4 households were punished for 370,000

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4 households were punished for 370,000

2022-01-26 18:03:37 56 ℃

The day before yesterday (January 24), "Typical Cases of the Ten Administratilation in 2021) held in the Foreign Economic and Trade University, this is the second annual typical case of the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

In the ten cases released by the meeting, a case caused by the adjustment of national family planning policies: 4 households in a city in Fujian were penalized more than 37 million yuan due to the three children, and they were included in the list of lost letters and restricted consumption. The procuratorate believes that social support should be canceled accordingly after the implementation of the "Sanbian Policy" and issued a case procuratorial proposal to the Jian Bureau. The data shows that the city's similar cases have more than 40,40 pieces, and 946 are currently completed, including 1877 people in 946 households.

Southern Reporter learned from the meeting that in 2019 and 2020, a county health bureau in a city under Fujian Province was in violation of the "Fujian Provincial Population and Family Planning Regulations", decided to collect 4 households such as Yan and other four households respectively. Social support, with a total of more than 37 million yuan, after Yan and other did not actively fulfill the payment obligation, the Wei Jian Bureau applied to the court to enforce 8 people, etc. , Restrict measures such as consumption, property control. In August 2021, after the national three-child birth policy was implemented, 8 people such as Yan and other supervision applications were put forward to the procuratorate.

The procuratorate believes that the case is caused by the adjustment of national family planning policy. After implementing the "three children" policies, the social support is canceled, July 20, 2021, the State Administration of Health in the CPC Central Committee on the Promotion of Population Policy The decision of long-term balanced development "Related question answers," the previous violation of the legal provisions "Society of social support", "also clearly stipulates that" has made a decision but has not been implemented, and the income is not returned. Part is no longer levy. " However, in practice, there are still many unresolved cases that have been exchanged in the court, and the executive is still restricted in travel, high consumption, etc., directly affecting the normal life of the family. If it is not properly treated, it is very likely to trigger a group letter visit event.

According to reports, in 2021, the investigation of the procuratorate found that the county did not criticize social support cases. After the procuratorate issued a case procurator, the Procuratorate was adopted, and after the court promptly removed from the list of inner faith, unlimited consumption, property control and other measures.

The highest inspection official website shows that in October 2021, Fujian Provincial Procuratorate guided the city's procuratorates to carry out special activities of "Exquisite Support Executive Supervision" in the city, and 9 cases were issued 9 cases, and more than 40,000 cases were found. At present, this type of case has been completed 946 pieces, involving 1877 people in 946 households. A few days ago, the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate summed up and forwarded the relevant experience of the city's procuratorate to handle social support cases, and deployed the provincial procuratorate to carry out clues and category.