Sky price gifts, you still have to be

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Sky price gifts, you still have to be

2022-05-15 00:11:24 3 ℃

The price of sky -high prices is criticized. So, do you have to do it?

To be sure, the pursuit of a better life is the common sense of people. It is understandable. It should not be condemned morally.

Why do the woman give gifts?

The first is what humans have inherently. Marriage, giving a lottery gift to the woman, is born since its own human beings.

The second is that the gift is also a common property after marriage. After many women get married, they use Cai Li as a common property after marriage for the living expenditures of the entire family.

The third is compensation for the woman. In the marriage relationship, the woman is a vulnerable group. After the woman got married, she basically explained her life, and the price paid was much greater than the man. Cai Li is a compensation for the woman's life in the next decades.

The fourth is the guarantee for the woman. In today's society, divorce is very common. After the divorce, the woman wants to remarry and find a good condition, which is more difficult than the man. If you get a divorce for a while, who will guarantee the loss of youth? And Cai Li, at least when the woman lives independently, can have a guarantee.

The woman puts decades of youth on marriage, and youth is priceless, and non -gold and silver can measure. Cai Li, although price, but not much in the face of the woman's dedication.

Sky price, is it still necessary?