The Spring Festival is approaching: Shenzhen Tianjin Xi'an epidemic enters an end, Beijing has added the most local cases yesterday.

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The Spring Festival is approaching: Shenzhen Tianjin Xi'an epidemic enters an end, Beijing has added the most local cases yesterday.

2022-01-26 18:03:22 61 ℃

21st Century Business Herald reporter Wei laugh Shenzhen reported as the Spring Festival approaching, the return flows exacerbated the spread of the epidemic risk. Fortunately, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Xi'an epidemic is gradually coming to an end, is expected to achieve the aspirations of people home for the holiday.

With two Luohu area Central area of ​​risk adjusted low-risk areas. From at 0:26 on January 2022, the Shenzhen city are low-risk areas.

The Tianjin is a local clusters of disease outbreaks Austrian McCormick Rong for the first time in the domestic community transmission, January 25, Tianjin, no new confirmed cases of pneumonia crown new home, since January 8 outbreaks so far, Tianjin reported a total domestic new crown pneumonia 361 cases of confirmed cases. January 21, Tianjin declared that "the social aspects of clear", has entered the final phase. In addition, as "a return to Wuhan, the largest city after the closure" of the epidemic in Xi'an, Xi'an high-risk areas with clear, since January 24, Xi'an city is also reduced to low-risk areas.

While these three cities near the end of the local epidemic, but has emerged domestic and more domestic confirmed cases, including Beijing, Yili Xinjiang, Henan Anyang and other cities of the epidemic more prominent.

January 24, domestic local 18 new confirmed cases, six of them Yili, five cases in Beijing, three cases in the Anyang, Henan. January 25, China reported 24 cases of indigenous cases, of which Beijing 14 cases, 4 cases of Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang, Xinjiang Ili in two cases, one case in Anyang, Henan.

Among them, as the Winter Olympics approaching, Beijing epidemic prevention pressure. January 24, the Beijing Municipal Government spokesman Xu Jian said that despite the outbreak basic controllable current city epidemic prevention and control situation is still severe and complicated. "Excluded day later spread risks can count on risk prevention, prevention and control of the capital, without the slightest hesitation, lax half points, half a point makes a mistake, to go all out against the clock to prevent sticking, take the most resolute and decisive, the most stringent measures run in the top of the virus, to block the spread of the epidemic chain "as quickly as possible. Xu Jian said.

In addition, January 25, Fengtai District, Beijing was designated as a safeguard against global zone, Xicheng District, Beijing designated as both sealed off area.

More outbreaks coming to an end

Fortunately, with the advent of the Spring Festival, Shenzhen, Xi'an and Tianjin epidemic is gradually coming to an end, people desire to return home is expected to be further met.

Shenzhen, for example, January 16, in Shenzhen, "0107" on the tenth day of Contagion, Austrian McCormick Rong raid mutants and Shenzhen. In the field of disease prevention and control on the tenth day of the press conference held in Shenzhen announced 2 new confirmed cases, after the new virus was sequenced genome-wide crown an example of a Delta mutant clade, and "0107" epidemic cases 1-8 case 11-15 belong to the same chain of transmission. Another embodiment of the Austrian McCormick Rong variants, is independent with new outbreaks.

Discovery quickly due to the epidemic, "0107" Delta epidemic is exposed based service industry "seven days a location" normalization discovered during inspection, "0115" Olympic McCormick Rong epidemic is also found in large-scale initiative nucleic acid screening. In addition, after the outbreak, Shenzhen rapid response, the first time to start a series of epidemic prevention and control of disposal, such as epidemiological survey traceability, nucleic acid detection, isolation seal control, material support, such as medical treatment, the epidemic has been effectively controlled.

Shenzhen epidemic currently nearing completion. Since January 19, Shenzhen has 6 consecutive days, no new confirmed cases of the new crown indigenous pneumonia. In addition, starting at 0:21 on January days, the streets Buji Longgang District, Sakata streets, Jihua street, Luohu District Liantang Street, Bamboo and Sun Gang Street Street reopened after another related area, the original four in Shenzhen have two risk areas reduced at low risk. Shenzhen epidemic prevention and control to achieve substantive results.

The evening of January 25, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters office in Shenzhen Luohu District, issued a circular, according to the progress epidemic disposal, it was decided that since at 0:26 on January 2022 May Luohu Qingshuihe street adjustments related areas level of risk, crane Wai 58, 64 Hok Wai-risk areas such as the Chinese and the two regions adjust to low-risk areas. So far, four risk areas in Shenzhen, the current round of the epidemic has been adjusted to have a low-risk area, since at 0:26 on January 2022, the Shenzhen city are low-risk areas.

January 8, Austrian McCormick Rong break defense in Tianjin, in China for the first time lead to the spread of local, deputy director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Tianjin Zhang Ying on the day of the news conference, said the cases had already spread at least three generations, and may be the community has continued to spread for some time.

In a positive response, January 15, held at the State Department joint prevention and control mechanism of the press conference, the National Health Disease Control Bureau Health Commission introduced an inspector He Qinghua, Tianjin epidemic continues to grow, but the newly added nearly three days the cases are mainly concentrated in the isolated point screening found that the risk of spillover of the epidemic is gradually decreasing.

January 21, on the first 175 games of Tianjin novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of the press conference Deputy Secretary General of the Tianjin Municipal Government, Gu Qing, director of the city health committee, in an incubation period, Tianjin by the Austrian McCormick Rong mutants caused local epidemic has been effectively controlled, and yielded remarkable results, to achieve a social face cleared.

According to Tianjin epidemic prevention and control headquarters news, since January 25 December 2022, the Tianjin Xiqing District Chen-yu Temple Thai homes Area C, Jinnan District Xianshuigu town park with Ze adjustment from high-risk areas low-risk areas. The Xiqing District Chen-yu Temple Thai homes (excluding C zone), Wang Wen Zhuang Zhensheng Thai Garden; Jinnan District Xinzhuang Town Century Park clear water, Xianshuigu town Chunfu in (nine Jin Xuan district), public benefits , the waterfront Terrace, Xin Yang Park, the town still Balitai Lake Court, Lynwood Court, Central Park North gate town Sean adjusted risk areas as low-risk areas. In addition, January 24, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province Office of epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued a circular, according to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, since January 24, 2022, the city reduced to low-risk areas, Xi'an resume normal travel, from the city do not need an attestation from the city, it also means the end of the outbreak of the current round of Xi'an new crown.

The number of cases and the new crown scale, Xi'an, Wuhan, after the current round of the epidemic is "closed city" the most serious one back. December 9, 2021, Xi'an reported the first round of the local epidemic confirmed cases as of January 23, a total of Xi'an indigenous confirmed cases 2053 cases reported. December 23, 2021, Xi'an city district (village), closed-end management unit, this city with a population of 13 million suddenly press the "pause button", after the Xi'an area to buy food difficult, difficult medical events such as heat-frequency search, once in the cusp of public opinion.

Xi'an The outbreak also to other cities in my country sounded the alarm. Epidemiologist Zeng Guang in an interview expressed the hope that Xi'an to create a new experience, in the case of the early epidemic out of control, how to control in the short term. What happened today in Xi'an, later in other cities in my country also may occur.

Beijing is currently the most talked about epidemic

But with the advent of the recent upsurge of return, increase mobility, still wary of the risk of the spread of the epidemic.

According to "Healthy Beijing" message, at 0:00 on January 25 to 24, the new 14 cases of indigenous confirmed cases (confirmed cases have been notified yesterday 1-12) and five cases of asymptomatic infection (asymptomatic infection 1-3 yesterday had been informed), no new suspected cases; one case outside input new confirmed cases and 14 cases of asymptomatic infection, no new suspected cases.

Since January 15, Beijing reported a total domestic new crown pneumonia virus infection in 69 cases.

According to the deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Panel members novel coronavirus pneumonia Pang Spark introduced at the press conference on the 25th, since January 15, Beijing reported a total domestic new crown pneumonia virus infection in 67 cases (as of January at 16 o'clock on the 25th data), which mutant Rong Austrian secret g total of 6 cases associated with disease cases were confirmed cases, both light; Delta variants associated disease patients reported a total of 61 cases, 47 cases of confirmed cases (lightweight 32 cases, 15 cases of common type), 14 cases of asymptomatic infection.

Pang Spark said that the current Beijing epidemic prevention and control situation is severe and complicated, prevention and control work without the slightest hesitation. To go all out, every second counts, strict implementation of the Quartet responsibility, strictly and promptly tight, fast to carry out case investigations, risk personnel and goods investigation.

January 25, Beijing novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control 275 press conference briefing, currently Fengtai District was designated as a safeguard against global zone. Beijing Xicheng delineated area sealed off for two: According to the recent activities of those infected range, wide outside the demarcated duck bridge No. 1, Building 2 is sealed off the area, Court No. 1 for the other regional control area. A designated 10 West Street right inner portion of the hospital building with a swimming area is sealed off.

Earlier in the conference, Pang also introduced Spark, the current Austrian McCormick Rong variants associated generally stable epidemic, the epidemic basically under control. In addition, Delta variants associated with the source of the epidemic at present clear, mostly clear chain of transmission has been found cases were related to cold chain items or related employees, directly or indirectly, to the epidemic YUQUANYING fruit cold storage, Fengtai District, west and southern suburbs cold Fangshan District Changyang peak production base of flowers cold as the center, and gradually spread to the community and the workplace, there family, community and workplace renewal cases, but subsequent cases were from the control population, the risk of further spread of the basic control.

Currently Beijing epidemic spill has occurred. Beijing requires staff to place the risk management and control, have been leaving Beijing for the first time to cross the region from other provinces, to prevent the risk of spills. Risk areas staff in principle from Beijing. In addition, the district must quickly settled down one by one on risk management and control personnel screening, medical observation classification strictly enforced, health monitoring, nucleic acid testing and other measures.

In addition, January 24, Shanghai add one cases of new confirmed cases of indigenous crown pneumonia. City, District, epidemic prevention and control emergency response mechanism immediately start, carry out a comprehensive epidemiological investigation, and the persons investigation, detection and prevention and control of sampling management, implementation of the relevant place and environment-related disinfection epidemic prevention measures. As of 8 pm on January 25, has a total investigation and control personnel 21806 people, nucleic acid test results were negative, related to the environment has been implemented terminal disinfection.

According to the State Council, the relevant requirements of joint prevention and control mechanism, the study pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work leading group office of the new crown city decided to Fengxian District towns Xingfucun 8 groups classified as risk areas, other areas of Shanghai risk rating unchanged.