"Prevent Telecom Fraud" online shopping new year consumption, call back to pay

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"Prevent Telecom Fraud" online shopping new year consumption, call back to pay

2022-01-26 12:03:00 45 ℃

Anti-fraud guide


Customer service generally does not take the initiative to request a refund

Under normal circumstances, consumers will receive goods as scheduled after online shopping, and e-commerce service will not take the initiative to make a refund requirement. So once the refund requirements sent by the customer service after online shopping, no matter what reason why the other party is out, it must be vigilant, because this is likely to be a scam. In this case, you should communicate with your family and friends, and the first time I admitted to the official customer service platform of e-commerce. Don't trust other ways to contact you "customer service".


Click on the link from the stranger.

All e-commerce platforms have a certain process, and the entire process should be done on the e-commerce platform. Therefore, don't easily click on the refund link from the stranger, because these links are likely to be a phishing website that is well-designed with the e-commerce platform. It is important to know that these phishing websites will require personal information such as the victim to enter the identity, bank account, and once these personal information will be hidden behind the scammers, thus implementing fraud.


Online shopping should improve the awareness of prevention

In the online shopping, we must improve the awareness. Once the refund call from the "customer service staff" should be kept, it is necessary to communicate with the seller through the e-commerce platform in time. Don't believe any link from the other party, don't pay personal information freely. At the same time, the mobile phone SMS verification code is equivalent to "one-time password", as long as it is a stranger to call the SMS verification code, it is a liar. Don't believe that for those who are often online, they should bind bank cards in the e-commerce platform. Special card is dedicated, don't put too much money inside, in case a similar situation can also reduce losses.

Police reminder

Online shopping refund, return, please operate on the official website; don't blindly believe in "refund claims"; pick up online shopping refund, compensation phone, please check the official customer service to contact the official customer service through the regular way, determine its true pseudo Sex; don't listen to others' instructions enter some unknown links or application software.

Everyone must be vigilant to avoid unnecessary property losses, if it is unable to be cheated, be sure to keep evidence time alarm!