Living in the "murder scene": a father's loneliness

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Living in the "murder scene": a father's loneliness

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Yao Yuanqing lives in a large house with a "15 room" alone.

The new village of Yueyang County, Hunan Province, Yao Yuanqing's two -story small Yanglou building was built in early 2000. The upper and lower floors are more than 140 square meters. The partial house on the right is a red brick room in the last century. It contains kitchen, debris room, pigpen, etc., which have long been ruined and withered.

Yao Yuanqing was 70 years old, with a height of 1.7 meters. His hair and beards were white, but he still had a straight waist and a stubbornness. Get up at 67 in the morning every morning. After breakfast, go to all kinds of dishes, strings, and occasionally make small cards, and sleep at 9 o'clock in the evening.

In the early 1990s, he bought this room with all savings, and moved in with his wife, his eldest son, and the second son. He thought that after escaping the crowded ancestral house, the family could live a happy and stable life. However, it was not expected that the second son committed suicide when he was 18 years old; then his wife died of illness; the younger son sent by a child was discovered in a pond of less than 100 meters away from home in early 2013.

A few days later, the eldest son was accused of killing his younger son.

From the first trial, the second trial, and the return review ... Until the fall of 2018, the eldest son was sentenced to innocence. Yao Yuanqing said that he "shed tears", experienced warmth, loneliness and guilt, and finally survived the most difficult six years.

Today, he lives in an empty old house and sleeps in the room behind the hall house on the first floor, where the public security was identified as the scene of the crime.

At night, Yao Yuanqing often dreamed of her wife. She was like a dream, as she was in her dream, she was so difficult to distinguish with herself. After waking up, he remembered this lonely life: he had no parents since he was a child, and was inferior and worked because of disability; he became a home, and he lost his wife in middle age ...

Yao Yuanqing said that this may be fate.

On February 18, Yao Yuanqing took fire in the debris. Except for special labels in this article, they are all surging news reporters Mingzhang pictures

Homicide case

For a long time, Yao Yuanqing's biggest dream is a complete home.

When he was a few months old, he was put on the fire by the stove, accidentally rolled into the fire, and burned his right hand. At that time, medicine was underdeveloped, and parents did not pay enough attention. After a long time, his right palm bent towards the direction of his arm, and the five fingers were connected together to form permanent disability.

When he was one year old, his parents divorced, and the mother left him. At the age of six, his father died of illness. He became a "orphan". He grew up with his grandmother and was the five guarantee households in the village until he was adult.

For a long time, Yao Yuanqing has been resentful to his mother.

After my mother remarried, she occasionally came back to see him. Yao Yuanqing remembers that when he was eight or nine years old, a strange woman suddenly appeared and stuffed a cake into his pocket. He was surprised for a while, at that time, he was scarce and could not eat a cake for a year. The woman was his mother, but he didn't know her anymore. When he reacted, he immediately pulled out the cake and threw it on the ground fiercely, and ran home in one breath.

When reading, Yao Yuanqing wrote with his left hand and wrote a good article to get the teacher's praise. Even so, because of disability and poverty, he has been living in inferiority.

At school, he often hid his right hand in his pocket, fearing that others would discover his disability. After reading eight years, he interrupted his studies due to the "Cultural Revolution". That year, the teacher ran to his house and encouraged him to take the college entrance examination. Yao Yuanqing felt that even if he was admitted, he had no school receiving and gave up the college entrance examination.

In mid -February, Yao Yuanqing wrote with his left hand.

Yao Yuanqing has always been dependent on his grandmother. After Grandpa died, grandma remarried twice, and he followed her "wandering".

At the age of 28, grandma died. Yao Yuanqing felt that there was no relative in this world. At that time, he could write a meeting and do it well in the production team. But he was in a thorough loneliness. Until the second year, through the introduction of others, he married Yang Juan, the girl in the village next door.

Subsequently, the eldest son Yao Xiaowei was born. Three years later, Yang Juan gave birth to a pair of twin sons, named Yao Xiaochao and Yao Xiaofeng.

That year, the village just came to the household and worked hard. Only one hand Yao Yuanqing could not cultivate the fields and transplants. He was anxious and panic, worried that he could not live in the three sons. After discussing with his wife, he decided to send away one of the sons. "If he didn't send him away at the time, he might starve to death." In mid -February this year, Yao Yuanqing recalled the past, saying that this decision became his eternal pain.

The son who was sent away was Yao Xiaofeng. When three months old, the Feng Jianjun, who was more than ten kilometers away, adopted him and named Feng Yuxiang.

After sending away the son, Yao Yuan wrote a poem: the child was parting, leaving a word "My heart and liver"; I hope that the child will go to Guan Sha (the note: it means difficulty), and the name of a day is smooth.

Yao Yuanqing wrote a poem to his son Feng Yuxiang.

Yao Yuanqing did not expect that when Feng Yuxiang was 14 years old, he was sent back because he refused to accept his parents' discipline. After returning to Yao's house, Feng Yuxiang fled and wandered, followed by the "people in society" to rob, and was put into the Changsha Shao Management Office for six years. After adulthood, he was sentenced to two criminals and prison in Zhuzhou.

Yao Yuanqing felt that Feng Yuxiang had an incident later, and his adoptive parents and Feng Yuxiang's adoptive parents had an unshirkable responsibility. However, Yao Yuanqing said that he did not blame each other. The Feng family raised Feng Yuxiang for more than ten years, and he was grateful.

When Feng Yuxiang was detained, the 18 -year -old second son, Yao, stole 10 yuan to buy cigarettes at home. After being discovered by Yao Yuanqing, he died of pesticides and committed suicide. Yao Yuanqing's life was used to save his son, but he couldn't spend money, but he didn't expect that the second son would commit suicide. "Of the three sons, he is good and grows the highest." Yao Yuanqing recalled.

After Yao Xiaochao committed suicide, Yao Yuanqing remembered Feng Yuxiang more, and he was uncomfortable every time. He only hopes that he is like an eldest son to get married and have a child as soon as possible, and live a stable life.

In early 2013, Feng Yuxiang's body was salvaged in a pond less than 100 meters away from home.

On the same day, the people in the entire village were scared and guess who was the murderer and why they killed Feng Yuxiang. Yao Yuanqing worked in a foreign country. He remembered that the next day, after being called back by the police, he was taken to the police station to ask for a few days.

On the 27th of the lunar calendar, the police of the police station told him "you are free." He was at a loss, and still couldn't believe that Feng Yuxiang was really dead. When he returned home, the neighbors told him that his eldest son Yao Xiaohuang was accused of killing, and was taken by the police to the family to refer to the case of the case and the incident tool.

After Yao Yuanqing heard it, his head was blank, and his tears fell instantly.

According to the judgment of the Yueyang County Court of the original trial, at 3 pm on October 3, 2012, Yao Xiaohuang sat in the place of Wang Ruyi, the old street of Matang Town, Yueyang County, and saw his brother Feng Yuxiang come over and prepared to return to the hometown of new village. When Feng Yuxiang saw Queen Yao, he said that he had just returned from the prison and got AIDS. He asked Yao Xiaowang to borrow 7,000 yuan. Yao Xiaohuang asked Feng Yuxiang to go home and talk about it later. At about seven o'clock that night, after Yao Xiaohuang rode a motorcycle to the new village home, Feng Yuxiang opened the door of the house, and Yao Xiaohuang entered the room. Feng Yuxiang asked if he had come to bring money. Yao Xiaohuang said no, and then the two quarreled. In the bedroom behind the hall on the first floor, Feng Yuxiang hit Yao Xiaohuang with a chair. Yao Xiaohuang ran to the hall to take the hammer into the bedroom and hit the brain in Feng Yuxiang. Feng Yuxiang fell on the bed.

After that, Feng Yuxiang moved the knife, and Yao Xiaohuang grabbed the knife. In the end, Feng Yuxiang was chopped to death by Yao Xiaohuang. Yao Xiaohuang threw the corpse and kitchen knife into a pond that was less than 100 meters away from home. Afterwards, Yao Xiaohuang returned to the scene of the crime and took the bedroom with bloody pillow cores, quilts, and his own jackets, shoes, etc., and burned it to the cow column of the old house of the neighbor's house. After cleaning up the scene, he returned to the rental house on a motorcycle. On the morning of November 6, 2012, Yao Xiaohuang and his wife returned to the new village and cleaned the scene of the crime.

Soon, Yao Xiaohuang was detained, arrested, and prosecuted, and was sentenced to intentional homicide by the Yueyang County Court in 2013 and 2015. During this period, he appealed many times.

Father and son

One day in 1996, the grandmother of Feng Yuxiang's adoptive mother's house suddenly came to Yao's house. She said that Feng Yuxiang was disobedient. The Feng family could not discipline him and asked Yao Yuanqing to pick him up.

The Feng family was in Guo Zhen, more than a dozen kilometers from the new village. For 14 years, Yao Yuanqing has never seen this son. At that time, Yao Yuanqing said that he didn't want him all the time, but he didn't want to see it, but since he was given to others, he hoped that he would grow up with an adult.

Grandma Feng Yuxiang's arrival stirred Yao Yuanqing's original calm heart. At noon that day, he immediately went to the Feng family and saw a strange son. Yao Yuanqing's first impression of him: 14 years old, about 1.3 meters tall, not like his twin brother.

At the beginning, Feng Yuxiang was unwilling to return to Yao's house. He sat on the stool, grabbed his feet tightly with both hands, and watched Yao Yuanqing say nothing. Yao Yuanqing and Feng Jianjun communicated for several hours, and the other party repeatedly persuaded Feng Yuxiang. In the end, Feng Yuxiang reluctantly followed him back to the new village.

Since then, Feng Yuxiang has been calling him "uncle" to call his biological mother "aunt".

Yao Yuanqing remembered that at that time, the three sons slept in a room, went to school together, and went home together after school. Feng Yuxiang escaped from time to time, ran back to support his parents' house, and was sent back again.

In fact, in the days of the Yao family, Feng Yuxiang was not good at getting along with two brothers.

Once, Yao Yuanqing heard Yao Xiaochao quarreled with Feng Yuxiang. Feng Yuxiang said, "Why was it me who was taken away at first, not you?" Good reading, won't be as obedient as you. "

After Feng Yuxiang returned home, Yao Yuanqing once pushed his son with his son and told the other party why he sent him away, hoping that he could forgive himself and his wife. Yao Yuanqing was impressed that Feng Yuxiang listened and didn't speak, and looked at him cynical.

Yang Juan didn't like this son, and felt that he was not obedient and was not close to her family. She once scolded Feng Yuxiang. Yao Yuanqing quarreled with his wife.

But he also scolded Feng Yuxiang. Soon after Feng Yuxiang returned to the Yao family, Yao Yuanqing asked him to let the cow. Feng Yuxiang wanted to sell the cow. After Yao Yuanqing knew, he was frustrated, hit him two slaps, and scolded him: "No human!" Feng Yuxiang didn't cry, still playing cynical.

Yao Yuanqing said that since then, he has never scolded his son.

Every time I see Feng Yuxiang, Yao Yuanqing has a complicated emotion. He remembered his resentment of his mother in the past, and he was so unforgettable. It was not until he got married and had a child, and he realized that he was not easy to live, and then settled with his mother. Yao Yuanqing often thought that Feng Yuxiang could not return to his parents' house and couldn't integrate into his own house. Has he felt lonely and helpless? Is he resent himself? "He must hate us." On February 17, Yao Yuan said sadly.

About a year when I arrived in the Yao family, Feng Yuxiang often did not go home, sleeping bridge cave, road ...

In the six years when he was sent to the Changsha Shao Management Office, Yao Yuanqing was very guilty. Every year, Feng Yuxiang's birthday, he visited the Shao Management Office on time.

After coming out of the young manager, Feng Yuxiang wandered outside and returned to the Feng family and Yao family from time to time. Under the arrangement of Yao Yuanqing, when he was twenty -five years old, he went to work in the factory of his uncle Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao remembers that Feng Yuxiang lives next to his dormitory and has not done anything extraordinary during work. The monthly salary is 34,000 yuan. But every time I paid, Feng Yuxiang was used up quickly.

After half a year, the factory was closed, and Feng Yuxiang followed the people in the village to work in Guangdong. There, he was sentenced again and rarely returned.

Until one day, Feng Yuxiang brought a girl back and said they were ready to get married. Yao Yuanqing was very happy, thinking that his son finally "changed evil to correct". Before they left, Yao Yuanqing gave the girl a thousand dollars, let her go back to discuss with her family, and set off the day of marriage as soon as possible. But after that, he had never seen this girl again.

The year before the accident, Feng Yuxiang returned again. He brought a middle -aged husband and wife, who said that Feng Yuxiang bought a gambling machine and borrowed 4,000 yuan to let Yao Yuanqing pay for him. Feng Yuxiang knelt on the ground, and let the couple scold. Yao Yuanqing remembered that the other party raised a bamboo stool and suddenly smashed towards Feng Yuxiang without hitting ... scared him to call the police quickly.

After the police involved, Yao Yuanqing borrowed two thousand dollars and gave the couple. After the other party got the money, Feng Yuxiang would follow them. Yao Yuanqing did not let his son go, but a few days later, he left.

Later, Yao Yuanqing recalled that Feng Yuxiang and the couple deceived him jointly, although this guess had no evidence.

Yao Yuanqing said that it was the last time he saw Feng Yuxiang.

On February 18, Yao Yuanqing pulled a few garlic in the vegetable garden and walked to the pond to wash the garlic clean. This pond is where Feng Yuxiang's body was discovered ten years ago.

Adoptive parents

Tang Fangfang remembers that when they took Feng Yuxiang home, the other party was only three months old, and her small body curled up in her arms.

"He was very thin at the time, weighing about two or three pounds." She recalled.

In Guo Zhen in 1982, the villagers rely on planting land to survive, and most of them were male and female. At that time, Tang Fangfang gave birth to two daughters, his eldest daughter was over three years old, and the younger daughter was more than one year old. When her mother had a relative in the new village, when she heard that Yao Yuanqing wanted to send one of the twin sons, she encouraged Tang Fangfang to adopt the child back.

Tang Fangfang bought a box of milk powder and rice paste for Feng Yuxiang ... Slowly, he grew up in a circle. Tang Fenfang recalled that her two daughters often felt that she prefers her brother even more. Each daughter gave five cents for pocket money, Feng Yuxiang gave a dollar; Feng Yuxiang's clothes were more expensive than their daughters.

The Feng family is a well -off family, but the couple are always busy. In the early days, the two worked at the kiln factory. Later, Feng Jianjun drove a car outside, and Tang Fuxi planted vegetables at home.

When Feng Yuxiang was eight or nine years old, Tang Fangfang often went to Yueyang City to sell vegetables in the early morning. Many times, when the two daughters were immersed in the dreamland, Feng Yuxiang suddenly woke up. He got up and asked Tang Fangfang: "Mom, are you going to sell vegetables alone? Are you accompanying? Are you afraid? ..." When leaving, Feng Yuxiang got up and closed the door, and continued to go back to the room to sleep.

In Tang Fangfang's view, although she did not have Feng Yuxiang, Feng Yuxiang was her son.

Tang Fangfang remembered that Feng Yuxiang was about ten years old and knew that he was not their biological son. Since then, he has been rebellious and often lying. He called his classmates to the house and stealing the money at home; took things at home to sell outside; bought things and let the adoptive parents help him repay the money ...

Feng Jianjun remembered that he asked Feng Yuxiang why he did it. Feng Yuxiang answered him, "I feel itchy." Feng Jianjun was very angry and hit Feng Yuxiang. Feng Yuxiang was afraid and promised that he would not commit it next time. But it didn't take long for him to become the same as before.

Once, Feng Yuxiang bought more than 200 yuan of cigarettes. Tang Fangfang hit Feng Yuxiang, Feng Yuxiang cried: "You are not my mother, you don't love me, here is not my house, I want to go back to my house ..."

After four years, Feng Jianjun felt that he couldn't control the son, breeding the idea of ​​sending him back to the Yao family. Tang Fangfang was reluctant, disagreed, and the couple argued from time to time. Tang Fangfang said that when her mother came to see her, when she saw them often quarreling, she ran to Yao's house alone and told the other party to pick up Feng Yuxiang back.

No one knew how Feng Yuxiang felt when he saw his biological father for the first time.

For a long time, Tang Fuxing missed his son, often dreamed of him, and cried secretly. Later, she and her husband sent clothes, living expenses, and paid tuition fees to Feng Yuxiang from time to time to understand his current situation. Tang Fangfang remembered that once when they went to his school, they saw Feng Yuxiang playing on the road and did not take class in school. Feng Jianjun was very angry and sent him back to the Yao family, hoping that they would strengthen discipline.

In the summer vacation of that year, Feng Yuxiang returned to the Feng family. At first, he was obedient, but soon played with people in the society. In fact, since Feng Yuxiang returned to the Yao family, he was no longer like before when he came to the Feng family, and his identity became awkward. Tang Fangfang recalled that once, the little daughter quarreled with Feng Yuxiang, saying that he was not a member of the family. When Feng Yuxiang was locked in the Changsha Shao Tune Office, Tang Fangfang went to see him twice. She found that Feng Yuxiang was big and became indifferent and resentful. She was increasingly disappointed with him.

After coming out of the detention center, Feng Yuxiang occasionally returned to Feng's house. Once, he wanted to raise the fees from the Feng family. Because he felt that he changed his surname Feng, and his adoptive parents did not fulfill his obligation to raise him. He wanted to sue the other party and was eventually stopped by Yao Yuanqing.

For the last time, Feng Yuxiang also came to the Feng family with the girl. Tang Fangfang was very happy, sealed the girl with a red envelope, and told Feng Yuxiang that as long as he lived a solid life, they would organize the wedding and still treat him as his son.

She did not wait for Feng Yuxiang's wedding, but waited for the news of him to be killed.

In those days, Tang Fangfang dreamed of Feng Yuxiang again, and it was still like a child. She shouted "Mom, Mom ..." She didn't know, what did Feng Yuxiang go through what happened before death, and who killed him?

Brother and brother

Yao Yuanqing said that from beginning to end, he did not believe that his eldest son would kill his younger son. "He dare not kill even a chicken."

Yao Xiaohuang was born in 1979 and is the boss of his family. According to Yao Yuanqing, when Feng Yuxiang first returned, the three brothers lived together and had some disputes from time to time. In this regard, Yao Xiaohuang said that he had a bad temper and did say Feng Yuxiang, but he didn't remember any disputes. In early February, Yao Xiaohuang sat in front of the reporter, bowed his head silent, and refused to remember the past that was related to Feng Yuxiang.

Yao Yuanqing felt that Yao Xiaohuang became irritable after being sentenced to innocence.

He missed Yao Xiaohuang, a teenager. During his vacation, he carried foam boxes, sells popsicles, steamed buns ... every penny he made was handed over to him and his wife. "Very conservative, very sensible."

After graduating from junior high school, Yao Xiaohuang learned to blow suona with others and became a professional player. Since then, in addition to being held in the detention center after working in the factory and the incident, he has been in his hometown.

A white happy event, blowing one day and one night, now there are 800 yuan in income. He took several lives a month, enough to support his family.

When Yao Xiaohuang was 20 years old, he was introduced to Fan Jiamei in the town next door. On February 18, Yao Yuanqing pointed to the cabinet and bed on the second floor and said that these were set up when the eldest son was married. In the past few years, Yao Yuanqing contracted the chicken feces in the village's chicken farm, sold to vegetable fields, fish farming fields, etc., and built this two -story building with the earning money.

Soon after Yao Xiaowang got married, he lived in a new house for a while. Fan Jiamei said that Feng Yuxiang was also at home at that time, making her daughter play from time to time, and got along well with their family.

Soon, Feng Yuxiang left the house and was put into the small management office again, and rarely returned. Yao Xiaohuang went out to work with his wife, and then moved to the town to live. In 2010, after her mother died of illness, Yao Xiaohuang rarely returned to the village. However, every holiday, he took his wife and children back to see his father, the family eats and chat, and then they rushed back to the town. At that time, the couple rented a facade to sell hardware in Matang Town.

Yao Yuanqing said that Yao Xiaohuang and Feng Yuxiang are not deeply affectionate, and they are almost unreasonable. They lived in their respective world like two parallel lines until Feng Yuxiang was suddenly killed.

On January 23, 2013, after Feng Yuxiang's body was salvaged, Yueyang County Public Security suspected that it was a family member's crime. Then, Yao Xiaohuang was identified as a murderer suspect.

In April 2013, the Yueyang County Court sentenced to the first instance: Yao Xiaohuang was guilty of intentional homicide and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

During the detention of the detention center, Yao Xiaohuang was dissatisfied, writing materials, and asked his father to help him ask a lawyer. The case is re -trial after the first trial, the second instance, and the review ...

In October 2018, the Yueyang Municipal Intermediate People's Court made a final judgment: the evidence of the original review was mainly due to the confession of Yao Xiaohuang, and the confession was illegal and there were many contradictions. Part of the evidence of Yao Xiaohuang's sin, such as physical evidence, appraisal opinions, and witness testimony, and cannot confirm each other with other evidence. The evidence of this case has not formed a complete proof system, no witnesses, and the time for committing the crime cannot be determined; the motivation of the crime is doubtful; the tools of the crime cannot be determined. The conclusions obtained according to indirect evidence are not unique, and they cannot rule out the killing of others other than Yao Xiaohuang. In summary, the original trial determined that the facts of Yao Xiaohuang's intentional homicide were unclear, the evidence was insufficient, and the crime was not established.

The lawyer took Yao Xiaohuang home in the detention center. Interviewee confidence

Six years later, "Finally waited for this result." On February 16, Yao Xiaohuang said that he learned that he would be released at the moment, and he burst into tears.

Even so, because he did not find the real murderer, some people still felt that he had suspicion. Fan Jiamei remembers that some people in the village said that although Yao Xiaohuang came out, he may not have no criminals.

On February 16, Yao Xiaohuang sat on the stool and said, "That's my brother, all of them were born to his mother, and I and he had no personal grievances. If he got married, he gave birth to a child, and he would still surname Yao. How can you do such a thing! "

In the six years in the detention center, Yao Xiaohuang thought that his wife took two children alone. The elderly father had only one hand and had to go out to work. His hair almost fell off. For a long time after the innocent release, Yao Xiaohuang was unwilling to deal with people, becoming silent and suspicious. He always felt that someone wanted to frame him and was irritable. "My brother was killed, I was wronged by myself, and I was hurt inside," he said.


The room is very small, about ten square meters. There is a red bed with colorful sheets on it, and the quilt is neatly stacked; a pale yellow desk with a water cup and a few books on it. Essence

The bedroom behind this house was the scene where the public security had determined that Feng Yuxiang was killed.

On February 17, Yao Yuanqing pointed at the wall, roof, and floor. "Here, here ... this top had blood stains at the time, and there were obvious scratches on the wall. ","

Today, these blood stains have long been dry and discolored, and they have become black spots on white walls.

Yao Yuanqing's sleeping room now, the quilt is neatly stacked, and was identified by the public security as the scene of the crime.

No one knows how Feng Yuxiang died. Yao Yuanqing speculated that Feng Yuxiang might have ended the enemy in Zhuzhou, and the other party chased the house to kill his son.

The Spring Festival in 2013 was the dark moment of Yao Yuanqing's life. His wife had already left him, two sons, one was killed and the other was charged with killing. Yao Yuanqing said that he felt that he was alive, but he thought that his grandson and grandchildren needed to take care of, and felt that he had to persist.

For nearly six years of being detained, Yao Yuanqing worked outside for more than two hundred days a year. His landing walls, moving stones, picking bricks ... do everything. He felt that although he was disabled, he was not worse than others.

Relying on a hundred or two hundred wages a day, Yao Yuanqing gave the two grandsons to the New Year's money, and occasionally gave them living expenses and sent money to the son in the detention center. At the same time, he also visited and asked a lawyer to participate in the trial ...

On October 16, 2018, Yao Xiaohuang was released innocently. On December 27, 2021, Yao Xiaohuang received a state compensation of 1.03 million yuan.

Yao Yuanqing was very happy and saw the unremitting results. He felt that he could finally raise his head. Earlier, because of the two sons, he always felt that he was low and became more inferior and silent.

On the day of the innocent release, when Yao Yuanqing arrived at Yueyang County Detention Center to pick up Yao Xiaohuang home, he took a photo with his son and lawyer, and he generously revealed his right hand.

When Yao Xiaohuang first came back, he was unwilling to communicate with others. Fan Jiamei said that she often enlightened her husband and asked him to think about it. Slowly, he returned to normal life and blown a suona. In addition, he learned mobile payment, played WeChat, and even opened Douyin accounts to release videos of daily life and blowing suona.

Soon after they returned, they bought a house in the town of Matang for children to read. Yao Xiaohuang called his father to live with him, but Yao Yuanqing was unwilling to go. He was worried that he couldn't get along, and he couldn't bear the house in the village.

Yao Yuanqing didn't want to be a burden on his son, and he wanted to continue working outside. Last spring, he went to Xinjiang for several months and earned a year of living. This year, he was worried about being old and he didn't know if he could find it. At home, he rarely buy meat, and sometimes stir -fry a side dish for a whole day. He said he was content to the status quo, except for being too lonely.

On February 18, Yao Yuanqing made Chinese meals and cut off.

On February 18, Yao Yuanqing cooks alone at home.

When he was young, Yao Yuanqing was timid. When three people walked, he must go in the middle. Since his younger son had an accident, he was no longer afraid of anything, and he still slept in the room where the crime scene was identified by the public security at night.

I asked him, "Aren't you afraid? So many rooms at home, why not change a room?"

Yao Yuanqing replied, what are there any fear, the previous houses had to live for several generations.

At 9 o'clock every night, Yao Yuanqing went to bed when he was in a quasi, woke up at 1 am, and then turned over and over in bed, and accidentally fell into a dream hometown. He often dreamed of returning to his past time, and his wife and his wife still quarreled endlessly. After waking up, he remembered that his wife had passed away for more than ten years, and regretted that he had not had better to her during his life.

Yao Yuanqing felt strange that he never dreamed of Feng Yuxiang.

He said that Feng Yuxiang was dead for almost ten years.