Pingqiao District Second Primary School Multi -channel Multi -channel Carrying out Drowning theme education activities

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Pingqiao District Second Primary School Multi -channel Multi -channel Carrying out Drowning theme education activities

2022-05-13 12:19:13 22 ℃

The hot summer is coming. In order to prevent the occurrence of drowning accidents and further improve the safety awareness of students, recently, the second primary school of Pingqiao District has made multiple measures to carry out a rich form of anti -drowning safety education activities to allow drowning safety education to the brain into the brain into the brain into the brain. Entering your mind to ensure that the work of drowning on campus is implemented.

The school formulated the "Implementation Plan for Drowning the Second Primary School of Pingqiao District in 2022", and established a group of anti -drowning safety responsibility groups to strengthen measures by holding a drowning promotion meeting and drowning safety team. The work system is to ensure that students stay away from drowning accidents.

Theme class meeting

Each class held the theme class meeting of drowning. The head teacher explained to the students in detail the "six inaccurate" prevention of drowning, analyzed the main causes of drowning, learned the method of self -rescue, further strengthened students' awareness of drowning, and warned the students to want to want to want to want Improve safety awareness, cherish life, and stay away from water.

Oath signature

Each class also actively carried out the oath of anti -drowning signature, and posted the signature form at the door of each class to allow all students to be more aware of the importance of anti -drowning safety. Perform your vows with actual actions.

The school also issued the "Parental Promise Book" to allow parents to post "Preventing Students' Parents' Parents' Parents' Parents' Books in the City" at home, and the class WeChat group connecting dragon punch cards and other methods to further strengthen the publicity of anti -drowning safety knowledge of parents or guardians Education, guide parents to raise awareness of safety protection, and effectively bear the responsibility for guardianship of their children.

Suffocate challenge

In order to effectively allow students to experience the danger of drowning, students simulated the drowning scene under the guidance of parents, holding their breath for 30 seconds, and experienced the challenge of suffocation. After the challenge, the students said that drowning is a terrible thing. Everyone must cherish life and prevent drowning.

Multimedia propaganda

The school also creates a strong publicity atmosphere for the campus through large -scale electronic screens, multimedia PPT, and video promotional videos, and further cultivates students' awareness of safety. Long Ming.

Handwriting composition competition

In order to further improve the safety awareness of students to prevent drowning, to prevent problems before they occur, and build a safety defense line for drowning, Pingqiao District Second Primary School also launched a hand -made report and essay competition for drowning. , Carefully screening and finishing, making a delicate decorative and rich content of the drowning hand, writing down their own experience of anti -drowning, so that the anti -drowning safety publicity and education and education are more popular.

Class Teacher Beauty

The atmosphere of focusing on safety needs to be created by all teachers and students. The school also organizes class classes to carry out class anti -drowning safety education educational educational educational educational articles in divisions. The head teachers of each class have recorded the drowning education activities of the class in the beautiful form and text. Effectively enhance the safety awareness of drowning and self -protection of students to ensure the healthy and happy growth of each student.

There is no trivial matter. The launch of this series of anti -drowning safety education activities, tighten the prevention of students' drowning safety valves, and build the safety defense line of students. To prevent drowning, everyone is responsible; protecting themselves, everyone is in mind. Anti -drowning safety education is a long and arduous task. In the future, Pingqiao District Second Primary School will continue to do a good job of anti -drowning safety education without relaxation, strive to create a safe campus, and protect the children's life safety!