Jiangsu: At the scene, the mother is temporarily discouraged "8W8 color head", the groom is married on the spot

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Jiangsu: At the scene, the mother is temporarily discouraged "8W8 color head", the groom is married on the spot

2022-01-26 12:02:52 52 ℃

Groom and bride price increase due to the bride's family to marry the maid of honor, bride price in the end is not luck?

Marriage is two people's things, money can not replace the feeling, but can show sincerity.

Therefore, before marriage, the bride and groom both families will be some discussion on the bride price and dowry, for which there are also many families broke up so much noise.

Contradictions about bride price, you really can not be reconciled?

Possible year is approaching, people who get married a little "get together", this is not a friends broke the news Jiangsu, a place in a rural area of ​​northern Jiangsu, there are a couple at the wedding, but the field is not pleasant.

In the original, when the man next of kin, the bride and groom was suddenly required plus the bride price of 80 008.

Wedding day, the groom's wedding car the next of kin has been opened to the mountain, it appears to be the groom has come to the bride's family. Originally simply complete this ceremony, both the bride and groom will be able to start a new life.

But this time, her family suddenly requests,

To temporarily add 88,000 bride price, he said the lucky numbers, can make a good head.

The man is not happy, said before had negotiated a bride price money, how can they please. This contradiction came out, wedding parties have suspended the two sides of the family if things people communicate with each other.

Good attitude groom the beginning, he said his family in order to marry, have paid a lot, it is not so colorful ceremony dig money. The bride home does not relent, he insisted bride price and then dig more than 80,000.

See the man the bride's family this cold attitude, I do not know disappointment or anger, turned and walked toward the side of the bride and bridesmaids. The bride does not see the situation, immediately pulled the groom, the groom but unmoved, to marry him on one knee towards the bridesmaids, the presence of people are shocked.

I do not know whether bridesmaid agreed to marry the groom, followed by a groom picked her up, this move to the bride's family lost face, the bride's family is clamoring to lesson the groom. Regardless of the outcome, the wedding is almost certain to smoke.

Suda Jiang view

From the attitude of the groom before the wedding, the bride's family should be voracious, ask the groom to the bride price a lot of money, leading to the groom's family to dig out this temporary increase in the money.

Another possibility is that the groom's family can dig the money, but the gas, however, simply do not add money.

The bride's family's big problem in itself, among the wedding to talk about money hurt feelings, in order to consider their own daughter at home, not at the wedding because the groom and the bride price things decorum face, so that in the future to live with the couple, the bride price dispute is a quarrel fuse, between husband and wife from the beginning has had a gap.

Marriage is two people become one family, in the future all come and go in. Man to the bride price, dowry with a woman, it means both men and women home to the preparations for the new family of funds, hoping that they could live in future days sweet and happy.

But I do not know when it has come to mean that some families became small abacus calculation the other side of the family, under the banner of marriage to increase the "income" to their families.

All in all, if it is for the sake of their children's families, not at the wedding because the bride price problems we broke up so much noise. Unlike the behavior of the bride's family is sincerely want to get married, the groom to marry the bridesmaid's behavior is direct people feel incredible.

Bridesmaids bride are often intimate relationship with the girls, the maid of honor quite young, perhaps the bride's girlfriends, the groom was such a mix, for fear that the future relationship between the two have faded.

The bride's family to see the money not a human being, not a marriage proposal to marry the groom told the other girls on direct wedding, obviously this is not common to the two new emotional foundation, in the face of conflict of interest the wedding has become a farce.

Because the bride price problem, there is the risk of marriage has not yet begun to burst, perhaps bride family bride price is not entirely satisfied, but there are other reasons do not want to hold the wedding, the most straightforward reason for the failure of the fuse wedding .

The bride's family because the bride price to ask for things, will soon be a mass ten, hundred, brides want to remarry estimated not so easy, I hope next time to have her own decision-making capacity of their own life events.

Marriage is not a trifling matter, a matter of a person for a lifetime of happiness, we have to take it seriously. Do not let some good marriage had been ruined tens of thousands of dollars.