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China Youth Daily client Nanjing, May 14th (Yang Lizhen's Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Li Runwen) On the 32nd National Disabled Day, it is led by Nanjing Special Education Normal University. 2. Municipality directly under the Central Government) A total of 188 Special Education, Elementary and Middle Schools, Special Education, Elementary and Middle Schools, jointly launched the establishment of a special education community (alliance) of special education (alliance) in large primary and secondary schools nationwide, aiming to build a resource sharing platform, establish a collaborative cooperation mechanism, and organize the construction of special education disciplines, curriculum construction, talent training With social service work, improve the professional level of special education teachers and the quality of special education to run schools, and promote the process of fair and quality education for each disabled child.

The establishment conference was held on the morning of the Nanjing Special Education Normal University. The principal and teacher representatives of the 188 hospitals (schools) gathered in Nanjing in the "Bo Love Capital" in an online and offline manner to witness the establishment of the community (alliance).

Entrusted by Cheng Kai, deputy chairman and vice chairman of the China Disabled Persons 'Federation, Han Yongmei, deputy director of the Education and Employment Department of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, congratulated the establishment of the community (alliance). Han Yongmei hopes that the community (alliance) schools will consolidate all parties to help the quality of special education to improve the quality of special education and promote the comprehensive development of the disabled.

The Community (Alliance) advocates shaping the love of special education and establishes an equality view of the bone marrow. Adhere to the concept of "inclusive fairness" special education, attach importance to the development of special educational undertakings with the ideological "persistence of the people -centered", and pursue "special education for the people" as the common value pursuit. Formed a new paradigm centered on the development of children with disabilities and adolescents and adolescents to cultivate disabled children and adolescents of disabled children with disabilities, and in line with the new needs of the new era. The alliance calls on the research of special education theory and the practice of special education practice to explore closely, and is committed to building a special education system for Chinese special education and summarizing the experience of special education in Chinese special education.

After the establishment ceremony, the first special education school principal forum was held. The principal of 16 special education schools from different regions communicated around the "high -quality development of special education schools".

According to reports, as the initiative of the Community (Alliance), 188 Special Education Institute (school) will become a member of the first council of the first council of special education (alliance) of the special education community (alliance). Nanjing Special Education Normal University, Zhejiang Special Education Vocational College, Shenzhen Yuanping Special Education School and other units will form the first preparatory work group of the council. Matters.

"The establishment of the Community (Alliance) means that more than 2,000 large and medium -sized special education schools have a broader exchange stage. The majority of special education workers can use this platform to grasp the latest research dynamics and practical development trends in a timely manner, and conduct ideas. The collision and practical experience exchanges, form a good atmosphere of academic innovation and experience, and jointly promote the high -quality development of the special education undertakings in my country. "Said Huang Junwei, the principal of Nanjing Special Education Normal University of Nanjing, led by the Community (Alliance).