Dongguan, Guangdong: Two -child and three -child family relaxes house purchase and obtain permits for 2 years.

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Dongguan, Guangdong: Two -child and three -child family relaxes house purchase and obtain permits for 2 years.

2022-05-14 18:15:38 13 ℃

Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network News In the early morning of May 14, the Dongguan Housing and Urban Construction Bureau issued the "Notice on Promoting the Steady and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Market" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") to continue to increase the loosening.

The "Notice" clearly states that for residents who are in line with the national fertility policy for childbirth or three children, they allow them to buy a new set of commercial housing. Among them, non -resident families in this city must provide a total of 24 in the city within 3 years before the purchase of house purchases. Social security or individual tax certificates for more than a month. To solve the problem of the history of the "one -bedroom and multiple certificates", it is used as a set of housing as a set of housing for holding or purchasing the "double (multiple) security houses" for residents' families. It is regarded as a set of commercial housing.

According to the "Notice", Dongguan will continue to optimize and update the "house price map" regularly to further strengthen the disclosure of house price information. Establish and improve the coordinated mechanism of the department, strengthen information interconnection, and gradually implement the "delivery of a house to issue a certificate". Promote housing transactions during mortgage, realize the registration of mortgage rights, registered registration for second -hand housing trading, and mortgage rights for the first time to apply for and handle it. The exemption of the value -added tax for personal housing is adjusted from 5 years to 2 years. The transaction transfer can be transferred for 2 years when the commercial housing has obtained the property right certificate for 2 years.

The "Notice" requires that commercial banks should accurately implement differentiated housing credit policies, and reasonably determine the down payment ratio of commercial personal housing loans and loan interest rates. Encouraging banks to meet the buyers who meet the requirements of the house purchase policy and have the ability to buy a house, improve the loan and repayment convenience, and better meet the rigidity and improve the demand for housing.

Dongguan will expand the supply of affordable leased housing, mainly small units with a construction area of ​​less than 70 square meters, and the rent is lower than the rental housing rent of the same quality market. Develop common property housing according to local conditions, accelerate the construction of the pilot project of the "three -limit housing", promote the construction of a housing house for the existing housing, and transfer and sell and rent it as soon as possible, and solve the housing needs of household registration residents and qualified talents in this city. Encourage urban renewal projects to build common property housing or affordable rental housing. Increase the support of provident fund, renting government affordable housing can apply for the withdrawal housing provident fund according to the real -amount application, and the purchase of common property housing can apply for a housing provident fund loan in accordance with the regulations.

The "Notice" also proposes to encourage development enterprises to increase the supply of small and medium -sized ordinary commercial housing. Based on the inventory of the business, the commercial ratio of residential land is determined reasonably. Real estate development projects that pay the land price in installments, after signing the "Contract for the Transfer of the State -owned Construction Land Use Rights" and paying a land transfer fee of not less than 50%, all relevant functional departments can apply for construction land planning permits and construction engineering planning permits. , Administrative approval procedures such as construction engineering construction permits.

In addition, Dongguan will improve the pre -sale fund supervision system of commercial housing and strengthen the information supervision of pre -sale funds. According to factors such as the cost of the construction of the commercial housing project, the amount of construction contracts, and the conditions of the project delivery, the amount of pre -sale funds for commercial housing is reasonably determined to ensure the funds required for the completion of the project. The funds within the regulatory quota are allocated in accordance with the progress of the project construction. The special funds are dedicated to the fund. The funds that exceed the regulatory quota can be extracted and used by a real estate development enterprise. (Zhou Ke)