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Different ink floating

2022-01-28 06:02:52 51 ℃

Textural correspondent Wang Jiaxing

Recently, the friendship street held a blessing activity with the theme of "Longfei Feng Dance to send blessings, and the new spring". Fu Wei, deputy director of Dalian Criterion Center, China Calligraphers Association, Xu Wei, Vice President of Dalian Writers Association, Xu Wei, China Communication University Xiongan Development Research Institute, Weng Mingfeng, famous painting and calligraphy Xia Mingyu, vice chairman of the Pufu District Calligraphers Association, Mr. Li Boyuan, deputy secretary-general, deputy secretary-general, deputy secretary-general, is invited to participate.

Recently, a volunteer caring event in the theme of "Our Festival, Spring Festival" is carried out in the charm community of Xinzhai Street, Ganjingzi District, 2022. The brunette of the joy is full of desktop, "One Shun Baishun Wan Shun, Qianfu Wanfu" "Fuwang Fortune Yunqi, Family Handshad", a festive and peaceful Spring Festival couplet in volunteers One effort. (Yan Fei Yang Wei)

On the afternoon of January 24th, Zhou Shuizi Street Zhoushun Community Cultural Activities in the room, the community "Welcome New Year, Write the Spring Festival couple", attracts the residents of many jurisdictions. The community invited the calligraphy masters to swim, write down the Spring Festival couplets blessings in residents, and the aroma ink and festive years are surrounded, and it is slightly longer. Written Spring Festival couplets, blessed to the hands of the employees of the union of the jurisdiction, and sent them to the blessings of the New Year. (Tang Dongli)

Recently, the cultural community in Lijia Street, Shahekou District launched a Spring Festival couplet and sent Spring Festival activities. At the event, the calligraphy teacher waved the ink, and wrote the Spring Festival and "Fu" on the desktop of the red paper. A pair of deputy, a festive festival of the New Year; a "blessing" word, full of peaceful blessings. (Wu Hui)

On January 24th, Long Wangtang Street official house community and community painting and calligraphy enthusiasts jointly launched "Write Spring Festival couplets to send Fu Yi, joy and joyful" activities. Calligraphy enthusiast Hu Chuanyi waves ink, sending a "blessing" word for community residents to send the first best blessings in the New Year. "Five lakes and four seas are all spring, thousands of mountains" "Xiju Baodi Millennium Wang Fu Zhaojiamen Waze" ... a sincere blessing, hovering residents resigned and welcoming the new and welcoming a good wish. (Shao Jun)