Nanchang: The man bought a car in Hengxin Qihong flag, I want to pick up the car, there is a premise, pay 3,000 yuan?

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Nanchang: The man bought a car in Hengxin Qihong flag, I want to pick up the car, there is a premise, pay 3,000 yuan?

2022-01-27 12:03:26 52 ℃

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Mr. Gong consumers to "urban scene" reflect a phone call, some time ago, he bought a car in Nanchang Hengxin red flag wins Experience Center, originally agreed to will be able to deliver a good 30 days, may put off time is delayed . The car finally arrived, they found Mr. Gong, would like to mention the car, had to talk about the conditions. There really such a thing?

Hanson Gong in Nanchang red flag wins Experience Center fancy, is a red flag HS5. He said the sales staff was rushed to performance, agreed to 193,000 yuan less than the super-low selling cars to him. 21 November 2021, Mr. Gong to pay 5,000 yuan deposit, and signed a protocol set cars. Also notes the agreement, within 30 days of delivery of the vehicle, the car yet to come, the full amount refunded. But 30 days later, that is, on December 21, Mr. Gong but found not to care deeply about the new car.

Consumers Gong: let me wait, first I say No. 5 January can not come to the car, he said, is not guaranteed, I said No. 5 January, if not to the car, I could retire, but he said you wait it, say No. January 10 will be high-volume car.

Eye to see the number of January 10, or not to mention the car, Mr. Gong found the sales staff asked whether the mention cars years ago, but has not been results. Until January 20, the good news finally came the car into the shop, but Mr. Gong was informed that the car would like to mention there is a premise.

Consumers Gong: sales manager called me to his office to talk, it has been stressed that the 3000 loss to make up the money, I will give you delivery of the vehicle.

Mention cars still have to pay 3000 dollars, which is how it happened? According to Mr. Gong said, because to mention cars in sight, he has repeatedly to experience the center of the discussion to say, during this period, he would face after the other rights of the consumer to buy a car, one of whom got 3,000 dollars compensation results I do not know what the reason, the red flag experience Center should this reckoning in his head.

Consumers Gong: He thinks that I am abetting individuals to safeguard their rights, so he put 3000 dollars count in my head. I have been stressed, this thing with my car did not mention the half dime, and you should not take this thing 3000 dollars, hinder me to mention cars. 3000 yuan things, you can ask me in other ways, they now say, paid the 3,000 yuan before I put things behind. I did not instigate others to safeguard their rights, I do not derive any benefit.

(chat record)

To this end, Mr. Gong also presented him and the owners receive compensation for chat, to prove his innocence. Mr. Gong believes, however, that he and Hanson Nanchang red flag wins Experience Center is in black and white there is an agreement, since the car to the store, the other side should fulfill the agreement PDI, or is liquidated.

The company has a loss does not solve the problem not to mention cars

Thing is true, as Mr. Gong said it? To further verify, reporters found a red flag wins Nanchang Hanson Experience Center located in Nanchang High-tech South Avenue in 4888. Net sales manager Wang Song said that the delivery delay is affected by the epidemic, asking for compensation for 3000 yuan Gong, Gong rights because the method is too radical, coupled with other customers losses to the company, that they have to be responsible for Mr. Gong .

Experience Center wins red net sales manager Wang Song Nanchang Hanson flag: very simply, if Mr. Gong own volition want chargeback no problem, because we open the door to do business, not a hard sell. But if he is to achieve his self-interest affect my normal business, leading to customer complaints or other chargeback, we are sure that this loss is to be accountable,. We can be in accordance with the contract, 30 days not to the car, we can refund the deposit to Mr. Gong.

Reporter: But this is not also seek his advice? Because he is also the other side of the contract.

Nanchang Hanson red flag wins Experience Center net sales manager Wang Song: Yes.

In fact, Mr. Gong insisted mention cars, but the manager has said Wang Song, until the problem is resolved, the car can not be mentioned.

Experience Center wins red net sales manager of Nanchang Hanson flag Wang Song: This is not to punish or hinder his threshold, but the facts have occurred.

Reporter: You just said he affect your work, then you are not also use legal channels or seek relevant functional departments to intervene rights. He mentioned the car is another matter, so can not look at the problem?

Nanchang Hanson red flag wins Experience Center net sales manager Wang Song: standing on your point of view, can be treated as such.

Reporter: Do you consider, such as the dispute is to coordinate, go to complete the mention cars?

Nanchang Hanson red flag wins Experience Center net sales manager Wang Song: Yes.

After mediation by the reporters, Wang Song managers said they would consider the recommendations of reporters. Mr. Gong said it would continue to rights through other means. A few days later, under the coordination of market supervision department, Mr. Gong to pay 3000 yuan without additional compensation, referred to the success of the car.