Spy accuses are revoked, and the US Chinese scientists tell the arrest: extremely disappointed to the United States

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Spy accuses are revoked, and the US Chinese scientists tell the arrest: extremely disappointed to the United States

2022-01-26 12:02:34 57 ℃

According to reports on January 14, 202, Chen Gang was arrested at home and accused a number of crimes at home. The prosecution accused of the relationship with the Chinese government and Southern University of Science and Technology when applying for funds to the US Department of Energy. At the same time, he also accused him and his team received $ 19 million in Southern University of Science and Technology. At that time, the Dean of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was "competing" him, saying that this fund is used for the "departmental" cooperation project of the college, rather than using the personal team of Chen Gang.

▲ Professor Chen Gang

The case is reported that the case is lifted by "China Initiative". It is reported that the "China Action Plan" is an action initiated by the US Department of Justice from 2018 to address the so-called security and technical threats from China. The opponents believe that as an example of Professor Chen as an example, he did not accused "Get confidential or stealing information", but is more narrowly alleged "There is no disclosure and the relationship between China agencies when applying for allures to the United States." This will aggravate the panic mood in the US Chinese scientists (previously reported: the US "China Action Plan" was frustrated: the Boston Prosecutor issued a memorandum and revokes the allegations of MIT Chinese professor). In January 202, a year later, the US government dismissed the inspector of Professor Chen, which also marked frustrated with the "China Action Plan" of the US Department of Justice.

Recently, Professor Chen Gang accepted the media interview, this is his first time he was accused of being accused by the US prosecution, which disclosed a lot of details.

"I have persuaded my country's scientist to stay in the United States, now I feel very ridiculous."

The next day after the US government rejected the prosecution of Chen Gang, he returned to its laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. People surrounded him and sent sincere blessings and enthusiastic hugs.

Professor Chen Gang is an expert in researching heat transfer, and he has always hoped to develop a semiconductor that converts heat in the car exhaust gas into electrical energy. Professor Chen Gang has been in the state of paid suspension since its arrest in January last year. This means that the research he is doing is forced to stop. For researchers, research is forced to stop being an extremely painful thing. After Chen Gang, Professor Chen returned to the laboratory, his colleagues invited him to participate in some research on government funding. However, he said to his colleague: "Thank you for your invitation, but I won't participate." He said that the experience of the past year made him dare not apply for the US government's research fund. "I was arrested at home in the morning, I wore handcuffs and feet on the spot. Such experience makes me unforgettable."

▲ Professor Chen Gang

"At 6:30 on January 14, 2021, I was cooking coffee. I suddenly heard someone knocked on the door. I opened the door and saw more than ten federal agents at the door." Professor Chen Gang described his captured scene, He was asked to stand in a corner, and the agents woke up his wife and daughter who were sleeping.

"I saw the wife and the federal agent negotiated, I really want to ask her not to say, but I didn't dare to talk." He explained that because he and his wife usually communicated with Chinese, and he did not dare to be in the federal agent. English in Chinese.

Professor Chen Gang said that in a few hours after being taken away, he stepped in the cell and practiced yoga. "At that time, those agents asked me to ensure that they were not allowed to commit suicide and guarantee that there is no idea." Chen Gang said, from the beginning to his tail, he did not have a generous idea. At two o'clock in the afternoon, he was released. "On the way home, I have been shaking." Professor Chen Gang said that this experience made him nausea and his wife, "It's really physiological disgusting, I and my wife have lost a large circle. "

When receiving foreign media interview, Professor Chen Gang said that he was very disappointed, very sad. "I work hard, strive to do research, hard to build my own good reputation, but I was finally used as a spy. This made me feel very cold, and I also seriously damage my self-confidence and self-respect."

It is reported that Professor Chen Gang immigrated in the United States at the age of 25 and became American citizens in 2000. "I have been working hard to do research in MIT. I have always advised scientists who want to go abroad to stay in the United States." Professor Chen Gang said, "But now I feel very ridiculous. US scientists The prosecution made me began to shake, I have to think about advise those scientists to stay in the United States is correct. "

"I didn't expect myself to be arrested to extremely disappointed with the United States."

In January 2020, Professor Chen Gang was shocked by Charles Liberin, director of Harvard University Chemistry, accused of participating in China's scientific research projects and gaining research funding. However, he thought he did not become a target. Because in 2019, when the US Department of Justice announced the investigation of scientists working with Chinese institutions, Professor Chen Gang did notice this trend and immediately canceled the vacation in China. However, this did not let him escape the accused fate.

▲ Charles Libe, Director of Chemistry, Harvard University

At the same month captured by Charles, Professor Chen Gang just came back from abroad, and was detained in Logan International Airport for three hours. It is reported that after he answered a staff member of the Land Safety Bureau, the staff began to ask for the password of its electronic equipment, which made Chen Gang prince panic.

Subsequently, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides a consultant to Professor Chen Gang. This consultant was previously the US prosecutor.Professor Chen Gang said: "In the next year, I met eight times with this consultant. At that time, I didn't worry about the results of the investigation. I feel that I have nothing wrong with you, I will not argue." ButLater, the United States learned Mother Chen Gang was extremely disappointed."I am now not interested in the research capital of the US government. I am a scientist, I don't want to participate in politics." He added, but now, political factors will affect everyone."So I don't think it is wrong, I must say it."

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