Prefabricated board buildings "comprehensive demolition"?After the old change policy introduced, everything has changed this year.

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Prefabricated board buildings "comprehensive demolition"?After the old change policy introduced, everything has changed this year.

2022-01-26 06:02:37 88 ℃

After the old change policy is introduced, everything has changed! The country also released a new regulation. Since 2022, the prefabricated floor room will be fully demolished, such residents are ready to be prepared in advance, do not want to fall into the streets, which is the urgent need to consider buying a house or rent a house as soon as possible.

my country has promoted the development of urban development, and young people from rural areas from the rural areas in the city. The income is considerable, through many years of fighting, it has been in the city, and the rural family has received a good day in the city. More importantly, the child is going to school in the city, and it is enough to accept good education enough to change the child's fate.

What is a prefabricated building

At that time, my country's housing prices were still too high, so many work more money, they can take it. In order to let more foreign workers can afford the house, the developer has launched the prefabricated building. Compared with normal houses, it is not strong, but it is not a problem for 30-50 years. If this time is exceeded, the prefabricated floor room will be defined as a dangerous house. However, due to the cheap price, the prefabricated building room is prepared by the foreign workfare.

Prefabricated board building safety hidden dangers

It can be 50 years ago, and many prefabricated hunters still live, triggering the concerns of the government. On the surface, there is no problem, the appearance has passed through a brush, but it is actually dangerous at any time, but it will also encounter the wind water road problem.

In response to the dangerous house, my country has flocked to a large-scale demolition of a period of time, but soon with the old change replaced this measure. The problem is that the prefabricated floor room is not enough to clear the crisis, so that the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a notice. Since 2022, the prefabricated floors will be fully demolished.

After hearing this news, some people express them unfair, why can't you remove it through the old change?

For old reforms and demolition, the country has long been in the first, and some old-breaking communities can continue to live, the government will order the old change, including the dust brush, repair the water circuit and the installed elevator. Most of the costs are borne by the government. If it is an elevator, it is necessary to see if the resident is required to bear part.

Of course, after the old change policy is introduced, it does not mean that the demolition will stop, in three cases, the state will still reach the demolition instruction. The first category is a dangerous house like a prefabricated floor house, and the residents cannot live, otherwise an accident will occur. The second category is within the scope of the open commercial expropriation, for example, it is about to build a park or shopping mall here, and the community will be removed. The third category is the construction plan of the municipal government, and the house is just in the planning area, the household will also receive the notice of demolition.

However, it is impossible to happen in the case of relying on demolition before relying on demolition. The Government will evaluate the value according to the average price of the house being removed, or to give compensation or allocate a new set of new rooms worth equal. Today, the price is so expensive, you will definitely pay the money to buy a new house is not as possible, so most demolition households will now choose new houses.

In fact, the old change cancels large-scale demolition, which can save costs for the government, which is obviously greater than the shortcomings for households. Because of the old change, you can avoid the cumbersome movement, while your old house value will increase, in the future, it will easily be more easy to sell in second-hand housing. In fact, now, many old people live in some old people, they don't want to move, and separate them from those familiar old neighbors. After the old changed the elevator, the old man is convenient, it will go to the downstairs and neighbors.