Taiwan today added 63964 cases of confirmed cases. The youngest person was only 20 years old.

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Taiwan today added 63964 cases of confirmed cases. The youngest person was only 20 years old.

2022-05-14 18:15:10 5 ℃

The "Command Center" in Taiwan announced the addition of 64041 new crown pneumonia determined cases in the island today, respectively 63,964 cases and 77 cases of overseas movement (63 cases of positive for flights for flight); 40 new cases were added to the diagnosis cases. die.

The "Command Center" said that 63,964 new cases were added today, 30,451 men, 33,488 women, and 25 surveys. The age was under the age of 5 to 90. , Taipei City (9,560 cases), Taoyuan City (9,482 cases), Taichung City (4,409 cases), Kaohsiung City (3,766 cases), Tainan City (2,627 cases), Keelung City (2,004 cases), Yilan County (1,757 cases), Hsinchu County (1,661 cases), Hsinchu City (1,243 cases), Changhua County (1,128 cases), Pingtung County (1,107 cases), Hualien County (913 cases), Miaoli County (649 cases), Yunlin County (634 cases) Taitung County (426 cases), Nantou County (414 cases), Chiayi County (398 cases), Chiayi City (215 cases), Jinmen County (112 cases), Penghu County (108 cases), Matsu (15 cases), Related epidemic surveys continue.

In addition, 130 cases of severe cases in Taiwan were added, of which 38 were in severe illnesses. Luo Yijun, deputy leader of the "Command Center" medical strain group, said that the age of new and severe cases is distributed in the age of 20 to 90. There are many chronic diseases and the youngest as a 20 -year -old man.

Luo Yijun said that the 20 -year -old man has a two -dose vaccine, which has a chronic nervous system disease. He has used the respiratory system for a long time. Male, herself has diabetes and chronic system diseases. After infection, he died with a semi -semi -shock. He did not vaccinate.

Luo Yijun said that a 40 -year -old also had nervous system diseases. At first, he went to emergency consultation and found metabolic acid poisoning diseases. Later, he died of respiratory distress and acid poisoning. There were two vaccinations.

Luo Yijun said that overall new cases of medium -sized cases are added today. Most of them are over 60 years old. 20 people have 20 people who have not vaccinated vaccines, and 14 have 14 people who have not vaccinated vaccines. According to the Taiwan population ratio, the proportion of vaccinations without vaccination is small, but most of the cases of severe deaths have not been vaccinated. They call on everyone to vaccine, and vaccines will have better protection.

Chen Shizhong said that 38 people died of 38 people had major illnesses, and 18 people signed the abandonment of emergency consent (DNR). There are no vaccines, and they are older. There are more than 22 people over 80 years old, and their age is high. (Edit: Fang Yanyan)