, Zhang Lei, Qi Hui, and Tonga student were in the land. Reporter

Mars and students farm

The soup plus under the scorching sun, the ground temperature exceeded 40 ° C, the body was hot and wavy, almost gasped, 1985 is born in Zhang Lei, in the middle of Shandong, feels the unprecedented heat. Perhaps dry heat, fruits and vegetables are not easy to grow, the four tomatoes sold in the vegetables, lack of, odd, small boys, each small, adding less than a pound, but sell 5 Tangoin coins (More than RMB 15).

The lack of green food such as vitamins, high fibers, let this total population of about 110,000 countries, coronary heart disease, and diabetes high. The World Health Organization has reported that 90% of Tonga nationals were classified as obese populations, more than 20% of Tangdu, suffering from obesity related diseases. There are too many people who are biased, and the aesthetic concept of Tonga people is fat.

In 2018, when the King Tonga visited China, the requirements of education and agricultural technical assistance were clearly proposed, and the development and promotion of vegetable planting technology was planned to improve the food structure of domestic residents and improved health. So, in January 2019, it was the summer of the southern hemisphere, the four teachers of Liaocheng University, Zhang Lei, Qi Hui, Kang Junjun, Cui Yanzhen, formed the first "advanced team", took more than 30 hours of flight, and went to Tonga.

Although surrounded by sea, Tonga Kingdom is abnormal. The soil on the island is sand, lacks rivers, lakes, and fresh water storage natural devices, the local people will place the container on the roof, and the rain is freshwater reserves. "For example, the rainstorm of a continuous hour, in the afternoon, there was no water on the ground, and it went down." Zhang Lei said that Tonga's vegetables, people who eat vegetables, geography The condition has a big reason.

Without vegetable seeds, there is no rural tools, "60" female teachers Qi Hui and Zhang Lei decided to do their own, and arrived in Tonga's Hunan Agricultural Group, Chinese vegetable businessmen, through help, rent and self-spending method, make seeds and farm tools Two female teachers use both hands to remove the rural deremers, and then use iron 锨 and 镢, one is settled. "The most deepest impression is the kind of hobs, hands, will be bleeding, reaching out, blood." Zhang Lei said.

Qi Hui demonstrates the entire land technology to students. Reporter

The first home is a simple iron house, lacking furniture, no air conditioning, because the outdoor mosquito is a lot, the night is bored in the room, the house is hotter. "The most afraid of ants, sometimes stepping onto the ant nest, countless ants climb along the shoes, climbed to the legs, then, people can only throw the shoes far away, hurry."

In the first batch of peasant teams, there is a well-known job that has been well-known by the Master: Chinese teacher Kang Junjun accidentally stepped on the ant nest, and the ants took dozens of ants crazy attack his feet, he hurts The tape jumped to the water pipe and rinsed the feet, but didn't, how long, two feet changed red and swollen, drums more than a dozen big bags. After returning to the land, the skin is flat, the skin, and the iodine volts are in battle. It is difficult to stop itching. The next morning, the teachers condolen him, he smiled and said that he toot it at night, "If you want to sleep well, ten ants bite."

"The child has a teacher tall"

The teachers set up a small class in the Tonga College, let the students voluntarily registered, and go to the extracurricular time after three o'clock every day, go to China's vegetable planting technology and Chinese culture. Zhang Lei is recalled that there are more than 20 students in the first shift, and when the end of the year to help farmers, there have been more than 50 students in the class.

"Chinese teacher's vegetable garden" attracts more and more Tangjia students, and also witness the growth of children. "I remember that there is a child in the class. At that time, I didn't have me high. I didn't have me. I have sent a photo of the second batch of teachers. I look higher than the teacher." Zhang Lei said that the child in the class The age is 3 or four years old, is a very curiosity of nature. When learning is very strong, "Some children have learned to screen seeds, take care of vegetables, they will be in their own yard. Open a small garden, a vegetable that you want to eat. "

The teacher and Tonga students in the aid took a group photo in the agricultural test base. Reporter

The teachers divided the vegetables into two, one is a demonstration field, the dishes of themselves, and some of them will be able to eat themselves. Most of them give Tonga relevant departments and schools; one is practical field, used to teach, teachers bring students together Type, harvested vegetables let students take home to eat. "When we ran, we brought the children in the house to read theory, do activities; when they didn't rain, they led them into the fields, and took care of crops in the soil." "The crops are to be careful, Some soup plus locals don't know how to be scrapped. See us, picking up, scorks, some locals have tried to do this. Over time, the cultivated vegetables are definitely more than not The long-term trend is good. In this way, a technology will be promoted. "

Liaocheng University can often receive photos from Tonga College, Tonga teenagers on the photo, wearing white shirt, gray shorts, their skin is dark, the shoulders are strong, several boys stand into a row, stepped on the soil. "Liaocheng University in Tonga will help farm activities, do not dare to change how many people, but at least some children begin to understand the technology of vegetables, understand the importance of reasonable diet." Zhang Lei said.

The third year working in Tonga

Zhao Peibao, Ren Zhi, Zhang Jianfeng, three teachers who are still in Tonga, this should go home in 2020. The original task is there to be a year, but because the neogholic pneumonia epidemic emerges, international flights are not available, they will meet the third year.

On January 14th, Liaocheng University official micro-hair cloth news: I am in advance to the three teachers in advance, requiring teachers to prepare in advance. At 12 o'clock in Beijing time, the school has attached great importance to the safety work of the three teachers, and the school is required to contact the Safety Work in Tang Xi and the three teachers. Timely notify the teacher's family. Due to the interruption of Tonga's external communication, 4:40 on January 16th, the station of Tang Empress specially gave me a call to my school through the satellite phone, and informing the three aid teachers. The responsible comrades of the Ministry of Education International Si Mei Di also in time to advertise the three teachers' peaceful information, and my school has promptly tells the family, doing condolences.

The Schisong, the deputy director of the International Cooperation Exchange Department of Liaocheng University, told reporters that the three teachers have completed the two-year support, and they also plan to continue to implement the 2022 tasks. Before Tonga volcano, the three teachers will often feed back to school. Your own work state, the teacher feedback is the suggestion in teaching: Tonga College Learning Chinese students grow, need a large number of Chinese textbooks; the farm area is increased, there is a need to purchase more anti-insects, drip irrigation, pollution-free pesticides; need to The Campus of Tongga School discusses the integration of agronomics into school management and improve students' enthusiasm.

From February 28 to March 8th, 2018, the King Tu Puchu, King Tonga, conducted state affairs to my country. Under the joint witness of the head of state, the parties signed the "Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Education of the Ministry of Education on Education The Memorandum of Exchange and Cooperation "has opened a new situation in two countries' education exchange cooperation. "This is the starting point for Liaocheng University to Tang to help farmers. The teacher can stay in Tong plus for a long time, which has never forgotten the beginning of the two countries. It is also always implemented the concept of human fate community." Singge Tong said.

According to the staff of the Party Committee Propaganda Department, Liaocheng University has the first Pacific Island Research Center in the country, and the research center has held China's first, second and third in April 2014 and August 2018. "Pacific Island Country Research High-Level Forum"; and created the domestic most complete Pacific Island research data database, through many years of research, the center has published "a belt all the way to the national name" (all five volumes), bear The Compilation of the Allocation of All Pacific Island States of China (Third Edition).

"They go peacefully, I hope they will come back safely." Zhang Lei issued the information, but she didn't receive reply, but she believed that colleagues will come back.

Beijing News reporter Zhao Likin

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