51-year-old unmarried aunt is too alarm!The two grandfather turned plaque, but they were defeated in pension insurance.

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51-year-old unmarried aunt is too alarm!The two grandfather turned plaque, but they were defeated in pension insurance.

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Recently, I like a passage, I prefer people who make me my heart.

I know you warm, you know me sad; I worship you like a hero, and you pet me is like a child.

People will always fall in love with someone. He may not be much better, and you just like him like him.

Maybe this is the love of each girl's heart, all the embarrassment.

51-year-old yellow big sister, height is one meter seven, weight one hundred, a high skin white, the mentality is super young, the temperament is killed by the big sister.

Huang Big sister did not have a marriage, and even friends did not officially talk.

Although Huang Big sister is very good, the income is very ordinary, with a monthly income of 2,000 yuan.

She didn't have a house, shared with colleagues, currently a waiter in a bathing center.

Red Niang asked the big sister, should it be less convenient?

The yellow big sister said it is indeed inconvenient, everyone is not convenient, after all, colleagues and girlfriends still have different differences.

Huang Sister is so beautiful, why is her marriage big event being delayed?

The big sister said that her father died in her age, her mother was particularly strict.

I must take the right path from the little mother to education, and do not allow her to be objects.

Later, the big sister went out and went out, and the loveders were also coming, but because her heart is too high and especially picky, they have not found their suitable, so they are only 51 years old.

Hong Niang asked the big sister, didn't it be a look?

Huang big sister said that there are a lot of pursuit. When you are young, you don't know how to cherish, always feel that there is still a chance, you can also pick it up.

How to refuse someone else again?

The big sister said that it will not be carefully, do not give any opportunities, simply refuse, others hint, they don't know.

Red Niang asked, if the other party wants a phone number?

The big sister said that his mobile phone number is often changed, and it is useless.

Because I live in a life, Huang big sister develops a habit of smoking. When she is alone, she can only rely on smoking.

The big sister said that this is hobby this life, she can't stop.

When the mood is not good, I can take a box a day, usually a few days.

Huang Big sister is now also thinking. She wants to hurry to find an object.

The red lady arranged a 51-year-old Liu Big, the occupation is a taxi driver, and the monthly income is about 5,000.

Liu Da Ge said that he had been a for more than an hour, and his heart was particularly excited and felt worth it.

Hong Niang smiled and joked Liu Da Ge, how do you feel the spring breeze?

Liu Da Ge said that his heart is sudden, and the exciting mood cannot be expressed in words.

Because he looked at the photo of Huang Big, he had a feeling of love at first sight.

Liu Da Ge still quite quite romantic, specializing in the flower shop to prepare a bunch of flowers.

When I would like to see Huang big sister, Liu Da Ge suddenly squatted. He said that he has been 50-year-old. The conditions are also ordinary, especially unconfident, because this society is too realistic.

With a nervous mood, Liu Da Ge saw Huang Big sister, Liu Big Brother handed a surprise prepared flowers.

After the first half of the year, Huang Big sister received flowers for the first time, touched tears.

The red brother is said to force, Liu Da Ge is also a straight jump.

When the two sat down, Huang big sister said that she was unmarried, and she did not find it.

Liu Da Ge said that you are so good, what is it all?

After learning the reason, Liu Da Ge also expressed its understanding.

Subsequently, Huang big sister started self-explosive disadvantages, she is an acute child, talking is not urgent, her character is impatient.

Liu Da Ge said that he is a big spoken door, and he will not shout, will not be noisy, and a riot will never have anything.

Liu Da Ge said that his temper is particularly good. It is opposed to smoking, and I feel that I have been in the past.

Liu Da Ge not only does not show her awareness, but also looks directly to her.

Liu Da Ge said that if the big sister felt that he was ok, the two gave a relationship between him.

Liu Da Ge then said, if the two are together, the home of the house is said, and the money earned to the big sister, no matter how less earned.

It seems that Liu Da Ge is really like Huang Big sister. For the sister of Huang, he can't wait to take your heart.

Such a man, a man who is doing, facing the yellow big sister, and the big sister is very happy.

However, when she learned that Liu Bigong did not endow the old insurance, the joy of the heart suddenly stopped.

Liu Da Ge said that he is a rural areas, a person who is practical, but there is no pension insurance.

Both people have no pension insurance, and how to endow the old age is a big problem.

Huang Big sister has no girl. She is worried that two people are not long, she is alone, and she will be particularly desolate.

Wong big sister said that the two can now make money. If the two people have been old, they can't live self-reliance, so they can't live.

The big sister said that she worried about the future life.

Although Liu Big Brother has repeatedly guaranteed to her, but the pension insurance in the heart of Huang Dado is a smoother.

Huang Big sister also said that all aspects of Liu Bigong are very good, it feels particularly in place, but it is a bad insurance.

Although it feels particularly unfortunate, marriage is absolutely unpleasant and will be.

So the two people failed because of pension insurance.

Hong Niang also introduced the 54-year-old Miao Brother, divorced, a butcher, a monthly income of about 50 million.

When I saw the red brother, Miao Brother asked where there were places where there were fruits nearby, and they could not see the big sister empty. In order to express his sincerity, Miao Brother deliberately found a bunch of fruits in the supermarket.

I received the fruit of Miao Brother, the yellow big sister is very joy.

Hong Niang asks the first impression of Miao's big brother to Huang big brother?

Miao Brother said that Huang big sister is very good, very interested.

Huang big sister thinks that Miao Brother is particularly heart, will come.

When Miao Brother introduced him, he was married twice, and the yellow big sister did not pull the heterogeneity.

After saying that he was unmarried, she was reluctant to ask why she did not marry.

Huang big sister is not tired of explaining it. If there is something, no one wants to have a home?

However, the Miao Dago did not put this in his heart, and said to the Wong Sister said a heartwood.

Miao Brother said that he has been in his 50s, and it is also a full sincerity to find a daughter-in-law.

He said that he can't afford it, it must be truely treated true.

However, the yellow big sister is not moving. She said that she said that she is a little bit, she didn't touch her.

The big sister said that it is not possible to be impressed because men will be able to be moved, but a feeling.

Huang big sister asked Miao Brother, have there any pension insurance?

Miao Brother said that he did not do business, there is no old policy.

When I heard the Miao Brother did not have insurance, Huang Big sister directly said that the two were not suitable because marriage was not.

It also demonstrates that the Miao Brother also understands that the blind date of the two will end in failure.

Wong big sister has this concerns or normal, who doesn't want to have a old age life?

For the other half of Huang Big sister to find pension insurance, it is indeed understandable that everyone wants to have a safeguard and dependence on his old age.

In fact, relying on others is not as good as yourself, the big sister is not as much as possible, saving the old age, for the other half of insurance, there is no need to work hard, or choose.

In fact, the big sister lives so many years, there is no child and the parents' pressure, why didn't even a small family?

Note that the big sister itself has no habit of paying money, it may spend money and big hands, so relying on others is really better than yourself.

There is a mother of Huang big sister, and it is not very good for girls' tutors. However, the daughter is not allowed to be very rare.

This is really delayed, my daughter's life.

For feelings, play with you can not perfunctory or longer, but you should pick up, Ning, until you find the right person.

But Huang Big sister has chosen for decades, still alone, is indeed very heartless.

Some people still have to reduce their own requirements, not there is better behind, maybe there is a good one.

That is, 1000 people after, it is better to have the first person, and when you understand him, others have already had a family.

It is also a big problem that we are concerned about each of us. Now young people have to find five insurances, this is the minimum guarantee.

There is a sense of safety at least in sick, unemployment, or childbirth.

Especially after the old, there is no labor ability, when you can't make money, where is the money used by the use?

Did you deprecate when you are young?

In fact, each family's pressure is particularly large, there is a small number of old, there is still life in the middle, so people who can save money are particularly small.

Nor exclude some rich people, deposits are a lot of thousands.

And ordinary office workers, every day, for the sake of firewood salt sauce vinegar tea, save how much money is saved.

Many people have worked hard for a lifetime, and they are not enough for their children to buy a house in the city.

So relying on saving money, it is still very unrealistic.

What is the child?

As the saying goes, the nursing child is old, is that nursing?

In fact, it is not possible to be 100%.

Although the filial piety is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, there are always some people who have lost their conscience.

The filial piety is indeed most, since ancient times, a lot of big filings have emerged as a model of the world.

As a child, you should honor your parents, take care of your parents' health, and let them feel happy, and they will have something.

But the children will always have their lives, plus the idea of ​​different people, living habits, so sometimes the proper distance will be better.

Sometimes the presumption is particularly difficult, and it may be very difficult, and where is the money to the elderly?

So, it is better to have it.

Some people say that it is born?

It is true that the two can help each other in the world.

So everyone must cherish the people around you, harmoniously, hug the other half with love and sincerity, give good.

In fact, pension insurance is indeed a guarantee of older life, which can make the elderly have the most basic ability to eat.

Therefore, especially the young people must have awareness of buying pension insurance, and it is also for the old life to buy a heart.

I sincerely hope that every elderly can enjoy the happy life, happy to spend every day.