Jinan, Shandong, issued a notice of re -classes. Primary and secondary schools will return to school in batches. Parents: Let's take a summer vacation first

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Jinan, Shandong, issued a notice of re -classes. Primary and secondary schools will return to school in batches. Parents: Let's take a summer vacation first

2022-05-14 18:15:03 6 ℃

Choose students to return to school in danger, or is it still at home until the epidemic situation is effectively controlled? Parents should choose the child's safety first.

Because of the "Seventy -two Spring" in Jinan, Shandong is also known as the "Spring City". It is the famous historical and cultural city in my country. It is also the first batch of Chinese outstanding tourist cities and one of the birthplaces of the prehistoric culture Longshan culture. As a provincial capital city in Shandong, the development of education is also among the best.

However, this year, Shandong Province has also been affected more seriously in this round of epidemic. Schools at all levels at all levels in Jinan have repeatedly repeatedly returned between the re -classes and suspension. Under the active organization of the prevention and control department, the epidemic situation in Jinan City finally improved.

Jinan, Shandong issued a notice of re -classes, primary and secondary schools will return to school in batches

The line management department of Jinan City, Shandong Province is notified as follows;

On May 15th (Sunday), the city's ordinary high school, junior high school and secondary vocational school did not return to school, students who meet the conditions of returning to school returned to school; May 16th (Monday), the city's primary schools, kindergartens and special education schools, in line with Students who return to school to return to school to return to school; off -campus training institutions meet the recoverable offline training that meet the conditions for re -class.

According to the comprehensive research and judgment of relevant departments of the district and county, schools and training institutions that do not have the conditions for schooling are not re -class. For students who are still in the control area, they will continue to arrange online teaching.

Re -class requirements

According to the regulations, all teachers and students who return to school must hold all the nucleic acid testing of their own nucleic acid tests to return to school. After returning to the school, teachers and students and employees conduct all the nucleic acid testing every 2 days; after returning to school, teachers and students are at school During the period, the fixed life and learning areas are delineated, the trajectory of solidified routes, and standardized to wash hands, often ventilate, one -meter line, wearing masks, dispersion dining and other prevention and control requirements to ensure that the campus is safe and stable, and the teachers and students are healthy and safe.

The boarding schools will implement relatively closed management. Non -boarding school teachers and students and employees in principle "go in and out" every day to get out of school to drive, cycling, no, customized bus, etc. On the way, Quancheng specifies to wear masks to do a good job of personal protection.

Jinan requires all kinds of schools at all levels to do a good job of scheduling after the course of re -class and analysis of teaching and love, promptly adjust the psychological adjustment of students, realize the seamless connection and smooth transition of online and offline teaching, and strive to improve the quality of education and teaching. At the same time, students who still need to learn online for various reasons will continue to take good "online live lessons", do a good job of online education and teaching guidance, and ensure that the two -line teaching simultaneous effect.

Parent: Let's take a summer vacation first

Generally speaking, parents are particularly happy about the news that students start returning to school, but after the notice of Jinan issued this time, many parents did not buy it. Parents think that it has not been added in these few days, because there is no nucleic acid without all members, and the potential risks still exist.

For example, Zhangjiagang Primary School in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, was separated by students and parents in the entire class for 14 days on the first day of school. Isn't this the lesson of the front car? Who should be responsible if it happened without nucleic acid screening?

Therefore, although parents are still anxious about the start of school, they also know that their children's health and life safety are the most important. Many parents directly proposed that it is better to let the summer vacation directly. After the epidemic is completely stable, it is more secure to return to school again.

What you want to say

Although the epidemic is always rebounding, it affects our normal life. We must also cooperate with the prevention and control measures of the epidemic prevention and control department. Only when we are united can we gradually improve, and the chances of returning to normal campus life will be much higher.

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