In 2022, pensions are expected to continue to rise, and these seven factors or impact pensions

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In 2022, pensions are expected to continue to rise, and these seven factors or impact pensions

2022-01-28 18:03:12 43 ℃

The results of the seventh national census show that my country's 60-year-old and above population is 26.42 million, accounting for 18.70%, of which is 190.64 million in 65 years old and above, accounting for 13.50%, compared to 2010, older population 5.44 percentage points, which means that my country's population aging will further deepen, in the future, people's pension stress may be more and more.

However, since entering the aging society, my country's social security system has become more and more and more and more, people's living standards are gradually improved, especially the retired elderly, the benefits enjoyed by the benefits are getting better and better, 2021, people's pension treatment Effectively achieve 17 links, while at the end of the year, China Economic Times, Huaxia Times successively said that in 2022, the pension is ushered in 18, which is very credible as official media, soon, Hebei Province The government's work report is also clearly mentioned that the basic pension level of retirees should be improved, further improve the multi-level social security system, and effectively take the bottom line of the people's livelihood. Therefore, this year's pension continues to rise is very large.

However, the pension has risen, and everyone's rising money is different, and these seven factors have a lot of association with pension, it is recommended that everyone knows clearly in advance, see how much it will rise in advance.

First, the economic development is stable

Since 2020, new crown pneumonia epidemic has made a lagma of various economic development. However, in 2021, my country's economic recovery is good, and the economic growth rate can effectively promote the increase in fiscal revenue. It means that the social security fund income will also increase further, more funds are more abundant, and there is a bottom gas, so this year's pension increase may increase, saying that it is expected to be more than 4.5%.

Second, the price increase

On January 12, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the data. In December 2021, CPI rose 1.5% year-on-year, and 2021 year, CPI rose 0.9% year-on-year. As a unique source of retirement, the pension must ensure that people's basic life, so many pensions will increase as prices, if the price is high, then pension will not be too low.

Third, the salary income is improved

my country establishes a normal adjustment mechanism of basic pension, in addition to the impact of price changes, employee wages are also one of the important factors affecting pension adjustments. In 2021, many provinces and municipalities have raised the local minimum wage, and employee wages are also a matter of all, through basic pensions = (the average annual sales of all over the government), the average monthly payment of months) ÷ 2 × personal accumulated payment period × 1% calculation formula Ask, with the growth of social pay, people's pension treatment will be higher, so in order to protect the basic quality of retirees does not decrease, pension treatment will follow Improve, the higher the average wage, the higher the pension, can also increase the higher.

Fourth, the amount of insurance payment is more

It is called a bean, a bean, you want to enjoy the guarantee of basic pension after yourself, then the insurance payment is not to be sloppy, but must keep in mind that pension follows the principle of paying more, only accumulated The more payment, you can get better pension treatment. Especially the annual pension adjustment plan is hooked with my pension level, the higher the level of pension, the more money will be.

For example, Shanghai 2021 adjustments are the base for the basic pension received by retirees in December 2020, and increase 3% per month. If your pension is originally 3,000 yuan, then it means an increase of 90 yuan, if Your pension is 4,000 yuan, then it will eventually grow 120 yuan, the difference is still relatively large.

Fifth, the new year limit

my country's pensions also follows the principle of long-suited, so the accumulated payment is based on the 15 years of payment, the longer the accumulation of pension insurance, the better the pension treatment of the hand. In addition, in the pension hook adjustment, the longer the payment period, the more pension will also.

For example, Jilin Province last year's adjustment plan, retirees payment year below 25 years, increase 1.0 yuan per month in every month; payment period 26 to 30 years, increased by 2.2 yuan per month in every month; payment period 31 years To the 35th part, the monthly increase of 3.6 yuan per month; the payment period is 36 years and more, and the monthly increase is 4.8 yuan per month.

Therefore, we must want to be better in the retirement, the pension treatment of the hand is better, then there is more money, then pay attention to the accumulation of the payment period when paying, it is recommended that you do not pay for it.

Sixth, the age of retirees

Personal account pension = personal account all storage amount ÷ number of months. From the formula, the pension treatment and the number of months were repeated, that is, the smaller the number of months, the more money, and the number of months and the number of reinforcements are related to the retirement age, such as 50-year-old retirement, the number of months is 195 months, 60 years old retirement, the number of months is 139 months, so it is recommended that everyone is not necessary to handle retirement procedures in advance to enjoy a better pension treatment.

In addition, the provincial districts and city adjustment programs generally take the combination of quota adjustment, hook adjustment, and tilt adjustment, wherein in the tilt adjustment scheme, the state will have a certain tilt care for senior retired old people. For example, Beijing 2021 adjustments, 65 years old is less than 70 years old, increase 40 yuan per month; 70 years old is less than 75 years old, each person adds 50 yuan per month; 75 years old is less than 80 years old, Each person increases 60 yuan per month; with an annual year of 80 or more, each person adds 70 yuan per month. In most cases, it is the bigger, the more "TYPO", the more you ", so it is very important to take care of your body.

Seventh, participate in the retired city

As we said, the higher the social salary, the higher the payment amount, the higher the final pension treatment, so compared to the promoter of the city, the city is more beneficial. Moreover, it is also recommended that you prefer a formal large business or institution's institution, which is not only strong, and the work is stable, and the legal awareness, and the awareness is also stronger. It will not be able to gram the welfare of employees because of the smashing of Xiaoli, and the basic rights are more secure. .

In addition, the retirees in the distant areas can also enjoy the benefits of rising money during the adjustment process. After all, these areas are remote, lack of materials, and local prices are not low, in order to ensure the basic life of each retirement, the country is also It will be appropriately tilted. For example, Tibet, 2021, for two types of hard and remote areas, 10 yuan per person per month; three, four types of hard and remote areas plus 20 yuan per month; Five, six types of hard and long-range are 40 yuan per month.