Mo City Non-flavor, fire, red candle, reflects the traditional Chinese annual 即 段 岚 镇 镇 传 年 年

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Mo City Non-flavor, fire, red candle, reflects the traditional Chinese annual 即 段 岚 镇 镇 传 年 年

2022-01-29 06:06:20 64 ℃

In the rural areas of Jiaodong, every Spring Festival or married festive days, people must put a pair of reddish hot red candles, meaning the beautiful life of festive happiness. Every year in October, it is also the busy season of Xiku, Town, Jiku District, Huaiyi, Huiyi, Huai Art, Waxing, Wax, Waxing, and three months before the Spring Festival, his candle workshop can handle more than 100 tons of candles, sell well, Jinan, Weifang, Tai'an and other provinces.

Traditional old handmade wax for more than 40 years

"The quality of the candles made is good, the price is also relatively affordable, so the sales volume is very good." On January 28th, watching a car candle that is ready to send customers, Jiku District Duan Bo Yuzhen Xida, Zhuang Village Wax Art Man Wang Bus Changchang Laughing, you can't close your mouth. From the age of teens, I follow my father to learn to make a candle. Wang Jialong, 57-year-old, has already made more than 40 years of candles, and he has already been in mind for the production process of candles. The reporter learned that the waxes seem simple, but more than 10 waxes, adding, shaping, cooling, hot stamping, rolls, packaging, etc. can be made, and each process is crucial, otherwise it is easy. Quality problems.

In the production of candles, it is also a critical step to master the appropriate chromaticity, accurately control the ratio of paraffin and dye. "After putting it into the pot, he will heat to 100 degrees. If you don't stop, you should go to pink is the best." Wang Jialong said, there is no other way, relying on the accumulation of dozens of wax experience, We can master this degree.

Candles are welcome, driving the villagers' waist bag

It is reported that a candle is made, depending on the size of 40 minutes to 2 hours, it can produce one ton one day. According to the different and market needs of the mold, Wang Ji Chang's candle variety has reached more than 20 varieties. "You see this is aromatherapy candle, we choose the best raw materials, essential oils are imported abroad, just to achieve the best quality effect." Wang Ji Chang told reporters that the market was changing, as a wax veteran, he couldn't ink the rules. To study hard, adapt to the development and demand of the market, in order to make the candle career more and more popular.

Wang Jirchang's candle made a lot of red fire, and also promoted the income of villagers in the villagers. The worker Xu Zhi was working in Wang Jinchang for 9 years. It usually busy at home. When he was not busy, it will do wax, three months, probably earn more than 9,000 yuan. "It's okay at home, and I can make some households can also be used." Xu Zhao said with a smile.

Applying for non-legacy inheritance old craftsmanship

"In the early 1980s, most of our villagers did a candle. They started working every year. They have been busy to the wheat harvest, and then they will go to the end of the year from August." Wang Jialong said that they have taxed There are more than 30,000 yuan. In that age, this money is a "astronomical figure" for ordinary people, thereby also witnessed the "Candle Village" once the brilliant history. However, with the changes in market demand, after 1988, most of the waxers in the village gave up this old craft.

I have experienced brilliant, but I have been in the trough, but Wang Ji Chang has been in silent sticking, with a stunned head in the bones and the feelings of the candle old craft, he finally ushered in the dawn, candle business year than one Good year. "On time on time every 3 o'clock, it will be wax, once a two pots of 600 pounds, it takes more than 2 hours, and after the workers can work directly, save a lot of time." Although the wax craftsmanship is very hard, but Wang Ji Chang For the future, it is full of confidence, "The government is helping me to apply for non-legacy, do a decades of candles, and a feeling of being cut in the heart, as long as the market has demand, I will put this wax old craft generation generation The generation is inherited. "