Tianjin 4 land is adjusted to low risk area

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Tianjin 4 land is adjusted to low risk area

2022-01-26 18:03:09 34 ℃

According to Jin Yun news, the reporter has just learned from the city's prevention and control headquarters that according to the current epidemic situation and prevention and control work in Tianjin, according to the State Council's response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation, the management mechanism on scientific division, precision prevention and control, etc.The Prevention and Control Command is developed and approved by the City Prevention and Control Leadership Group, from 16:00 on January 26, 2022, Xinzhuang Town, Jinzhuang Town, Jinan District, Jinzhuang Town, Jinzhuang Town, Jinan Town, Tianjin, Shuanggang TownLi Taoyuan is adjusted to a low-risk area by China-risk areas.The risk level of other regions in Tianjin is constant.

Tianjin will adjust the relevant regional risk level according to the situation of the epidemic prevention and control work.

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