Zigong added 24 kinds of wild bird records, green duckling, vulture "visits"

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Zigong added 24 kinds of wild bird records, green duckling, vulture "visits"

2022-01-28 12:09:51 57 ℃

Sichuan online reporter Qin Yong

On January 27th, the reporter learned from the Zigong City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, last year, Zigong new wild bird record 24 kinds (affiliated 8-year 19 sects), including national level protection wild bird Youth Duck, Vulture 2 In the national second-level protected wild bird flower face duck, three kinds, the national "three" protecting birds 11, Sichuan "three have" protects 5 kinds of birds, and there are 309 species of recorded birds in Zigong area. .

In February last year, in Zigong City, the city of Longhu Park, watching birds recorded the world's extremely dangerous species, which was the first time in Zigong.

"Youth downs are usually in the middle of the Yangtze River." Zi Zhen Mo's Secretary-General of the Zigong City Guanzi Association, Sichuan, Yunnan and other provinces have been considered the west border of Ying Head duckling, so I can observe green in Zigong. It is very difficult to head dosage.

From the picture taken, the head of the green head is green, the eyes are white, the upper body is dark brown, and the bone duck, the bone chicken is played in the water, and it is self-satisfied. Youth duckling is an eaten bird, mainly based on aquatic plants and fish shrimp shells.

In the primary bird survey at the end of last year, Zigong's bird watching fans found the national level focus on the national first level to protect wild animals. The Chinese Qiu Saha duck is the second time after Zigong's first discovery in 2017, the Black Bud is also a second discovery after many years of Zigong, and also records a certain number of green wings, gland, green head Duck, Red Fur, Chi Ma Duck, Heron, Great Egret, Winter Bird.

On the Fushun County, the River Basin, which scattered several important migratory migrants in Zigong area and the wintering habitat.

According to reports, the black bonus found is an individual. The Chinese Qiusha duck is a pair. It is more frequent in the daytime activity than the Chinese autumn sand duck. In addition to fishing, it will capture snakes, shrimp crabs, and even small rodents. The black bodies are not small, and the birds stand up more than the child.

Every year, there will be a large number of winter temperatures from north to South China to South China and Southeast Asia, South Asia and other places. Some of them will be in the city, and they will move in March again in the spring.

"In Zigong, there are different birds in the four seasons, usually in December to the next year, it is a good time to observe the winter migratory birds." Zigong City Guanfu Association's relevant person in charge said that with the continuous expansion of the birds, the local There are more and more wild birds found.

Wildlife protection such as birds is a large spatial span, long period of time, and has certain professional work. To protect wildlife resources including birds, Zigong adhere to the ecological priority green development, carry out national obligation tree planting activities, currently, Zigong Forest coverage reached 35.38%, and the ecological environment continued to create a good habitat for birds. .

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