Liu Xuezhou, is a life that is born with a parent

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Liu Xuezhou, is a life that is born with a parent

2022-01-25 00:02:02 40 ℃

Today, Weibo is bombed by a name.

Liu Xuezhou.

who is he?

A 15-year-old looking boy.

January 24, 2022.

In the early morning, he left a suicide note and decided to leave the people.

Birth is light, it is also net.

It is the last thing he left to the world.

At 2 o'clock in the morning, he was discovered by the passers by the seaside of Sanya.

It has been unclear.

Subsequently, sent to hospital emergency rescue.

At 4:17.

Sanya 301 Hospital Emergency Sports Operator Sports News:

The vital signs are not steady, no self-breathing and pulse, doctors are being fully rescued.

In the end, the miracle did not happen.

he's gone.

The cause is to swallow dozens of antidepressants.

Open Liu Xuezhou Weibo.

First introduced the eye blind, it is a photo left in Sanya.

The sun is very good.

Seawater is very blue.

He smiled very brilliant.

The "happy" in the white body shirt is particularly eye-catching.

After reading his suicide, I am too sad.

15 years old.

He did not really have fun.

The beginning of the suicide, Liu Xuezhou once said:

I am trying to find some sunshine labels to give yourself, but I find that the only one remaining is "strong".

For a child, how brutal quality is strong.

No love.

No one is accompanied.

Human storm is only in the face.

This is not worthy of praise, only worthy of sorrow. Because of this kind of quality, it means countless nightmares, and thousands of sut.

Liu Xuezhou is a short life of Liu Xuezhou is a life that is abandoned and insulted.

When he was born, he was abandoned by his parents.

At the age of 4, parents were killed. He was abandoned by fate.

The house in the home is also blown to the face.

He is unsettled, and he is abandoned.

After the death of parents, Liu Xuezhou's closest person is aunt.

Not long after, the aunt also died.

He lost his loved ones again.

This time, he was abandoned by love for maternal love.

Then, the village began to attack him.

Leisure, not in the ear. Some people say that he is not a parent.

He gave courage to ask the family.

Get the determined answer.

His world collapsed.

The last connection with the world is also broken.

He didn't have a reserve, and he did not identify. Where is I going?

He wants to find his own parents.

But I am afraid that my grandfather is sad, I only dare to steal everything.

I saw this, I broke it.

Liu Xuezhou is a victim!

In this incident, he is the most innocent and tragic one.

However, he is still concerned about the feelings of adults.

Self-understanding is heartache.

Later, in a single agency, he heard about his own information.

A vaccine.

The vaccine is called Ding Jing.

The father is called Ding Shuangquan.

He fooled, and found a man called "Ding Shuangquan".

My intuition tells me, that is my father.

Liu Xuezhou did not guess the wrong.

This man is really his dad.

Since then, his search seems to be able to tell a paragraph.

He contacted his father.

Also added a phrase a friend's WeChat.

However, the development of the story fell below the opinions of everyone.

Not beautiful.

Not two ways to go, and the head cries.

Instead, there is no excitement, anti-eye generation, two abandoned, lie, lie, 尔 虞 我, rumors, multiple violence.

At this point, he was abandoned throughout the world.

On January 24, 2022, this tragic abandoned child, quietly left people after experiencing abandonment.

When dead, there is no one.

After Liu Xuezhou suicide, many people are asking -

Who is it forced to death?

First, the heroes of the people.

He has been crowded in the village before the parents have not died.

Say he is a wild child.

It was bought from the outside.

After the death of parents, the dark tongue ridiculous, turned into a brightly large domain.

The village will not let their children play with him.

Because he is unknown.

Also did he have a profit of adults.

Gradually, he became the object of the same age.

Stationery is robbed;

Promoted toilet;

If someone else is a bad thing, he will fall into him.

In the second year of primary school, Liu Xuezhou is almost transferred.

But no matter where he hides, it is not over.

Once the most serious, others even ride on him, hammer his face with fists.

A child has been withstanding the darkness of the world, and the self-destructive seed will inevitably be buried.

Second, the unbearable experience.

In the middle of the middle, Liu Xuezhou left the village and hided a private school in the county.

He finally got rid of the tying.

But greeted him, is another hell -

He was infringed by a male teacher.

Liu Xuezhou used "..." and hidden in the middle.

He is not willing to look back.

But we can all imagine that there have been more terrible things in this.

That night, he climbed the top floor of the dormitory building.

I have been waiting for the next morning.

No loved ones,

No love,

Not recognized,

Lost sex dignity,

His spiritual world will inevitably be in jeopardy.

Third, the media is igniting.

January 19.

Liu Xuezhou released Weibo, and he publicly accused an untrue.

At that time, Liu Xuezhou has decisively with the biological parents.

This report has published the words of the mother's family.

But in fact, he is not.

Liu Xuezhou's suicide note recorded everything in detail.

First of all, he only took two money.

They are all given by my father.

These money is still in his bank account, he has no flowers.

In addition, Liu Xuezhou did not mention the room.

He is just proposed with his mother, I want to have a home.

Want to reunite.

I want to make the dead life, there is a foothold.

Is this too much?

However, Liu Xuezhou mother violently riped, and he said, "Buy Can't afford a house."

Fourth, the network violence is said.

In the last life of Liu Xuezhou, he experienced it, not the beauty of the world.

All is the cruel and viciousness of the world.

Nowadays, I will look at his Weibo comment area. You will find that netizen's message is a knife that kills people.

No end guess.

Malicious question.

Even, pattern threats.

Difficulties in Shen, we are not strange.

The difficulty of self-evidence is difficult to go to the sky.

Public opinion can kill, we have repeatedly witnessed.

This time, public opinion kills, is a fresh, young life.

But I think that "killing" Liu Xuezhou's largest murderer is his biological parents.

On the first day of my birth, they used to be a commodity and sold to others.

When you find a child, they personally, put him down the cliff of fate.

Looking back in Liu Xuezhou for the first time with his father.

The first reaction of my father is not happy, not admitted.

Instead, it is denied.

no. no. wrong number.

Later, I lied.

"We have confiscated a penny, just want to give you a good family."

Later, the father was born, they hope that the sons who have lost their many years, they are leaving, don't put their current families, stir.

After waiting for many days, he finally saw his father.

No imagination of hi brother.

No tears.

Only indifference.

Mother is brutal to Liu Xuezhou.

She is not willing to see him.

Finally, I barely met, it was at the birthday party of your brother. Let him participate in the way.

Not to celebrate him return.

But celebrate your brother birthday.

The banquet is very style.

Foot-foot eight tables.

This is the wish that Liu Xuezhou does not dare to expect.

After the banquet, Liu Xuezhou lived in the mother's home.

Unintentionally hear the mother and her sister's dialogue -

I complained that Liu Xuezhou confirmed.

Refers to the maternal mother take him home.

Liu Xuezhou mood collapsed and returned to Shijiazhuang.

That night, Liu Xuezhou asked her mother to give him a home.

Mother is crazy.

Say Liu Xuezhou to force her.

And said: "(Your situation) is not what we are caused, you ask your parents how to cause, then your parents don't buy you, there will be better people to buy."

I saw this, my fist is hard!

How can a mother tell the soldiers so good? ? ?

After that, the mother pulled him black.

He sent a lot of sentences to the dialog, all of them were red exclamation.

Later, he also found a father.

He proposed a residence.

Get it, it is a secondary blow -

"You don't care about us, you are a white wolf, pull black, then don't contact it."

The father also sent a friend circle.

"People have packaging, sold, online, a bunch of fools to eat melon eat," Suddenly sent to me, but after listening, I went to see it, I agree. Can I not return to the message, sleep.

Until now, I am still shocked by these details.

This is the coldest parent I have ever seen.

Abandon your child.

Pot in each other.


Put your child into a desperate situation.

A stranger is still in his heart.

Hearing the parents, but as garbage.

Such a world is spoken.

January 21.

That is, Liu Xuezhou suicide 3 days ago.

He serves 8 microblogging.

These 8 microblogs are actually his silence, heavy bid. But no one knows.

If someone cracks,

If someone knows,

Will the tragedy will not happen?

I am in the order of time, and I have gone this 8 microblogging.

23:09 on January 21, he began to send the first letter: r

It is all his photos.

Second letter: e

Third letter: B

Fourth letter: i

Fifth letters: r

Sixth letter: T

Seventh letters: h

Letters spel, it is: rebirth.


At this point, he should deny it.

After rebirth, he sent a group of photos.

There is no one in the photo at this time.

There is only a magnificent ocean, and there is no sea water.

He gave these three pictures, with a period.

Everything has a sign.

He went to Sanya, it should not be for travel.

He left Shijiazhuang, nor is it for a heart.

But who will care about him?

If someone cares, how did he come to this step.

December 11, 2021.

Liu Xuezhou has promised the next wish:

I hope that one day can become an ordinary child, even the day.

What a humble wish.

However, it is necessary to use the way to leave.

What is even more uncomfortable is that until the last moment of life, this poor child is still others.

He advised parents' families not to be sad.

Think about the money in your account into two.

Half gives you a grandfather.

The other half donates the children of Shijiazhuang orphanage, buy some beautiful clothes and delicious.He has been gratitude.

Thanks for the short life, those who have encountered are beautiful and help.

He is still very guilty.

Sorry to take us the time to listen to his story, fight against him with those who "inner darkness".

Liu Xuezhou left.

This kind of good boy will never come back.

I don't know if there will be people in heaven, there will be someone, his cry and shout.

Will there be someone, when he is crying, wipe it with tears for him, tell him:

Dear child,

Don't cry,

The wind stopped, the nightmare left, the damage has passed,

Some people,

Really love you.

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