The latest voice of the official media, between the 2022 pension increased or between 4% to 5.5%, there are 3 good news

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The latest voice of the official media, between the 2022 pension increased or between 4% to 5.5%, there are 3 good news

2022-01-26 12:02:20 53 ℃

Since 2005, the country will increase the basic pension as the price of the funds and the retirees of enterprises and institutions, and the average pension level of retirees has been implemented, and the average pension level of retirees has achieved quality leap. From 714 yuan in 2005, it was raised to 3072 yuan in 2021, and the per capita pension was more than four times.

Looking back over the past 17 years of adjustment history, 2005-2015, my country has raised pensions for 10% or even higher in 11 consecutive years, and the upward increase in 2016-201 is 6.5% and 5.5%, respectively, 2018 - 2020 according to 2020. 5% of the horizontal. In 2021, he was affected by the new crown epidemic. my country's pension increased its new year, and the adjustment was 4.5%.

From the 2021 economic data and the government's work report in 2022, the 2022 pension continued to rise is already the nail, and now the most concerned about the retired old man is the raised amplitude of the 2022 pension, in this, China's economy The weekly issuance predicts that the proportion of pension adjusted in 2022 or will be between 4% and 5.5%, and the possibility of 6% and above is no big.

After 17 consecutive years of upregulation, my country's staff pensions have become larger, even if pensions have increased, but the increase in pensions has not been reduced. For example, the people have a pension of 714 yuan in 2005, up to 10%, per capita The monthly pension increased by 71.4 yuan; 2021 people have a pension of 3072 yuan, even if the adjustment amplitude of 4.5% in 2021, the per capita monthly pension can still increase 138.24 yuan.

What is more worth noting is that the pension adjustment belongs to the secondary assignment, and the redistribution process is more payable. Because of this, the pension increase is not based on the basic pension. According to the fixed adjustment, hook adjustment, tilt adjustment of the combination of the three, fully reflects fair, more, and paying more, long-selling, and the principle of national special care.

After adjustment, some people have risen above the average, and some people rise to the average. In general, if the following 6 conditions are met: 1 Length limit of payment; 2 pension levels; 3 belong to low-income groups; 4 ages more than 70 years old; 5 retirement belongs to the long-distance area; 6 belongs to the military transfer cadres, enjoy The rise is better, and if the above conditions are met, the probability of the personal pension increase will exceed the average.

In addition to the basic pension in 2022, there are 3 good news to be expected:

First, pension insurance will achieve national co-ordination

In 2021, my country began to start the national overall economic insurance. At least there is at least Jiangxi and Shanxi Province to access the national co-ordination system. Sichuan Province is also prepared for national overall development. From 2021, all kinds of personnel payment insurance payment Boundary and payment ratio. So what are the benefits of the national coordination of pension insurance?

On the one hand, the pension fund is charged and paid by the state, which can alleviate a part of the non-balance of payments of the provincial and municipal pension insurance funds. Basic pension;

On the other hand, the gap between regional economy can be reduced. In the past, the city, the young insured population, the pension insurance fund can also accumulate a large amount, so the proportion of social security payments in these areas is low; but some provinces and cities with some pension insurance funds pay the pressure. In order to make up for the fund gap, they can only Increase payment ratio, business management and employee payment pressure increase, which in turn advises more business operators and labor, thus forming a vicious circle, which is not conducive to local economic development. After the formal implementation of the national development of pension insurance, due to the difference in payment base, economic development level and consumption level, it is still the number of pension titles in all provinces, and the gap between the pension treatment between the city will still exist. However, the national contribution ratio, the treatment method of treatment is expected to achieve unity, to partially balance the competitiveness of different cities, and further narrow the regional development gap.

Second, pension or will limit high

Director of the Financial Securities Research Institute of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Director, the core member of the 50-person China Pension Finance, revealed that pension insurance is more, and the pension insurance has been conducive to the sustainable development of pension insurance. A certain gap is normal, but the gap will continue to expand. And Dong Deng Xin believes that after implementing the national overall situation, pension will limit high.

"Limited Level" is not completely eliminating gap, but gradually shrinks the treatment gap between the two. For example, if the person with high pension, the person with a low pension will increase the money, refer to Beijing's adjustment plan for 2021, when the pension is adjusted, does not increase the pension according to the percentage, It is divided into two gears in 2020, the per capita disposable income level of Beijing's residents is divided into two gears. The pension increased by 20 yuan per person per month above 5,786 yuan, and 5,5786 yuan and below each month increase of 55 yuan per month. At the same time, for the retirement of the basic pension in the previous month in 5,786 yuan, it is less than 5841 yuan according to the adjustment of the pension level, and the difference will be made to further highlight fairness.

There are also some provinces and cities that are not controlled, and only people with low pensions have risen, such as 2021 adjustments in Henan, those with pension levels below 1,000 yuan, can increase more than 20 yuan, but will not increase More than 1,000 yuan; in 2021, Ningxia adjusted by 1% of the basic pension in December 2020, the unity of 20 yuan is adjusted according to 20 yuan, meaning that the pension is less than 2,000 yuan can rise more money, this practice It has improved the ability to protect the social security system, further maintaining the rights and interests of low-income groups; not triggering high-income groups, and will not threaten long-term sustainable development of the pension insurance system, expect that the future is appropriate It will become mainstream, which is absolutely good news for low-income groups. Third, pension insurance or will usher in system reform

The national overalls of pension insurance can only balance the contradiction between the balance of payments in some areas, but due to various factors such as the reduction in labor, the aging society is coming, the extension of the average life, the gap gap is increasing, even facing The depleted crisis, I want to have a long-term sustainable development of the fundamental guarantee system, and the institutional reform must be performed.

The Ministry of Human and Social Social and Social Social system clearly puts forward in the next five years, it is necessary to gradually delay the retirement age and extend the lowest payment period. As of 2021, the national 31 provinces and cities have given opinions, boldly speculated, 2022 delayed policy or will Will land, the minimum payment period will also rise accordingly. For retirees, delayed retirement is advantageous, and the pension insurance fund will accumulate more balances due to delayed retirement, the fund's payment capacity is enhanced, and the pension is over-footed on time and continuously increased.