Xi'an this wheel epidemic end: new crown viruses are hit, how to deal with the next "Xi'an"

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Xi'an this wheel epidemic end: new crown viruses are hit, how to deal with the next "Xi'an"

2022-01-25 00:02:12 48 ℃

Xi'an Xinguan Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Office issued news on January 24: According to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, since January 24, 2022, Xi'an has dropped to a low-risk area.

This also means that Xi'an New Crown epidemic has ended.

From the number of new crown cases and the scale, Xi'an this round of epidemic is the most serious time after Wuhan "Fengcheng". On December 9, 2021, Xi'an reported that the first case of this round of local epidemics was diagnosed, as of January 18, 2022, Xi'an Jinned Nine new crown epidemic accumulated report confirmed 2050 cases.

On December 23, 2021, Xi'an Quancheng Community (Village), the unit implemented closed management, and the city of 13 million suddenly pressed "pause". Since then, there will be the difficulty of the difficulty of the history of Shaanxi. Xi'an community is difficult to board the microblogging hot search and then to the Xi'an Sijun Entrance Committee twice to apologize for the masses "." crisis.

Previously, epidemiological experts once said in an interview that hopes that Xi'an can create a new experience, how to control in the short term in the early event of epidemic. What happened in Xi'an today, it can be said that there will be possible in other cities in our country.

How does the next city respond to the secondary disaster caused by the epidemic? The news (www.thepaper.cn) reappears the key nodes that have triggered a wide focus on the local epidemic in this round.

Experts participating in local new crown epidemic disposal, Wu Fan, Vice President, Shanghai Medical College, said in the interview with the news, said that the crisis encountered in this local epidemic in Xi'an, in the future, other cities will also In the meeting, grasp where the weakness of our epidemic prevention and control, where is the short board, in the future, it will be paid to Delta, Otkeki and other variants.

New crown epidemic prevention and control, can not be lucky

"The epidemic should be discovered early, be sure to establish a sensitive anti-control network." Wu Fan told the news, as long as a patient touched the net, immediately can be discovered and managed.

This prevention and control network is not only full, including medical institutions, pharmaceutical institutions, etc., and more importantly, it is sensitive. Wu Fan said that the key factor in determining the anti-control network is the awareness, responsibility and ability of prevention and control personnel.

"Once there is a touch of the net, for example, because there is an abnormality to do a nucleic acid or go to the pharmacy to buy a burning medicine, these people have a consciousness, ability to identify, and more importantly, there must be responsible for reporting, and can't let the person who have risk will continue to spread." Wu Fan seems to deal with new crown viruses, don't be lucky, where there is a loophole, the virus will definitely run in this vulnerability.

In the early days of the East epidemic in Xi'an, there have been three unpooled communication chains. The first communication chain is the earliest case of the local epidemic in this round, that is, the staff of the Isolated Hotel Workfills of Shaanxi Health Committee on December 9, 2021. The second communication chain is from the staff of a pharmacy. On December 11, Xi'an Qujiang New District was periodically nucleic acid detection of medical institutions, and found that 1 nucleic acid test results were positive. Article 3 The communication chain is also a concentrated outbreak of the in-law of Xi'an. On December 14th, Liu Moumou, who lived in the family of Chang'an University, accompanied by his son-in-law Yang to the Provincial People's Hospital to send a hot clinic, and the nucleic acid detection of the two was positive.

Unfortunately, in addition to the first communication chain, experts have judged that the virus of the two vulnerabilities, and the two spread chains have come from, and there is no exact answer to where it is, and there is no exact answer.

"The world's martial arts is not broken." Wu Fan believes that it is necessary to control the epidemic in the early days.

In accordance with the latest arrangements in the State Council, in the strengthening of the latest arrangements in the prevention and control, the place in time should activate the emergency command system in a timely manner, closely dispose of gold for 24 hours, and the on-site strengthening is to do "2 + 4 + 24 ", that is, 2 hours to arrive at the site, complete the core information survey of epidemiology within 4 hours, complete specific situations such as infected residential place, workplace, action trajectory, family member relationship, for subsequent venting personnel The investigation, regional management control and other measures have been implemented to win the time and strive to prevent and control.

Find a risk-free person, just like fire extinguishing, epidemiological investigation is to discover fire spots and then quickly control the fire.

The State Council's joint defense mechanism comprehensive group of Shaanxi Working Group Flow Trace Source Group Leader, Lei Zhenglong, deputy director of the National Health and Health Committee, was analyzed at the interview with CCTV, on December 23 last year, Xi'an Strict management is based on the decision based on the development of the epidemic situation, and the purpose is to prevent the spill of the epidemic and internal diffusion.

After judging, this epidemic has been associated with an overseas flight from the Overseas flight from December 4 last year. In late December, there are a case in 27 streets in Xi'an. Sexual epidemic. This shows that community spreads have emerged and has gradually spreaded, and there is a risk of greater, larger-scale epidemic.

This also means that the fire has spread, and Xi'an's strict management is time to fight the epidemic.

According to Lei Zhenglong, the state sent nucleic acid testing, strengthening, medical treatment (team) to local helping to dispose of epidemic. Giving play to the role of the team of the health supervision, national experts and local experts are mixed and integrated. The streaming effect is to find the "risk group", the health supervision team is to ensure the "risk of risk people". Wu Fan also emphasized when he was interviewed in the news, and the epidemiological survey was to control measures. In the epidemic response, epidemiologist is a staff member and needs to provide professional recommendations to the commander of the town. Flat management is implemented in this system to ensure that each public health measure proposed by epidemiologists can land.

"There is no need, less one is not." This is Wu Fan often mentioned, there must be high quality strengthening, professional circulation team is key. Through professional and accurate streamliner traceability, risk personnel can be investigated, and it can also minimize the impact on urban operation.

However, from Xi'an's epidemic disposal, it is not easy to accurately disseminate a large-scale aggregated epidemic in late December last year.

On the evening of January 5, Xi Xi, deputy mayor Xu Ming, deputy mayor Xi, deputy mayor Xi, deputy mayor Xi, said that as of 24:00 on January 4, Xi'an is concentrated to 4,2,000 people.

Xu Ming, deputy mayor Xi'an, said that the implementation of transport and concentrated isolation is a key measures to block the epidemic in concealment and concealment of the epidemic, and to achieve "social surface and zero".

Epidemic prevention and control, "warm" words are important

"In addition to precision, the epidemic prevention and control should have temperature." In Wu Fan, this epidemic, Xi'an's people have a high high, and the measures have temperature, the people will move, the more I feel, the more I will overcome my hardships. Epidemic prevention measures. The epidemic is ruthless, and the measures are rigid, but there can be warm temperature during operation.

Recently, many non-new crown patients in Xi'an encountered a wide concern. One day before the New Year, a 39-year-old man suddenly chest pain, and was repeated by three local hospitals and finally died. On the day of New Year's Day, pregnant women waited for two hours after the door of the high-tech hospital. On January 2, a 61-year-old angina pectoris was unable to get timely treatment in time.

In fact, it is considered that Xi'an has a consideration for the general regular medical needs. As early as the beginning of the epidemic, Xi'an will listen to 2 "Huang Juan Hospital", 3 "yellow code wards", used to accept the regular diagnosis and treatment requirements of the masses from the sealing area and control area. Subsequently, there is a higher level of medical institutions.

According to "Xi'an Release", on December 31, last year, Xi'an took the way to set up a yellow code hospital or the yellow code ward, safeguard the blood dialysis of the sealing area, control area, maternal delivery, tumor album, infant diagnosis and treatment Special diagnosis and treatment requirements such as other critically illness.

But the policy lacks temperature during hospital landing. Some hospitals temporarily raise the epidemic prevention and control "Threshold", and some patients have no medical acid negative prove in 48 hours according to regulations, and they have repeatedly pushed.

On the morning of January 6, aiming at the medical difficulties of many people recently reflected in Xi'an, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council held a special conference, relevant departments and local responsible comrades. She pointed out that the primary role of medical institutions is to provide medical services, so they will never refuse to treat patients in any exclusion. It is necessary to treat patients with patients with different patients, in patients with critical illness, whether there is nucleic acid prove, should be taken in the premise of medical staff to protect their protection.

At the Xi'an Extreme Conference on January 6 and January 7, the Xi'an Sijun is openly apologized. At the same time, the Xi'an Siji Committee stated at the press conference. It must strictly check the diagnosis, push the patient's behavior, and no longer check the 48-hour nucleic acid.

"New crown patients must treat other patients also want to have experience in many domestic feders, and in an emergency, ordinary hospitals can use the ward to treat the ward. This hospital must have a plan." Wu Fan It is important to say that "warm" is very important, and the health people are important to ordinary people and more important to patients.

After experiencing the test of the local epidemic, Wu Fan summed up the experience and reference of the "five degrees" of the epidemic prevention and control.

"Strength, accuracy, speed, temperature and happiness." Wufan explained, strength, accuracy, speed and previous mentioned early, fast, accurate, all the same requirements, and temperature and happiness requirements are managers Standing in the manner of the manager to think about the problem, the public can feel the temperature and have a happy degree.

"Public health emergency disposal, is not a simple health problem, it is a comprehensive social governance problem. To do social governance, the usual kung fu is not in urgentiality," Wu Fan believes that the grassroots management work The fine is fine, and these tasks have no relationship with whether the local economy is developed.

"People's urban people build, this is not a slogan." Wu Fan also stressed that this time Xi'an people show very high collectivism and sacrifice, but how to use this spirit effectively, guide training, become A lot of efforts, this is the experience in which other cities in the future is needed to summarize in major public health incidents.