The 85-year-old uncle's wise endage: Don't ask the babysitter, do not live the nursing home, children robbed me

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The 85-year-old uncle's wise endage: Don't ask the babysitter, do not live the nursing home, children robbed me

2022-01-26 18:03:01 54 ℃


When people are young, they must give them some pension money, so that you can also have a good old age in your old age. With money, we can choose to go to the nursing homes in his later years. Some people have arranged there. There are also carers to take care of life. There are many old people to accompany to chat, and the days can be extraordinatar.

You don't want to go to the nursing home, you can also ask babysitter to take care of it. The babysitter can provide a one-on-one service. It will be more useful to take care of the elderly, and the food and clothing is responsible for the babysitter. The old man does not need to worry about life. The 85-year-old passion is taught: "Don't ask the babysitter, I don't have to go to the nursing home. My children have to give me the old age. My old age will be comfortable." Let us listen to the uncle. Story.

Self-mentioned: Fu uncle

I am 85 years old this year, I used to be particularly poverty at home, but I changed my life through my life, I found a meal bowl, the better. 25 years ago, I retired from the unit, and now my pension has 5,000 yuan every month. My wife is also the same unit, and her pension is much different from me. There are more than 4,000, two people plus Every month's income will be nearly 10,000 yuan.

It is because there is such a high pension, our old age will be more comfortable. Our husband and wife have a total of two women, and the children have a good job. The two sons and big daughters live with us in the same city, and the little daughter is far from more than 2,000 kilometers.

However, the little daughter's husband and wife work next to the province, and sometimes it will come back to see us. In general, several of our children are still filial, and they can also be in our old couple. It is the two children who have their own care, but the family is still a son, so on the surface, the life of a family is still a good fortune.

We also thought about the children's home to pension, but we have changed their own ideas, and we didn't want to disturb their calm life. When I was retired with my wife, I lived in our porno, and the two were accompanied by each other. The days can also have a taste.

Later, after the old age, we plan to find a nursing home, hoping to spend the life of his later years. We have a great expectation for the nursing home, because we have a previous colleague is very fortunate, find a good nursing home, there is very happy there. At the beginning, we also want to go there, but because of the good reputation, there is no extra position, so I can only find a nursing home with my wife.

The nursing home we are looking for in the suburbs, the air is fresh, the scenery is also very good, the mountains are clear, and the nursing homes can see the special beauty, watching the mood will be a lot, we feel that this beautiful place is certainly suitable for pension .

Our charges of our nursing homes are OK, I have 3,500 yuan per person per month, because we have pension, so you can accept it. The dormitory is a double room, the area is not big, after the two beds and some furniture, it seems a bit crowd, but I am more satisfied is that there is an independent bathroom in the dormitory, so it can be much convenient.

But my roommates are not very good, usually don't care about it, if you accidentally move his things, he will be angry, even you will be swear. If he is in the dormitory, I have a light hand in the road. If you are loud, he will not be happy. Life is really gentle in this environment.

The food of the nursing home is generally, and it feels fresh when you start, and you can accept it. But after a long time, I found that I have eaten it is those dishes, really particularly tired. And the health of the dining hall of the nursing home is not very good. I often eat hair in the meal and some other debris. Once I actually eat the cigarette butt it, I fed back this matter, but still the same There is no rectification at all.

Although there are many elderly people in the nursing home, the old man really has a kind of dead feeling, plus the nursing home, there is an old man from time to time, and live in this environment, there is no illness, there is no illness. So I and my wife still abandoned the idea of ​​pension in the nursing home, I chose to go home.

After returning home, we will invite a living homes in the air. We find that the babysitter is not cheap, but it is more cheaper than our two nursing homes. One month, 5000 yuan is enough, we invite the babysitter called Caixia, the first impression of Caixia is more simple, we feel that such babysitting can make us live a good life, so I left.

Caixia is a very machine nanny. Just come to our home, take care of our preference, so take care of us very complapted. Caixia's cooking is very good, many dishes she will do, the menus at home are different every week, let our old couple eat particularly satisfied.

If we want to eat, but Caixi will not do the dish, then she will take the initiative to learn, then do it to eat. Feeling that Caixia is really a good babysitter, we will also ask such a good babysitter and complacent. However, we didn't be happy too long. We found that Caixia will always secretly take things in our family. When you start, it is not a valuable thing, just some drink. So I will do it with my wife, I didn't see the choice, I chose to open a eye. But later she is more and more excessive, even our living expenses secretly secretly hide, take hundreds of people every month, plus things that often take home, there are more than 1,000 yuan in a month. I have no way to endure Caixia, so I will give birth to her.

Later, we also invited a few babysitters, but there is no satisfaction, there are few less bad diseases that make us can't endure, so I and my wife will lose confidence. We started thinking about other old-aged ways at home, but I wanted to go to a suitable.

So we still think that the children will be better than the old age. If we want to know that our old two will call the children back, tell them the endow. Two daughter-in-law I heard that we have to go to their home, and it is a bit unpleasant, and the daughter is also a bit difficult. But after we said that 7,000 dollars of money every month, they all competed to give us the old age.

We finally decided to go to the two sons and the big daughter's house to take the old age. After all, the little daughter is too far. Now the children are very filial to us, in addition to taking care of our lives, usually take us to go out, and chat with us when we are bored. When I was uncomfortable with my wife, my children also told us with your heart. Our lives have been comfortable.

Some people think that my children are willing to take care of us because of the money. If we don't have money, they will definitely be so filial. But I don't want to think so much. Anyway, our money is also to spend. I will take the money to ask outsiders to serve, but not as good as spending money, please take care of our lives. In this way, we can not only get good care, and you can enjoy your family's companionship, and then, we also have this ability, let yourself be comfortable.

Because of the care of the children, I will live so happy with my old age, and we like this kind of old-age.

Written in the last

After entering his later years, the countdown of life has accelerated, our most important thing is to make you feel comfortable, after all, there is not much time. And people are old, I hope to have family more accompanying, but some young people live in a big life, but also work, no way to take care of the elderly. So spending money, please take care of yourself, it is also a good method. The old man can get a careful care of children, and children can have a income.