Focus on Shanxi "two hospitals" report: sweeping black and evil, anti-corruption

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Focus on Shanxi "two hospitals" report: sweeping black and evil, anti-corruption

2022-01-22 06:03:33 48 ℃

Zhongxin Net Taiyuan January 21 (Reporter Yang Jieying) On January 21, at the second plenary meeting of the 13th National People's Congress of Shanxi Province, Feng Jun, Dean of Shanxi Provincial Senior People's Court, Shanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate Chang Yang Jinghai reported to the representative, the member of the committee, and the "transcript" was taken.

In 2021, the Court of Justice in Shanxi Province received 621,500 cases, 58.09 million cases were tried, and the same year was 25.12%, 20.76%, and 93.47% compared rates were 93.47%, and 185.4 per capita. The year increased by 38.22.

In the report, Feng Jun mentioned that in the 2021, the Shanxi Court broke 551 criminal cases such as corruption, bribery and dereliction, providing strong judicial guarantee for comprehensively consolidating anti-corruption struggle. The province's court reviewed 178 cases involved in black and evil cases, and 77 cases in the second instance, the property sentence recovered, and the confiscation of illegal income was executed to 4.931 billion yuan. It is sentenced to 41 people in accordance with the law, and the head of the nature of the criminals, and Zhao Wuqing has been sentenced to 20 years in prison to maintain the anti-evil high pressure.

Feng Jun called, fully promoted the challenge of changing the championship with the "zero tolerance" attitude, and strictly investigate and deal with 480 laws and disciplines of laws and disciplines, including 29 criminal responsibility. Strengthening the inside of illness, targeting the rectification implementation field, 1163, concentrated on 2524 cases of no cases, and investigating 151 cases of false litigation cases, correcting the violation of illegal and illegal "," 62 cases, cleaning and distribution The overtime implementation of 3.482 billion yuan, the overepere did not send, and the case did not recognize the "Double Clear".

In 2021, the provincial procuratorate in Shanxi Province approved and decided to arrest 20,612 criminal crimes, and sued 3,8175 people. Continuously promote the fattle of the law, 48 people who sue the disease-related crime. Turn on the social security, economic people's livelihood, agricultural rural rural field illegal crimes and outstanding problems, supporting 21 procuratorates, sued 11,878 people. The network is not an extraordinary place, and the crime of criminals must be severely punished, and 5,147 people in the telecommunications network fraud.

Yang Jinghai said that the provincial procuratorate insisted on self-examination, and was investigated strict. Through reports of clues verification, key cases inverse investment, interview cases, deep digging violations, and formed a powerful shock. 62 people took the initiative to investigate the discipline inspection and supervision, and the province uses "four forms" to handle 680 people.

In 2021, the provincial procuratorate in Shanxi Province was reviewed to sue 1302 people involved in black-related crimes. All black and major evil cases are all listed by the Shanxi Provincial Procuratorate, in advance, guidance in advance. 43 pieces of the protective umbrella clue were discovered and transferred to the case of black-related cases. In combination, 73 social governance procurators are proposed.

Shanxi Province procuratorate actively participated in the anti-corruption struggle, collaborative and improved the monitoring law enforcement and criminal justice convergence mechanism, supervision inspection, mutual cooperation, major duty crime cases to achieve full coverage, and the quality of handling is continuously improved. The acceptance of the supervision committee to transfer 765 duty crimes, sued 775 people (inclusive deposit), up 21%, 30.3%, respectively. Self-re-investigation 166 pieces. According to law, a batch of job crimes in the "9 · 03" "9 · 27" financial and state-owned enterprises.

At the same time, the provincial procuratorate in Shanxi also launched the "100-day attack" of the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of the judicial staff, and the investigation of 47 pieces were investigated, an increase of 147.4% and 75% year-on-year, and the judicial credibility was strongly maintained. During the jurisdiction of judicial staff behind the South Korea, 40 of the judicial staff, transferred 40 violations of laws and discipline, and filed 7 cases, all filed a public prosecution. (Finish)