Immigration Britain for a year, Hong Kong Nets can't help but

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Immigration Britain for a year, Hong Kong Nets can't help but

2022-01-21 12:04:12 47 ℃

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, is a large number of vomits to the British National People's Congress, complaining that although the surface work is doing well, but in fact, it is in vain, and the epidemic is still not wearing a mask; doing things and dead plates do not understand There is also no responsibility; fear of trouble, habitually push each other.

These net red can't help complain to communicate with the British. When you work, you often let them crazy.

According to the two Hong Kong Nets Sharin and Harry revealed in the YouTube channel, they should be a BNO passport (China no longer admitting the BNO passport effect on January 31, 2021) immigration to the UK, and has lived a year. about.

On the 18th, they changed to the Japanese printed shop and played the video content, and talked about the headache British that was encountered in British life.

According to the Da Gong, Sharin and Harry believe that many British hypocritical selfishness, doing things, only blindly from the rules, but there is no truly understanding.

For example, due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the British government requires some social distances to be at least 2 meters between people, but the locals do not wear a mask; and once, they have a mask with masks in the intersection, but they have been Nothing to wear a mask accused two people did not keep social distances, which made Sharin very speechless.

As in terms of work, they always work with the inherent or arranged order, even if there are other more urgent or other people waiting for it, they must first complete the matters arranged, let others Waiting for people feel painful, lose resistance.

In addition, they still complain that the British do things is not attentive, and I have a lack of work, I feel that some things are directly unreasonable, I am afraid that troubles will push each other.

Sharin's big splendor, there is a time she wants to borrow something, I will ask the staff, but the staff is pushing her to another person. This person is pushed to the next person, Sharin is "kick" slippery Circle, a small thing toss for a long time.

Screenshot from YouTube Video

For the dissatisfaction with the two people in the video, Hong Kong Media "Da Gong" blunt, "Many 'Huang Sil'" full of fantasy, thinking that going to go, a "Gentleman's country" must be enjoyable Go to a beautiful life. "

But in fact, many "Huang Sili" usually repented only for a few months, last year, Hong Kong Media has been invested in "Huang Sili" migration: a 12-port Hong Kong family waiting for the United Kingdom to apply for a franchise When the LOTR is blocked by the local customs, the parties will be clamped. As a result, the whole family was sent back to Hong Kong for the next day. After two years, they did not enter the UK; and some people arrived in the UK and found that the local economy was very depressed. Relatives, I have long starved to death, now I dream of Hong Kong's home almost every day, and I don't regret it.

British "Sky News" (Sky News "has also interviewed Hong Kong people who drove the British street last December, as well as chaos," I hope to come here, I think it can start. (Now I lost hope. Every day I am thinking, 'Where are you going to sleep today?' '' What is it going to flow tomorrow? '"

Recently, the immigrant British Half-year Hong Kong Tvb Announcement Linzibo also exposed new crown infected, and revealed the dissatisfaction of the UK's local treatment of epidemic, and missed Hong Kong's epidemic prevention policies. "People who don't adapt to this don't wear a mask, do not adapt to the British school to handle the epidemic situation. Different Hong Kong ..."

Like this, the immigrant Hong Kong people who have complained online are not a few, they find that the life of the immigrants and the "beauty" of their imagination is a problem. One by one is said to be exclusive, the job is difficult, etc.