Men when the child is hitting his wife, his mother calmly hugs: There is a family, stay away from

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Men when the child is hitting his wife, his mother calmly hugs: There is a family, stay away from

2022-01-22 00:02:47 63 ℃

Wen / Han Meiyi


I saw a video: a man kept hitting his wife, the fast, the poisonous, as if his wife and he had a "blood sea hatred".

In the process of man's violence, the children of the two have been crying, and the difference is that the wife is playing, she still protects the child, don't forget to comfort the child, "Don't be afraid", and the man completely retreats the child, a slap A boxing fell to his wife, hit his wife from the sofa to the ground, and even died and died.

During the period, the man's mother also revealed his face, but she was not to persuade the bracket, but the child was calm, and the behavior of his son was visionary.

This video allows the family to have a daughter, I can see the shake, I am sad, it is not difficult to imagine. If the woman's parents have seen this scene, there should be more difficulties in my heart: all the mother is in the heart, put it in the palm of the hand Children, when they marry, women's parents may have never played her first, never thought, married, she was so embarrassed by the pillow.

After watching the video, I also saw a Weibo, suspected that the woman in the family violent incident said that she was hitting this time: "I am not the first time, I am playing me when pregnant. When I was sitting on the moon, I jealned my mother. When I was more than 50 days, I was angry with my baby in bed. I have forgotten too many times. "

I have read some netizens' comments, many people think that the woman "does not live", should be countered by the first time, or divorce, rather than one more, and then I will endure it, if you start "Action" does not have this situation.

It is undeniable that women are initially encountered, and their courage to show that their attitudes and the bottom line are indeed important. Because many times, there will be a "try to see" the mentality of "trying to see", watching women dare to resist, see Women can bear how much bottom line, even many men, just think "You a woman, strength is not as good as me, just me, even if you hit you, you can't help me."

The disparity between men and women, and the weakness of some women's character. I am afraid that I can't give a complete home, and I am worried that I will make the parents' face on the face. The woman will have many violent injuries. But still Phenomenon that does not dare to resist.


I don't know how to advise women to encounter a powerful "counterattack" after the family's stars, because women are not for the first time, many media have also called for women to dare to dare to riot Say "no", even "the escape is decisive", there are still a lot of women, and after being hidden after being fooled again and again, they may have their own hardships and concerns, but today I saw this today. Video, I still want to say: There is a family, be sure to stay away.

That is, from the old to small, I put "playing woman, playing my wife" as a family of normal phenomena.

Introduction, this video is the most cold, but the man is in the face of his wife. It is a man's mother to see his son to make a child, there is no reaction, and it is not concerned about the attitude. I have already happened. Imagine, even if it is a stranger, I encountered this situation, even if I can't pull it, I will definitely think about it.

Some people may say that it is not necessarily a man's mother, may be a mother of a woman.

Here, I agree with the words of netizens: no parents see their children are hitting and indifferent, if the woman's own mother, I will defen myself and stop.

I don't know if my mother's mother is in my home, I have had this encounter, or I have seen my son to make a child, I feel that it is a "playing trouble" between husband and wife. No matter which one, her performance All explained, the daughter-in-law is tangled in the home is normal, and it is not possible.

This attitude, even if it is wrong to son, she will think that her son is annoyed, the son is forced to move.

I don't want to go to the other party, or the other party said wrong, I have a wrong thing, I can communicate well, I can't communicate can be better than good, not to solve the problem with force.