Master a review | Who is the death of Liu Xuezhou?

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Master a review | Who is the death of Liu Xuezhou?

2022-01-25 12:04:05 56 ℃

Little born Liu Xuezhou died, in the time of finding a birthday of the parents, experienced the joy, reunion, illusion, black, net storm, left to the world huge question mark: How did the tragedy happen? Who is the death legal responsibility for Liu Xuezhou?

It involves three legal issues, Liu Xuezhou claims that it has been "selling" in the beginning, encountering teacher sexual infringement during school, and this encountered network has suicide.

First of all, when Liu Xuezhou's birthday parents were unmarried, then "transferred" others, and received a 6,000 yuan of money, as a ghost of marriage. How does this behavior rational?

According to the judicial statistics of the Supreme People's Court, my country is currently buying and selling children's cases, mainly is not human traduters, and most of them are parents sell their own biological flesh or abandonment. While we call for "people who are sentenced to death", we have the legal punishment of the legal punishment for selling biochemical flesh and blood?

In 2010, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Judicial Department jointly introduced the "Opinions on the Crime of Punishment of Women and Children's Children in accordance with the law": "For the purpose of illegal profit, the sale of biological children should be traffled , Children's sinners. "It did have a sale of biological children before being investigated for criminal responsibility.

However, it should also be noted that the judicial explanation does not explain the "illegal profitable purpose", and the judicial practice will generally take a significant amount of "nutrition", "thank you fee", will The children "send" to others, as "illegally profitable". Therefore, when Liu Xuezhou parents, the "transfer" behavior constitutes "abduction of children's crimes", there are many evidence thresholds, especially for time long, many evidence may be annihilated, this is a case for the police. Small challenge.

Secondly, for Liu Xuezhou's private complaints encountered campus torture, male teacher's defamation, currently, the Education Bureau of Nangong City, Hebei Province is investigating verification; Nangong Municipal Public Security Bureau is also further understanding, and docking with the education department as soon as possible Clear verification. If there is a defamatory crime, especially the sexual assault, the special identity of teachers, must be investigated.

Third, Liu Xuezhou online search, especially if his parents can hold their houses (although he has their own hardships, even if you don't buy it, you will take a house) and is pulled black by mother. After that, the massive of netizens was shocked, and it was said that it was not pure to find the motivation.

Similar network violence has led to a lot of cases who commit suicide. Last year, the anchor "Luo Xiaogang Gui" said that it was a good life in the Internet, and the death of life and death, but he was smashed by the unscrupulous netizens, and the tragedy took place. In 2018, the female nurse "Filmato Mu Xiu" sent the information you had to commit suicide to the Internet. At the efforts of the Haikou police, we have given up the idea of ​​the light, but netizens continue to have a network, calling it Resulting in a second suicide.

Although the deceased is already awkward, leaving only shallow blood, as well as some netizens who are excited, but the legal responsibility of many netizens involvement is quite difficult, whether in criminal or civil level.

Although, my country has "defamation", but this is a self-complaint, and even if it turns into the public prosecution procedure, it is difficult to identify who is the main responsible person in the "Wu Zhi". From the foregoing two networks, almost no netizens have been investigated by criminal responsibility because the network violence If you said in civil liability, the more embarrassing place lies in that young Liu Xuezhou has died, and even the "close relatives" in the legal sense will discuss it.

Liu Xuezhou died, there is no "snowflake" feels wrong, and even his death is the assembly number of the next round of network. Perhaps, the door of the law is too narrow, it is difficult to accommodate Liu Xuezhou's suffering; heaven's door is too wide, so that this unfortunate child has across it early.

Even so, I hope that in the legal scope, the judiciary carefully investigates the legal responsibility of Liu Xuezhou's parents to "send away", campus invasion, and how much is the comfort of the deceased. For network violence, especially those involved in personal attacks, insulting the behavior, should also increase legal punishment (even if they don't pursue criminal responsibility, can be handled according to the "Public Security Management Punishment Law" to handle the case.

Perhaps, Liu Xuezhou is a terrible, legal defect that has proved network storm, as well as warning us and evil distances.