Hot search first!Hebei is looking for a boy by the mother "pull": not every parent, called Sun Haiyang!

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Hot search first!Hebei is looking for a boy by the mother "pull": not every parent, called Sun Haiyang!

2022-01-21 12:03:47 48 ℃

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Text: Mr. Table Source: Table Life View

During this time, on the shake and Weibo, I was brushed by a boy called "Liu Xuezhou".

His destiny is too displaced, and people can't help but sigh.

At very small, "parents" were killed in an explosion, and they were also blown along with the house.

The homeless Liu Xuezhou has been fostered in different relatives.

The taste of the fence, Xiao Xiaozhou, a small age, has long been exhausted.

He was disappeared, spit, said he is a wild child;

He was ridiculed and was disappeared, and it was enough to see the maliciousness of this world.

He always thinks: it will grow up.

Why do you want to grow up? Because he knows, his own secrets.

He is bought by children.

That is to say, the couple who died in the past is not Liu Xuezhou's biological parents.

Seeing Sun Haiyang, seeing the children who were trafficking in the households were found, Liu Xuezhou also wanted to find a relative, and I wanted to know who his own biological parents were.

So, through the network, he will publish his own physical characteristics, date of birth, and finish.

Soon, with the assistance of the public security organs, Liu Xuezhou found his own biological parents.

Liu Xuezhou after recognition is very excited. He took photos of his father with his father in a circle of friends, and with the picture "Today is a happy child." And his biological mother, also in WeChat, it is cold, and promises to send the West to Liu Xuezhou. Originally, the story came here, and the painted end of the sentence. Although a family was forced to have been separated for more than a decade, but the rest of the decades will be cherished, they will wait. But the follow-up of the story is not the same.

Not every parent, called Sun Haiyang

Liu Xuezhou is looking for a relative in December 2021. That, Sun Haiqing also officially retrieved his own love for many years - Sun Zhuo.

Two families, similar destiny, have different endings. Sun Haiyang is a great father. In order to find a child, he walked over TV, squatting the wall, waiting for the door of others. On the way to find a sonway, as long as there is a hopes, he will not give up. The one stood in the door of others, carefully looked at the eyes, that kind of look like a miracle appeared, anyone saw it, he would feel sad and tear.

He is a righteous man, but also a father who has a good job. No matter what the child is not found, he is as always. He used love, and he took a wall to the child, blocked the wind and rain outside, and defended all the wind frost swords. Such a father is too much to be a parent, the example of the study. However, not all the families traffled, there is a father like a grandson. Sun Zhuo and Liu Xuezhou's destiny are so similar, so different. The most shocking thing is that according to Liu Xuezhou, he is not "abducted", but is abandoned by the biological parents! In that year, Liu Xuezhou's biological parents were unmarried, but there was no color gift, so, Liu Xuezhou's father sold him shortly after he was born, exchanged money to the mother! What is this slag parent? The child is born, is it for changing money? And when Liu Xuezhou recognizes the truth, you know the truth, ask when you ask them, the mother still doesn't know how to repent, and it is straight and strong: You don't ask you parents? Who wants them to hold? They don't have any other good people to hold!

Means say: Now you have such a tragic life, not our reason, but what you raise your parents, who told them that you have no money, you have to hold you, no matter what to say, you are a thing we don't want. In this case, for a 10-year-old, a minor child is, how big is it. Liu Xuezhou said in front of the camera "They really didn't lose me, they sold me", I can't imagine, how tingling will have a human straightforward reality.

For more than a dozen years of life, I finally ended. But I didn't expect that the storm they brought, more intense, more cold than the outside world. He proposed to the biological parents: I hope they can buy a small house or rent a house. In short, he wants a home belonging to himself. This requirement is because the parents have each other with new families, and their families are not accepted by Liu Xuezhou. Moreover, Liu Xuezhou is sinful because of his relatives, and now, the biggest problem he face is: no place to live. His home has become a broken wall.

How to learn, how to live in such an environment? He is a minor child after all, and it is not possible to go out for work to make money. He can only help relative to my own parents. But, this requirement has been rejected. Even, it is more desperate, he later communicated again with the mother, tragic discovery: I have been pulled black by my mother.

And my father, also on the Internet, ridicule this son, said that he is "online".

This for parents, whether it is the year, or now, there has never changed their attitude towards this biological son. In the year of birth, they abandon him, for the gift; for more than ten years, the son is a thousand miles to find a relative, but it has been abandoned again, it is the house. What is this kind of people tragedy? The fate of the clouds, in Liu Xuezhou, engraved a ruthless scar. He can clearly grow up, but he tastes the pains given by fate; he clearly knows that his parents are healthy, but it is unable to build a home. His life is a book. And the initiator is actually a biological parent that is connected to his blood. Children without umbrella, can only learn to run

In Liu Xuezhou incident, I touched me that although he was muddy, it was accompanied by suffering, but he had a power of growing upward. Residents, sending people, suffering, insulting and ridicule ... Despite Liu Xuezhou's life road, it is more ruined than others, but he has never given up study. On his wall, it is filled with a large and small medal and certificate. He said that these are all I am in the dark, and I spel out ...

The same age, other children get these honors, maybe parents will be greatly encouraged. But Liu Xuezhou did not. He doesn't care, no one cares, he is worried every day, where is it, how to live, how to go to school, how can I bring trouble to others ... These life suffering, for him, not natural disasters, and It is a person who has a child. The only thing he can do is to close your eyes and bite the teeth forward. He has never been a person, in the dark night. Children without an umbrella, will work harder. If born in a sound, normal family, Liu Xuezhou will definitely be an excellent child. He has excellent grades, do not need parents at all; he thinks agile, understand the newspaper post, looking for loved ones; he is too long to fight with life, cultivating your own power and this world Awareness. Those who killed you will eventually make you stronger. The fathers cry, crying on the Internet, no money, the economic conditions are not. However, Liu Xuezhou quickly found out that there were three companies in his father's name. I don't want to raise him again, and one of his paper will tell the court to let the parents have to be jealous. Some people questioned Liu Xuezhou to say: This child is not simple, too much. However, you have not experienced the suffering of being abandoned. I haven't experienced the despair that I have been in the foot of the foot. You don't know how to give up the world, you want to live, how difficult it is. He is not an eye, but he wants to protect himself, at least let himself have a successful study period. Moreover, he wants, but he deserves. A child, if you want to live, you want to complete your studies completely, want to live stable, what is wrong?

More important than blood, is a conscience of a person

Liu Xuezhou's story is fermented on the network. There are a lot of love people, extending his assistance to him. There are many people who have a child's parents in Liu Xuezhou, say: "If your biological parents don't care, the aunt provides you 500 yuan every month until you graduate. You are so good, you must stick to"

On the side of the biological parents, the other side is a person who does not meet each other, I want to finish reading the book, do you say ironic? Liu Xuezhou is very concerned about his question of his biological father: my father, you are taking care of you when you are divorced with you, have you ever thought that your child is lost? of?

One person does not match the parents, a bi-life parent should not respect, should not read the blood relationship, but should look at his conscience. Just like Liu Xuezhou incident, his parents don't care, but strange netizens actually want to support him to complete their studies. After too much things, we finally understand that blood relationship is just a physiological relationship, and true love and blood have no relationship. Liu Xuezhou parents' human nature is disappointing, and those who are surging in society, but in this winter, we will light a bunch of lights for us. Someone asked Liu Xuezhou to open a donation channel, I want to send some daily necessities to him.

Some people are willing to provide the house to him until he completes the studies.

There is also a comment of extraversal, and is the message of Ji Tao's mother, and she is also my heart pain for Liu Xuezhou.

Fu Ji Tao is also a child who is trafficked. Their family has experienced the pain, but the people who have fallen the rain, the people who have a scars, still can't see this world, still want to give those people who need help, take a little bona fide. Finally, the local Justice Bureau also responded: will help Liu Xuezhou!

Only kind, can be rushed to the blood, only blood, can make emotional flow. This is the story of Liu Xuezhou, the only place worth relieving. Finally, what I want to say is: Sometimes, we must admit that every pair of parents will do everything to love you. Even, they own, you need to die against the storm. And what we have to do is constantly making yourself powerful, then swing all this. May you be brave, I hope you can live a light even if you are in dark.