Strong mother-in-law ruined the whole home, the son was harmed by his wife, and his business was finally driven out of his family.

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Strong mother-in-law ruined the whole home, the son was harmed by his wife, and his business was finally driven out of his family.

2022-01-24 12:02:29 49 ℃

We can see that now the picture is more chaotic, the lady in the screen, is blocked by a few people, crying, did not like her daughter-in-law, the picture turned, turned to a grandmother, she was smashed The clothes were crying, she was still hit by her son six or seventeen, why did the old grandmother crying so sad?

I can't believe that my grandmother crying is because she is a sinner who destroys her son's family rupture. I don't know if you see this, and whether you still have a good grandmother. It's a few days in a few days, it's still small rain, but the two old people's clothes were down on the ground, why did the two old people's clothes are quilt, will be put in the rain? What exactly happened?

Lao Grandma and We said that she went to take a walk from her husband yesterday. After half an hour, I got home, but I found the key of the door was changed. Everything in the home was thrown out, she knew Who is dry, is her son Chen Haimin, and the daughter-in-law Deng Chunyan is what the old grandmother said, the son and the daughter-in-law do this, because I don't want to live with her.

But I didn't expect her son, this time I did so, I said, this house is her son, her son's wife lives, three years ago, my son took her two port to the county, said that it is committed to Let them enjoy, but why now, will not be willing to live with them. The husband of the old grandmother Chen Dai, excited, let us leave, then there is no other words.

Old grandmother Yao Shangxiu said, when the son took them to the county city to enjoy, sell the hometown of the things, less than half a year, the attitude is a hundred and eightyths, and immediately change their face, the most serious Yes, in order to hurry, push them to the stairs, even the stools, and see the hurt identification book, look at the wounded teeth, the scholation on the face, and the harm on the body, we I am very distressed, we can't believe that this is the son's attitude towards the mother, what happened this happened, let his son Chen Hai people, to her father, mother, so embarrassing.

Old grandmother Yao Shangxiu said, even if they live very close to their sons, only have a wall, but in these two years, their sons and daughters have not raised them, there is no economic ability, they can only Leased the money, now there is no place to live, is it true that your son and daughter-in-law are really vicious?

When we found the daughter-in-law Deng Chunyan, asked whether she did two portions, she denied that the resolute indicated that they were not familiar, there was no relationship, but did not expect that Dun Chunyan denyed, with her son. Relationship, Deng Chunyan said that the grandmother Yao Shangxiu is now pulling her hand, she wants to report the police, Yao Shangxiu did not put her hand and said that she did not even alarm.

Daughter-in-law Deng Chunyan broadcast a call, Deng Chunyan said that there is something to find a court to deal with, don't look for her, she has nothing to do with the old couple, but they have seriously affect her life. If you don't blame her, but I am arguing that the old couple harass her life, Deng Chunyan said, while shouting, let Yao Shangxiu let go.

We interview Deng Chunyan learned that she has nothing to do with her grandmother, Chen Haimin also has no relationship, then a few days ago, they still have the old couple out, why suddenly didn't matter? Deng Chunyan said, according to the divorce agreement, now the two houses belong to her, so the old couple has no reason to live in her, we can check it, if the old couple wants to complain me, there is no relationship , But we are still unclear, why Dun Chunyan and Chen Haimin will suddenly divorce, Deng Chunyan and Yao Shangxiu have once again quarreled, one party is dedicated to go, one party can not let go.

Yao Shangxiu did not believe in Deng Chunyan. I feel that I am divorced, just to let them leave. Yao Shangxiu said that Deng Chunyan did not conscience, Deng Chunyan said that she is going to buy at home, she can't believe, a sixty-year-old old man will let her buy, now the two sides are very fierce, two parties Do not return, Deng Chunyan repeatedly stressed that she has divorced Chen Haimin.

She didn't know where Chen Hai people now. In order not to continue this dead, the people interviewed let Yao Shangxiu will let go, we have brought Yao Shangxiu, went to the local civil affairs Bureau, confirmed Chen Haimin and Deng Chunyan, already five this year. Month, that is, it is a few days ago, the reason is that the character is not good, so that we are surprised that Chen Hai people don't want anything.

Yao Shangxiu and us said that in order to take medical expenses to his son and daughter last week, the son and daughter-in-law were divorced. The most unhealthy is that Chen Hai people actually don't have anything, give all all Deng Chunyan, Yao Shangxiu has always believed that his son Chen Haimin and Dunu, Deng Chunyan, still have feelings, the divorce is only to see them, the purpose is to don't raise their old couple, the people interviewed in order to better understand the facts, Once again found Deng Chunyan.

Deng Chunyan saw us, but the headache cried, Deng Chunyan said that she is a well-known for Chen Hai people, she is already asking, she feels that she is doing, has exceeded the general child, now Therefore, it turns into this, it is the problem of Yao Shangxiu, Deng Chunyan said that this is the reason why she divorces her and Chen Hai people.

I have been very good, because she is like this, so she doesn't want Yao Shangxiu to harass her, she doesn't want to say a word with Yao Shangxiu, which turned into the scene, Deng Chunyan shouted, no people like her So much, she is both grievances and anger, this seems that there is anything I don't know if this thing is? At this time, Deng Chunyan's sister came over. She saw Yao Shangxiu, and she immediately fired. She said that when Chen Haimin and Deng Chunyan have been married, Deng Chunyan and Yao Shangxiu have not been good, Yao Shangxiu often hits Deng Chunyan, but also her hand, this is everyone knows that in order notger contradictions, Chen Haimin and Deng Chunyan have moved to this house, this house is Deng Chunyan and her sister to buy money together. Such a few years later.

Chen Hai people wanted to pick up his Mom and Dad, helping them with children, but they didn't live a few days, and they were quarreled. Therefore, Chen Haimin decided to let her parents move back to the hometown, but at this time, the old couple did not agree. That is, the relationship between her mother-in-law is completely collapsed. Deng Chunyan puts forward divorced, Deng Chunyan also said that Yao Shangxiu has been accused of his son and daughter.

The reason is not to raise his old couple, Deng Chunyan and Chen Hai people, according to the legal judgment, each month payment, now Yao Shangxiu is not known, noisy, I can't get the divorce, Chen Hai people will not see it after divorce. No one knows that he has gone there, Chen Haimin said with his parents. It is Yao Shangxiu that he is forced by himself, then he will leave, leave after divorce.

Because Chen Hai people know, no matter where he does not raise the parents, his mother will have a reason to argue, not as good as him, it is net, despite this, he is still a month, on time Advent, but if you have any contact, what is the life of his father and mother?

We learned from the neighbors that Deng Chunyan said that the character of Yao Shangxiu is spicy, and everyone has a sin, it is her son and her daughter-in-law. Therefore, Yao Shangxiu needs to review himself, she should not beat her family without any reason, but this is in the court, whether I can divide who is wrong, we don't know.

Ok, today, the mother-in-law ruined the whole home, the son was harmed by his wife, and the in-law finally was over from the son, and if you have anything to say, welcome you under review, thank you Watch, let's see it next time, no obedience.