Spring Festival holiday, Dongpo Island travel Raiders look!

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Spring Festival holiday, Dongpo Island travel Raiders look!

2022-01-29 06:05:45 54 ℃





Meishan's fresh things start here

2022 Spring Festival is coming

East slope impression water street

Jinfu crossing the city water street

Dongpo Commercial Water Street

Has been a holiday

In order to protect the traffic in the island

Ensure visitors and residents to spend a happy Spring Festival

Please check you!


Please prepare the tourists in the island to plan the driving route, pay attention to the road conditions, in case of temporary traffic control, please listen to the traffic police command, park the vehicle outside the parking lot of the island or roadside, then walk on the island to play;


The LED traffic induction screen is set up in the Islands, which will display the parking in the island in real time. Please follow the prompts and park the vehicle;


Visitors can listen to the FM93.1 Meishan traffic music broadcast and pay attention to the "Meishan Public Security Traffic Police" official microblogging, pay attention to the "Meishan Wisdom Park" public micro-signal, can understand the remaining situation of parking berths;


Please visitors and citizens to travel to the island to play, more patience and understanding, Dongpo Island has your love, will be more beautiful!


Dongpo Island

There are still many households

Need to enter the island every day and life

温 温 温 提

During transportation control

Can be around the island like this

A one-in-one Susuo Road, a one-one Suike Road, a one, one, one, one, one, one, Mingyue Road, South, 4th paragraph,

Meishan Minjiang Bridge (Lijiang Yidong) One-One, Master, Yidi, One, Master Road, a one, a one, a one, a one-in-one, a one, a one, Dongpo Island.

In order to alleviate traffic congestion in the island

Towel Island surrounding

Set 14 free parking points

Convenient everyone will stop

please check

Investment promotion building office area

Meishan Development and Reform Commission - East Gate

Meishan City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau

Meishan City Administration Service Administration

Meishan East Slope District Development and Reform Bureau

Meishan Dongpo District Transportation Bureau

Meishan City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

Meishan City Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation

Meishan Municipal Party School

Meishan City Transportation Center

Meishan City Yidong New District Management Committee

Meishan Dongpo District Agricultural Rural Area

Meishan City Dongpo District Health Health Bureau

Meishan City Dongpo District Environmental Protection Bureau

Spring breeze blows good luck

Spring flowers are warm

Welcome to you here

New Year in the red fire

Yang eyebrows exhausted

Happy New Year, New Year, auspicious

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