Good news came from Liaoning. The re -classes of Dalian City have been released, but the parents are in a complicated mood

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Good news came from Liaoning. The re -classes of Dalian City have been released, but the parents are in a complicated mood

2022-05-14 18:15:24 7 ℃

The time has arrived in mid -May. Children in many regions in China have begun to expect the school to take a holiday early. However, many children in Dalian are still in the suspension stage.

Since the beginning of this year, the epidemic has gone through repeated processes in many regions of China. Liaoning Province is no exception. After a very serious period, children in many cities in the province have experienced long -term suspension.

The new coronal virus is too annoying. Although our epidemic prevention and control department has made a lot of efforts, and in many areas, there are already a trend of fully controlling.

However, because the virus has undergone many variations, its infectiousness has been greatly enhanced, and many residents have been infected unknowingly, which is invincible.

With such people's hearts, the news of students from Dalian City, Liaoning Province.

Dalian issued some students' re -class notice

It is understood that the Dalian epidemic prevention and control department issued a notice recently. After investigation and judgment, the following decisions are made:

Since May 17 (Tuesday), in addition to the Jinpu New District, the city's second high school, the second junior high school, the primary school 4th and sixth year, and the students of secondary vocational schools resumed offline teaching.

From May 19th (Thursday), students in grades, second and third grades in the city, students in kindergarten, and students in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and secondary vocational schools in the Jinpu New District resumed offline teaching;

Outside -school training institutions can restore offline teaching after passing the on -site audit of the local education administrative departments.

Parent: Complex mood

Regarding the notice of some students' re -classes in Dalian, many parents are in a mood to be more complicated. I don't know if they should be happy or sad.

On the one hand, parents feel that the current outbreak situation is still not optimistic. On the 13th, new diagnostic personnel still appeared in Dalian. Therefore, many parents feel that it is too risky to let children go back to school now. What should I do if there is an accident.

On the other hand, many parents have always been looking forward to their children can go back to school early, don't continue online at home. These parents mainly blame their children to concentrate in the online lesson. Many children have no way to improve their learning status during the online class.

Some children will be late during the online class because they like to sleep laziness. In addition, with the development of technology, many children have already had a mobile phone. Attract, it is difficult to listen to the online lesson carefully.

Therefore, many parents feel that they feel complicated about this resumed class. Xiaobian can also understand everyone's mood, but now that Dalian has issued a notice to return to school, it means that it is likely that the epidemic prevention and control department is in the minds of this.

Parents and children must cooperate with the work of the epidemic prevention and control department, do personal protection during the re -class, obey the arrangement of the epidemic prevention and control department, make nucleic acids on time, and we must wear a mask during the period of school.

Xiaobian also hopes that parents and children can usher in a safe re -clan and study, and hope that Dalian can usher in a day of taking off the mask as soon as possible.

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