Can't prove the relationship between husband and wife?Follow -up

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Can't prove the relationship between husband and wife?Follow -up

2022-05-15 00:11:17 3 ℃

Source | Jimu News, News Morning News, Beijing Youth Daily

The marriage certificate is a proof of marriage

A marriage only has arrived in the civil affairs department

After applying for registration and receiving a marriage certificate

Is it a legal husband and wife

But a woman in Jilin is the defendant

The marriage certificate cannot prove the relationship between husband and wife

This makes people really difficult to accept

Women's Cha Jiufu Bank account was informed that the wedding certificate was invalid

On May 11th, Ms. Pan took a marriage certificate, a hukou book, and ID card. relation. According to Ms. Pan, her husband had previously died of illness, and she wanted to check whether there were other property in her name.

As soon as she arrived at the bank, she first issued a household registration book, but the bank staff said that there were signs of changes in the blood type position in the household registration book and did not recognize it. Then she took out a marriage certificate, but never expected that the other party still stated that the marriage certificate could not prove that the two were husband and wife, so they could not handle it. This makes Ms. Pan very puzzled. If the marriage certificate cannot prove the relationship between husband and wife, what can be proved?

The staff said: "You go to the street office to issue a certificate, or go to the hukou copy again." In the end, Ms. Pan compromised and went home to go home and re -applied a hukou book to complete the business.

Ms. Pan, who returned home, wanted to wander the more, so she sent the video to the Internet, and then caused netizens to pay strong attention and discussion.

As soon as this matter came out,

Netizens have a strong response,

Everyone talks about


Some netizens said

"The marriage certificate does not mean that it is a husband and wife relationship.

Why do you want to get a marriage certificate? "

But some netizens said

"The operation of the bank is for risk control and control

Be cautious no problem "

Business has been handled

The bank appears to apologize

On May 13, Ms. Pan told reporters that bank staff had apologized to her in person, and her dissatisfaction was wrong.

Ms. Pan introduced that on the evening of May 12, a person in charge of the bank of the bank found her home and apologized to her, hoping that she would delete the relevant videos. The person in charge said that when the staff of the office had just returned to work, the business was unfamiliar, and he was not in the industry at the time, so this happened. Ms. Pan believes that the matter has nothing to do with the staff of the agency. The other party is implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations and processes of the bank. This matter can only illustrate the problems and processes of the bank.

On May 13, the reporter called the bank's customer service phone. A staff member said that according to the rules of their banks, the inheritance or query procedures of the property of the death households required their legal heirs to hold the inheritance certificate issued by the legal notarization agency to the bank Essence There may be differences in the requirements of bank outlets in different regions, and the specific procedures shall prevail the rules of the outlets.

Regulatory authorities: The blood type of the hukou book is modified

On May 13th, the reporter learned from the Bai Shan Supervision Branch of the Banking In China Insurance Regulatory Commission that the branch bureau knew the news as soon as possible and adopted regulatory measures.

After verification, the specific situation was at 9 am on May 11th, the customer went to the bank window to handle the deposit inquiry business. Customers provide ID cards, household registration books and marriage certificates. The tellers handled the inquiry business based on these documents, and found that there was a modification of the above blood type when reviewing the account book provided by the customer. Customers propose a marriage certificate to prove the relationship, but the on -site staff believes that the household registration book has changed the rectification and cannot prove its authenticity. In addition, if two people divorce, the relevant departments may not take the marriage certificate without recovering a marriage certificate, and there is a certain risk.

After remote authorization and communication with the bank's provincial bank, they confirmed that the blood type of the household book had a modification and could not be handled. On -site managers immediately explained and communicated with customers face -to -face. It is recommended that customers go to the street to issue a marriage relationship certificate or update the household registration book. Bank staff told customers that the household registration book is replaced after replacement of unnecessary trouble caused by other businesses. The customer agrees to replace the account book to handle business. The customer left the outlet and went to the public security bureau to apply for a household registration book. At 10 o'clock on the same day, the staff of the outlets completed all the relevant account business for them.

After discovering the public opinion, the Bank of Institute of CEO supervised the bank to deal with it properly after the public opinion, and took corresponding measures such as regulatory interviews, including the first time the territorial regulatory team interviewed the bank, issued regulatory opinions, and put forward some of the banks. Regulatory requirements.


Attorney Wu Zhengping, Hubei Shouyi Law Firm, believes that in accordance with the provisions of relevant national laws and regulations, in general, the marriage certificate can prove that there is a marriage relationship between the two and the legal rights and obligations between husband and wife. According to the "Notice on Simplifying the Simple deposit -related deposit -related matters" jointly issued by the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the People's Bank of China on January 28, 2021, Ms. Pan only needs Banks should handle the account inquiry business for it.

The bank staff said that the marriage certificate cannot prove the relationship between husband and wife, because there is a possibility of divorce. In this regard, Lawyer Wu Zhengping believes that under normal circumstances, the divorce should be paid to the original marriage certificate. If the husband and wife did not pay a marriage certificate when they divorced, it was an invalid certificate since then, and it was used to prove that it needs to bear the corresponding legal responsibility. However, this situation does not become a reason for banks that do not recognize the validity of the marriage certificate.

More news

How to check the deposit of the late depositor?

These regulations should be known!

After the death of the deposit, its deposit will become inherited from the heir. However, after the death of the depositor in real life, the heirs lost their passbook or do not know the account password. At this time, what should the heirs do to take out this heritage? In fact, the Banking Regulatory Commission, together with the Ministry of Justice, released a solution in 2019:

The CBRC issued the "Notice on Simplifying the Inquiry of Has deposit" on April 19, 2019, which clearly stipulates that:

The late depositors' spouses, parents, and children based on the death certificate of the late depositor, documents that can indicate the relationship between relatives (such as resident account book, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.), and my valid identity documents. Industry financial institutions submit a written application for deposit and other inquiry balances. There is no need to issue the "deposit query letter" by the notary agency.

The above provisions have greatly simplified the inquiry procedures, which facilitates the family members of the deceased's family to query the property in the name of the deceased. Among them, it clearly stipulates that the marriage certificate belongs to the document that can indicate the relationship between relatives.

Among them, the query scope includes the balance of deposit balance and non -deposit financial assets issued or managed by banking financial institutions themselves. After the banking financial institutions meet the requirements, the applicant shall notify the applicant's inquiry balance in writing. For third -party products with agency sales and cannot determine the amount, banking financial institutions should inform applicants to inquiries in relevant institutions.