Notice!These kinds of traffic marks must not be pressed →

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Notice!These kinds of traffic marks must not be pressed →

2022-01-29 00:03:18 46 ℃

Do you know which traffic marks can't be pressed? The Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps introduced that the white solid line, yellow solid line, and the flow line, etc. are not allowed to travel. See ↓ for details

Usually, the marks on the road are mostly white, in which the white dashed lines are separated from the lane to travel, and the linear variability can be performed; the white solid line does not allow offline to travel.

The yellow solid line is used to distinguish between the right lane, which is generally drawn in the middle of the road, with two yellow lines, single yellow lines. Regardless of the single yellow line or a double-yellow line, it prohibits the vehicle from spanning, traveling, overtaking or turning.

The flow of flow lines are mainly used for cross-intersections, intersecting intersections, three-dimensional intersections or other special locations. The flow of the flow is not allowed to travel across.

Yellow or white marking as needed

In addition, there is a special case

Virtual line

Vehicles can span from one side of the dashed line

But you can't cross the side of the solid line

Finally, remind everyone again

Road traffic marking passes important road traffic rules

Warning or guidance information

Prohibiting marking is more secure and dangerous

Do not figure it out of time or negligent

Causes unnecessary trouble and harm to yourself and others