Governor of Mei Ca: This is like the third world country

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Governor of Mei Ca: This is like the third world country

2022-01-24 18:02:23 54 ℃

[Wen / Observer Network Liu Wei] Los Angeles Train Express is still continuing.

On January 20, local time, Gavin Newsom, Gavin Newsom, California, USA, personally came to the Los Angeles Railway. He said that a wolf picture here, "It seems like a third world country."

Jia Wen Netson delivered a speech at the railway, Reuters twitter screenshot

According to Reuters, "Daily Mail" report, plus Niketon wearing short-sleeved T-shirts, wearing a baseball cap and mask, with staff from the Ministry of Communications, cleaning up the Los Angeles cargo railway Nearby garbage.

Gen Wennon said: "I took off my suit and tie, saying that I came, because I can't stand it." He also said that he simply can't open the news, "What is the ghost thing."

"These pictures, these drones photographed pictures, playing in evening. This looks like a third world country."

Drone shooting video screenshot

Previously, through the Colombian Broadcasting Corporation (CBS) photography reporter John Schreiber, Janhn Schreiber filmed the exposure, Los Angeles Downtown Lincoln high-ranking the "full-scale chicken" picture of the railway "full of fluff".

Schilber wrote on the tweet, the scene is all the stealing delivery parcel (carton), "the ground is full of Amazon Express box, UPS express box, unused new crown test, the container on the train is opened ".

"If you see, when the train enters the joint transport facility in the city center of Los Angeles, it is usually decelerated or stopped in this region," Schilber wrote, "thief took this opportunity to open the container, take away the things. I estimate that in every 4 or 5 cars, I have been opened. "

AFP report video screenshot

The Fox News Net said that the railway transported by these goods was operated by the United States United Pacific Railway Corporation (Union Pacific), which has its own police department and should have major jurisdiction on the criminal act on the railway. However, the law enforcement force seems to have no strength.

"Daily Mail" said that the United Pacific Railway Company has reduced their scale of police divisions. They did not mention how many people currently have, but they have been recognized since December 2020, and the theft along the railway has soared 160%. .

Gav Wen Neton said he has put forward a new budget proposal, including funding to expand the "Organized Retail Availability Group" (OrtTF). The organization was established in 2021, which was to deal with the problem of organized mobility gangs facing the city, San Francisco, etc.

Gavin Neton is cleaning the garbage, the media personnel are shooting. Putter

However, the report also pointed out that due to the current California Los Angeles County (the county is the Los Angeles city), it is still difficult to prevent such theft, the "$ 0 bail" policy, which is currently performing light crime or junior defending policy.

The Joint Pacific Railway Company has complained that those who have been released back to the street less than 24 hours after being arrested. " Will not face serious consequences.